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Updated on May 30, 2020 1:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 1:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 1:20 am

Two Dead After Motorcycle Collides With Car At Richfond, Dennery

Two males are dead after a motorcycle collided with a car at Richfond, Dennery Saturday night about 9:15 p.m.

The men are reported to be in their twenties.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that the motorcycle on which the two were travelling South bound collided head on with the car which was travelling in the opposite direction.

They disclosed that both males on the motorcycle were not wearing helmets at the time and were unresponsive when a fire truck and an ambulance from the Dennery Fire Station arrived on the scene.

They were both transported to the Dennery hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The male driver of the car which was involved in the collision sustained what appeared to be minor injuries.

He declined to be transported to hospital, according to a Fire Service official.




  1. To those who can’t hear and can’t understand surely are the ones who feels…. negative thinking is not a solution to save lives. RIP. return. if. possible

  2. Helmets please people you’ll not learning, need to charge them when not safety gears are on

    • Helmets wouldn’t prevent their deaths in this situation as it wasn’t head injures

  3. Damun see de fellas coming he still pull out in de road .. dem mun have no respect for bikers …. they should a bit That on de road dah mun .. RIP solders

    • THANK YOU!!!!! I saw the video and that’s the ONLY thing I was thinking! Whether it was a 2 minute rode or 2 hour ride, he should have set the RIGHT example, plus he was on a police bike, the same ones charging people for not wearing helmets! Smh

      • Imagine that huh. Same thing I was thinking. Do as I say, not as I do. Wish he fell off.

  4. Its about time police do they job and arrested those bikers without helmet/helmets and drivers driving without or a valid drivers licence

  5. So because the PM was on a police officer bike without any helmet, he’s the cause bc these young morons do not take hind to any warnings!! Well the PM did not die!! Life is indeed short but shorter when you wanna live the fast n speedy life

    • I don’t think that anyone is saying that he is the cause. We read but we do not read to understand. I saw the video too and I told the person who sent it to me I was disappointed because he was not wearing a helmet. He should have been wearing one. It is about upholding the law and setting the right example. There will be those who will still not wear helmets but because we know better we should do better. Please don’t politicise everything and let us be better citizens by condoning what is right and condemning what is wrong irrespective of who it is.

      • whether or not,prime minister riding a bike without helmet,has no relevancy of these two guys dying,,whether laws or not,everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves,as a matter of fact,almost everyone is a witness to many of these bike riders,thinking they are some kind of PRO,thinking nothing can never happen to them,,not wishing anyone bad,but at the same time you just cant feel sorry for persons who sometimes play ignorant on the road with these bikes.

  6. No no, let these side purse carrying niggas continue with no helmet, we need to clean up the streets and bike accidents seems to be an efficient way. Bike life! Ride faster boys. Let me guess, motor cycle parade at the funeral? Leave your helmets home!

  7. SMH. Social media is killing us! A camera is everywhere. Do we know the context in which the PM was on the bike? Was it a demonstration? Was it a short distance? Did he go out on to a public road? Some smartASS decides to videotape and post and we condemning without having all the facts!

    • The fact is the PM rode shotgun on police motorbike without a helmet. And was a gaffe not the end of the world.

  8. The amazing thing about this is sometime in the near or far future u will see an even worst accident than this involving a bike and the victim might be reading this right now these guys dont learn it is amazing when u go out n u see guys drink to the point of intoxication and they have to ride to go home i dont get it # car life all the way

  9. Rip fellers .but where this bike from .??where they bought it from.???who they bought from.All thé biker boy that have bike and it came from Martinique juste prépare to die OK.

  10. When you can’t hear, you have to feel! 20 is a very young age to go, oh, what a waste; most of us are highway criminals, no consideration for others, disobedient to traffic laws, not diming our lights, putting all sorts of powerful coloured bulbs in our head lamps etc. This is the result of our actions, leaving so many people to suffer! To their love ones, i say: hold on!
    May you RIP.

  11. Ah well Bike Life. Fast riding no helmets, no protective clothing so I eh surprise. All u go what all u looking for.

    Very unfortunate, but tragic end for the motorcyclist and pillion-rider.

    Seems consistent with ‘…Murphy’s Law’ that dictates that ‘…Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’

    So a man drives, so he dies.

    Conversely, so a man ‘…Rides,’ so he ‘…Dies.’

    Till We Meet Again.

  13. Stop stealing the people bikes in martinique………ST LUCIA BIKE LIFE …YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO GO AND DIE 1 BY 1 ….COME STEAL MORE BIKES …. JACKASS LIL LUCIAN BOY

  14. Wow since when you all care about the P.M. so much or is it that it’s a chance to be on his case. Helmet or no helmet these morons tired of living. And just putting ppl lives at stake on the road. Bikers in St Lucia are rediculous and need serious charges when caught without a head gear

  15. More than 50% of these Motor Cycles on the Road Has no Insurance and the Riders no License .Last week A .motorcycle Rider Collided with Female Pedestrian on Chausse Road He Quickly Left the Accident Scene and Secured the Bike inside Grass Street .But Luckily a police officer in Plain Clothes was Nearby and Effected and arrest .

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