Thursday, September 29, 2022

Two Bois Patat Residents Rushed To Hospital After Cutlass Attack

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A cutlass wielding man attacked two residents of Bois Patat, Castries, Monday morning, with the result that both had to be rushed to hospital.

People living in the area said that the hospital treated and discharged one of the victims – a male individual.

But a female whom the assailant attacked sustained serious hand and leg injuries.

And  Bois Patat residents told St Lucia Times that she is still in hospital.

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One of the  residents said the attacker is believed to be of unsound mind.

According to the resident, his  female victim would occasionally provide him with food.

But the individual explained that on Monday morning while the victim, who is in her forties, was chatting with a friend, the man attacked her with a cutlass.

“He chopped her finger and a piece came off. He chopped her on her arm and knee,” the resident told St Lucia Times.

Afterwards, according to reports, the attacker turned on a man, inflicting a wound to the man’s face.

The assailant then fled.

Residents said they summoned an ambulance who took the badly injured woman to hospital.

And they also called the police who went looking for the attacker.

But they disclosed that officers were, at the time, unsuccessful in their attempts to find him.

Headline photo: Female victim

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