TUF Laments Government’s Hard Line On Tax Fee Retroactive Wages

Saint Lucia’s umbrella Trade Union Federation (TUF) is unhappy that the government toed what it described as the hard line on the issue of tax free retroactive salaries for union members.

“It will be remiss of me if I did not indicate our displeasure with the hard line taken by the employer not to award us the retroactive pay tax free, in an environment where we know that big business get all sorts of tax breaks,” TUF President Julian Monrose declared Tuesday.

He spoke as six trade unions signed two collective agreements with the government, bringing an end to what was dubbed – long and difficult negotiations.

“This journey was difficult. We experienced hardships; we experienced what we thought was an attitude by the employer not to negotiate in good faith,” Monrose observed.

He stated that it was sad that the collective tax on the retroactive pay amounted to less than 1 million dollars and the employer said no to that.

“That’s a travesty,” Monrose, who is also President of the Saint Lucia Teachers’ Union told Tuesday’s signing ceremony.

“The people we represent here today are persons who have made tremendous sacrifices for the state at times when it has been very difficult and the least they expected was that as things began to look up, that the  employer would have recognised that contribution and would have made the bargaining process a little less difficult,” he said.

Nevertheless, Monrose expressed the view that the leadership of the various public sector unions stood up and represented their members with honour, while carrying out their historical role to ensure members got a fair deal.

“We are leaving these negotiations satisfied to some extent, but we still believe better could have been done,” he declared.

The TUF leader expressed the hope that after such a long and difficult journey, the employer would  show a willingness to act in good faith and ensure trade union members receive their pay by August 2019.

He pledged the cooperation of the unions in the continuing effort at national development.

At Tuesday’s ceremony the six unions signed two agreements that include salary increases of  two percent for the period 2016-2019 and 4 percent for 2019-2022, plus  fringe benefit increases.




  1. Every other citizen in this country pays taxes on back pay. Yet the laziest and least productive want tax free back pay. Yikes!

    • Let me make you understand something.. teachers are not the laziest and least productive people in st.lucia…. they the ones giving your children an education from the ages of 4.. erase teachers from the system and u get nothing no jobs no education.. and by the way fun fact about teachers they have to use their personal money that the give refuse to give to pay for books,food,charts, clothes, shoes and all other necessary things that the parents should be providing.. so can u please answer me how are they lazy and least productive?

  2. It would remiss of me if I don t tell Mr. Monrose how much of a hyprocrite he is. He accepted 0,0,0. from Kenny and crew and sat quietly. He did not consider workers/members when he pitch that nonsense on the “state of the economy”. Thank God I am not in SLU et al…Go away Monrose and your Labour hacks at Yock Hill.

  3. Are we calling teachers, nurses, firemen and policemen lazy? And besides every other citizen does not pay tax on back pay. Most of them don’t even pay tax. We never hear certain people when millions in tax are written off for foreigners bit we fight our own. YIKES!

    • In what world is back pay not taxed? All earnings are taxed and back is no different. And yes we are clearly calling civil servants lazy and unproductive. Not all but the vast majority.

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  5. One week, he said he will meet with members to decide the way forward if government taxes backpay because he will not accept it. The following week he meets and signs the same thing he said he will meet with members about if it happens. SMH. You are the best Mr President

    • These guys are so hurting that negotiations ended without any controversy, without shutting down the country. They mission was not complete and they are hurting.

  6. That idiot day will come don’t worry they’ll soon find him out . that SLP gooroo putting division in the country with his lazy set of people who follows him every body paying taxes but he wants tax free ( le ki boss) ..a little music we playing at the hotels as pensioners we paying tax on the little ka ka da.we not complaining no Mr monrose want his free what an amazing idiot.

  7. Montrose had one agenda and that to cause conflict and unrest in the country for his Labour hacks.he true colours are seen now .he makes his own selfish decisions without consulting his members why because of his hidden agenda.

  8. Monrose accepted 0.00 percent from Kenny why didn’t think of his members then why now so u can see write through this man .so he see advantage on this government to squeeze everything of out them for his selfish desire and pretend is for members no matter if he puts the country s finance in difficulties what a shame monrose

  9. Teachers are the laziest n least productive….yet still we have to cook ..clean ..counsel…guide..love ..protect n the list goes on .. We are the ones who care for the nation’s children..yet still we are”lazy “…No other worker goes home with work…those of u who have nothing to say …take a day in a teacher’s life ..just one day

  10. This writer has provided the best description I have seen of Monrose so far: an SLP hack.
    This hack has tried everything to disrupt government, no success. He wishes but just can’t.

  11. Keep fighting down your fellow lucian because of party politics while rich business owners laugh at us. And keep getting tax concessions for their business and keep increasing product prices while salaries stay the same. Politicians love that society is divided based on colour because it’s easier to control and fool.

  12. Saint Lucia has a population of approximately 170000 people half of that is school children not working yet…devide the other half in two one half of the two is sinior citizens..the other half devided into groups… a group in bodilay ,,a group at wellness center, a group don’t want to work,, a group are outlaws… the group that working and paying tax can any government develop a country from its own tax payers ,, so when some people believe that government can pay what they want and again for doing sweet forcol,, procrastinating all day.. and to those who are genuin workers are the ones who suffers.. all the procrastinators will be the first in line to demonstrate against the government what a life we’re facing in our beautiful country..

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