TUF opposes privatisation of health care

The President of the Saint Lucia Trade Union Federation (TUF), Julian Monrose, has come out in opposition to the privatisation of health care and other social services, asserting that trade unions have a responsibility to oppose such measures.

“We examined the current situation in the last 30 year – trade trade unions have been under tremendous attack and the whole movement now around the world is to privatise public services like health care and education,” the TUF President explained.

“People get into business to make money – the profit is bottom line. In doing so they are not worried about people who cannot afford health care,” Monrose told St Lucia Times Wednesday.

He had earlier addressed the conference of delegates of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), under the theme: ‘Safeguarding Workers’ Rights in a Changing Environment.’

Monrose declared that workers, and especially poor ones, would suffer if social services are privatised.

He observed that workers’ rights and interests are under threat, not only in Saint Lucia but throughout the world.

According to Monrose, while trade unions deal with many issues, they exist fundamentally to defend the rights and interests of workers and should not be embarrassed to do so.




  1. If the party wanna keep sitting they better do what’s right…sit or match which wud they rather?

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