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Updated on June 3, 2020 5:27 pm
Updated on June 3, 2020 5:27 pm
Updated on June 3, 2020 5:27 pm

Twelve Year Old Castries Girl Pregnant After Rape

A twelve year old girl living in Castries is pregnant after being raped by a thirty-two year old male.

The child’s mother told the Times that her daughter was examined today at Victoria Hospital where it was determined that she was three months pregnant.

While the mother spoke to the Times outside her residence, relatives reported that child lay on a bed inside the home crying, occasionally throwing up and battling a fever.

“She is blaming herself. She is crying a lot, a lot, a lot. I told her  do not blame yourself because it is not her, because she is a child. But she needs counselling – she needs help,” the child’s aunt said.

While the aunt was speaking, a teenage brother of the victim blurted:

“The boy (the alleged perpetrator) just had a child what day was that. That child just one year and that’s what you doing?”

An irate female family friend shouted:

“Pervert. These men too perverted!”

The mother, who revealed that she has eleven children, told the Times that from the information she gathered the twelve year old was at her Aunt’s house nearby when the accused chose a moment when he was alone with the child to force her to have sexual relations with him.

The alleged incident occurred prior to the reopening of school, the mother said.

However the alleged victim is reported to have mustered up the courage yesterday to tell her sister, who wrote a note  about the allegation that was  passed  to an older female sibling.


The older sibling  upon receiving the handwritten note disclosed the matter to the mother, according to information obtained by the Times.

The police were contacted and have begun an investigation into the incident.

However members of the family of the victim said they were outraged by the seeming slow pace of the investigation.

They expressed concern that the alleged perpetrator, whom they described as having been a close family friend, had not immediately been arrested and was free to evade justice by fleeing the country if he chose to.

Some residents of the community where the incident occurred were very vocal in condemning the sexual abuse of young females.

They expressed strong views that perpetrators should be publicly named and shamed.

Both the mother and aunt  of the victim asserted that the incident should put parents on guard not to trust menfolk around their female children.

Said the mother: “My advice is do not trust nobody by your daughters – it could be your brother, your uncle – nobody!”



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