T&T Woman Guilty Of Killing Mother, Stealing Baby

Trinidad Guardian:–  A woman who ad­mit­ted to ar­rang­ing the mur­der of her friend and steal­ing her new­born ba­by is ex­pect­ed to be sen­tenced next month.

The sen­tenc­ing hear­ing for Ker­ry-Ann Hosang was ex­pect­ed to take place at the Hall of Jus­tice in Port-of-Spain yes­ter­day, but it had to be post­poned as a bio-so­cial re­port on her con­duct while in prison was not yet com­plete.

Jus­tice Althea Alex­is-Wind­sor, who pre­vi­ous­ly stat­ed that she want­ed to com­plete the sen­tenc­ing be­fore the 2019/2020 Law Term term opens in Sep­tem­ber, agreed to ad­journ the case to Au­gust 5.

Hosang was ini­tial­ly be­fore Alex­is-Wind­sor charged with mur­der­ing 28-year-old Reena Kissoon, but on Ju­ly 3, the Of­fice of the Di­rec­tor of Pub­lic Pros­e­cu­tions (DPP) agreed to al­low her to plead guilty to felony mur­der.

Un­der the felony mur­der rule, judges are giv­en the dis­cre­tion to waive the manda­to­ry death penal­ty in mur­der cas­es where death re­sults in the com­mis­sion of a less­er crim­i­nal of­fence.

Ac­cord­ing to the agreed facts in the case, that was pro­duced through con­sul­ta­tion with State pros­e­cu­tors and Hosang’s de­fence at­tor­neys, Kissoon’s body was found at her home at Phase 7, La Hor­quet­ta, Ari­ma, on Sep­tem­ber 3, 2005. She had a chop wound to her neck which sev­ered her tra­chea and dam­aged her spine.

Po­lice were tak­en to the lo­ca­tion by Kissoon’s friend, who had re­port­ed her and her new­born daugh­ter miss­ing af­ter not hear­ing from them for sev­er­al days.

When ini­tial­ly con­front­ed by po­lice at her home in Mara­cas/St Joseph sev­er­al days lat­er, Hosang claimed that she and Kissoon were close friends and that she (Kissoon) left the child with her.

Hosang claimed that she heard through the me­dia that Kissoon had been mur­dered but chose not to con­tact the po­lice as her fam­i­ly be­lieved it was hers.

“Her ra­tio­nale was that her friends and fam­i­ly knew she was preg­nant but didn’t know she had mis­car­ried,” the state­ment said.

It stat­ed that Hosang changed her tune af­ter in­ves­ti­ga­tors con­front­ed her days lat­er.

“I want­ed Reena’s ba­by so I paid Rea-Ann’s boyfriend and his friend $2,300 to lick up Reena for me to take the ba­by,” Hosang said.

“I stayed by Reena on In­de­pen­dence night and ear­ly Thurs­day morn­ing Rea-Ann’s boyfriend and his friend came to Reena’s home. I opened the door for them to come in. Reena was sit­ting on a chair and Rea-Ann’s boyfriend took out a knife and cut Reena on her neck. Reena fell to the ground and they dragged her body to a room in the back and I took Reena’s ba­by and we left. Three days lat­er I found out that Reena was found dead in her home,” she added.

In a state­ment, which she gave to po­lice, Hosang claimed that she knew Kissoon for six years and loaned her $5,000 in Jan­u­ary 2005.

Hosang claimed that af­ter Kissoon re­peat­ed­ly re­fused to re­pay the sum, she paid two men to threat­en her in­to ho­n­our­ing their agree­ment on two sep­a­rate oc­ca­sions.

She stat­ed that af­ter the two failed at­tempts, she de­cid­ed to hire two oth­er men to kid­nap Kissoon’s ba­by. Hosang claimed that she planned to keep the ba­by un­til Kissoon re­paid the mon­ey.

She al­so con­tend­ed that she at­tempt­ed to stop the men when they at­tacked Kissoon with the blade but the men in­stead turned on her and hit her across her face. She left $800 for them and fled with the ba­by.

“Ker­ry Ann Hosang end­ed her re­port by ex­press­ing re­morse over the death of Reena Kissoon and said that she nev­er meant for her to die and ad­mit­ted she gave every­one that the ba­by was hers,” the state­ment said.

Hosang ini­tial­ly went on tri­al for the crime in 2010 but the ju­ry could not ar­rive at a unan­i­mous ver­dict for her and a re­tri­al was or­dered.

Hosang is be­ing rep­re­sent­ed by Kei­th Scot­land and Asha Watkins-Montserin, Maria Lyons-Ed­wards is pros­e­cut­ing.


  1. There is always the inner senses when some thing has happened once you dread that it will happen again, based on the time he left and the time of the shots you can hope that it’s not your love one. The young man who died if a survey is done about his personality every one in the choir will be singing the same song, he was always by himself, he was a quiet guy. Instead of making the dead the murder we need to try to understand why would someone find it necessary to take a young man’s life.

  2. Why couldn’t the jury come to a unanimous decision? Didn’t she confess to a horrific crime?

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