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Updated on May 28, 2020 7:18 pm
Updated on May 28, 2020 7:18 pm
Updated on May 28, 2020 7:18 pm

Two bodies discovered in Vieux Fort

Police are investigating the discovery of two bodies at Cantonment, Vieux Fort.

Law enforcement sources told St Lucia Times that the bodies were discovered Sunday night after 9:00 pm.

According to the sources, acting on information, police went to Cantonment where they found a man in a parked vehicle.

The man appeared to have gunshot wounds to the neck and body, it is reported.

The individual,who was still alive, was transported to St Jude Hospital where he died a few hours later, the sources reported.

A search of the  same area where the first man was found  turned up the body of another male, with apparent gunshot wounds to the head and abdomen, the law enforcement sources disclosed.

The sources said the second man had died on the spot.

St Lucia Times was informed that police believe the two deceased are non-nationals.

The lawmen suspect that based on the information they received, a third male may also have been shot.

The police are continuing their investigations.


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  1. Condolences to the families directly affected by this continued insanity. The Private Sector and the rest of Civil Society have to vigorously and frequently agitate for practical measures to be put in place, by government, to subdue this seemingly never-ending spate of homicides. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes are demonically wicked. The government’s response or non-response to this spate of butchery is painfully distressing. Lucians should put their party affiliation aside, come out in their unprecedented numbers, demonstrate throughout the whole of Castries, to send a clear and unambiguous message to the powers that be that the vast majority of the people are totally fed up with their inaction. Enough is enough!

  2. Government can’t be blamed for these incidents. It is you me and everyone else. We have a responsibility, and do we act on it ? No we don’t. Changing legislations won’t make a difference. We know the perpetrators and hold silence. Arming the police won’t make a difference nor will it stop the happenings. Can anyone few hold the country hostage to their whims and fancy? That will happen if you allow it. What have you done and or is doing to change things. The change begins with you.

    • Who says Government can’t be blamed! They are the biggest purporters of tribalism and hate. If you are not on my side then you are to be downtrodden. Additionally, if there are no policy direction then they must be blamed and oh, by the way, Hurricane Allen did say that he “will make St. Lucia safe.”

    • A few years ago alp was blamed for everything negative in the country but now it’s not the government fault

    • OMG it’s so frusatrating to read these comments saying the government doesn’t need to bare blame. It is the role of the government to provide security for its citizens! It is insanity to read comments saying that the government should not be held accountable and that people should just not commit crime. Why not just conclude these statements with a call to abolish all laws of the state then? It’s this type of complacency that allows these sort of crimes to continue. At this point the crime wave is out of control, I don’t care for party affiliations, but the murder rate has DOUBLED and people are still saying can’t blame the government? At this point any and every measure should be established; minimum penalties for fire arm possession, increased policing, implement new divisions within the police department, hold off on fixing whatever road and open up a new criminal investigative department with a fully operational forensics lab…anything! They need to do something and not just remain mute while the ignorant populace says oh we can’t blame the government. How foolish and gullible can people be? St. Lucia is a TINY island, and I know someone will comment and say crime is everywhere n blah blah blah, St. Lucia had a murder rate of about 33 for 2017, Chicago-the famous American warzone had a murder rate of about 24 for 2017. Maybe that will help put things in perspective and shed light on the direction the country is headed while we blindly sit and hold dear our party affiliations.

      • But ultimately the blame comes down to us. We put a select few to represent us. We have to be blamed for allowing these representatives to be so laid back in their jobs.

      • Your Chicago STats is so WRONG!!! LOOOL. Here are the REAL Statistics
        Shot & Killed: 624
        Shot & Wounded: 2937
        Total Shot: 3561
        Total Homicides: 675

  3. My dear no Wear in this world is safe all we have to do is to leave for the father until he is ready to take us home

  4. You continue to get yourself involved in crime and other illegal activities, you pay the price and you calling on Government to save you?

  5. Kenny couldn’t but I can said Chastenet. So yes blame government. Y’all too hypocrite when it was SLP crimes was Kenny fault and suicide was Alvina fault, now is y’all white God y’all hypocrites coming and say don’t blame government. Chastenet said Kenny couldn’t but he can…the Devil that he is …bringing more crosses on this country! Now come for me!

  6. I don’t understand,2 bodies found and a third died later ?or 1 found dead and another died later?

    • The year 2018 has arrived with the St. Lucia police investigating, possibly, the last two homicides of 2017 after the bodies of two males were discovered in Cantonement, Vieux Fort on Sunday night, Dec. 31.

      According to reports and law enforcement sources, the first victim was discovered around 9 p.m. in a parked vehicle with gunshot wounds to the upper body, and died several hours later in hospital.

      The second body, also with gunshot wounds, was discovered later on in the same area where the first body was discovered, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

      It is not yet confirmed whether the victims are locals or non-nationals.

      Police believe the incident/s occurred around 8 p.m.

      Unofficially, these deaths bring to 60 the number of homicides recorded in 2017.

  7. Nobody but the individuals who partake in these brutal, heartless and selfish acts are to be blamed. However when we have people claiming that we must reach 60 homicides for the year gone not understanding that the tongue is very powerful and we need to take heed of what we say and wish for
    You don’t know who will be the next victim .

  8. Don’t be an idiot. First of all what “white God”? that comment alone shows you have no intelligence and are just a slave in your own right. Secondly you’re arguing with people who may never have said crime was Kenny’s fault. So once again you’re just a waste. And lastly if in fact someone did believe it was one person’s fault, any intelligent person would see now that it’s a bigger issue than just party and government and should try to work to fix it. Your parents should have just aborted you and save the world the pain of your life

  9. I have totally had it with this most ASININE argument that government is not responsible for crime. Only a docile mind would absolve government from its most important and sacred duty, the security of its citizens, residents and visitors. Government CANNOT totally eradicate criminal activities but it can and should put measures in place to reduce crime to manageable or negligible levels. Japan hardly has any gun related homicides. The Japanese government has policies, strategies and measures in place to combat criminal activities, particularly gun crimes. It is people like those with this fallacious notion that government bares absolutely no responsibility for crime, gives the government succor in doing little or nothing to fight this scourge. You, who perpetuate this myth, are complicit in these homicidal acts. You are certainly part of the problem and not the solution. Re-educate yourselves. Just weary of your preposterous line of argument.

  10. Again; The people plead the one and only thing government has to do , and which should be blamed for is A fully working active laboratory or department responsible for forensic tests.
    Put things in place you both parties! The people cry.
    Instead of pocketing the country’s money
    Let us now once and for all, every one get on board let is now call out to who so ever is able to voice to get this message out,let us match, speak out, take control, stand United for our children sake. Please take heed you Brothers and sisters reading!

  11. Again; The people plead the one and only thing government has to do , and which should be blamed for is A fully working active laboratory or department responsible for forensic tests.
    Put things in place you both parties! The people cry.
    Instead of pocketing the country’s money
    Let us now once and for all, every one get on board let us now call out to who so ever is able and willing to voice this message ,let us match, speak out, take control, stand United for our children sake. Please take heed you Brothers and sisters reading! Don’t wait till it comes knocking at your front door.

  12. Operation restore confidence please. All those who where against it are part of the problem. Add their names to the list. If you don’t want your family or friends to be affected by it talk some sense in their heads.

  13. Japanese have a totally different mindset, cultivated over long period of time. We like to compare ourselves to them but if we were asked to live such structured and disciplined lives in the various aspects including work, leisure and the use of cell phones in public etc. there would be a national rebellion!!

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