Friday, September 30, 2022

Two Charged After Police Seize Cannabis In Soufriere

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) says it conducted an operation at Palmiste, Soufriere, Wednesday and seized 90 pounds of cannabis.

Law enforcement officials disclosed that they confiscated the drugs after executing a search warrant.

They also arrested two individuals.

The investigators have charged the duo for possession of controlled drugs and intent to supply.

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A video on social media showed officers off-loading plant-like material from a police vehicle.

There are no further details at present.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. @Mataii note there was never no mention of any guns found just two bushman with 90lbs…this here right here proves you and dem with y’all idiot theory about wherever there is drugs there is guns….I got NEWS for you fool…weed is not a drug…drugs are man-made. Arsewhole!

  2. Well SLT didn’t publish it but Loop did!..and it stated from the PM that one individual is allowed 4 plants at his/her home…some media houses are always quick to embrace the bad news than good.

  3. Can st Lucian ever move forward
    St Vincent has send theirs first shipment of hurbs over seas, after the valcano eropsion
    Barbados has move forward
    When it will be St Lucia time to move forward, what a shame

  4. Now the cannibis is in their hands they brought it inside the station i guess they would use it for “recreation” now

  5. Smfh shorn said he would release all those in prison for weed even give them a ride home…y’all said y’all would legalize 30 grams of marijuana but never stated how many trees one is allowed to have in they yard…the governor general went to mount Jimmy now in people back yards promises to fools #my country needs help

  6. The most supid comments i have seen dont you know drugs and guns go hand in hand where thefe drugs thete are guns.

  7. Meanwhile St. Vincent given export rights to ship medical marijuana to Europe (Germany) and inviting OECS members to come onboard. Llow de herb officers and get some real work done. Now you have productive citizens eating my PAYE when they should be contributing. Yourll eh going and patrol crime hotspots but yall at a man home looking for plants. Wise up St. Lucia!

  8. The Police should arrest themselves for wasting our limited precious resources and also wasting the media’s time.

    Leave the plants and find the guns!

  9. Once again the police is stiffling our already uncertain economy…and they really think they did a good job…Arsewholes!..go behind gunman&teef and the serial killers in st.Lucia….Desir u issa dekdek

  10. The minister said he was going to the prison and release people for weed offences. Wonder wats his take on that now

  11. Police still arresting man for weed like seriously man really back ward’s in this country no work man trying to earn a living by planting some weed only the rich to profit

  12. People dying y’all running behind joint🤣😭 crack a murder case or something be useful

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