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Two Deceased In Castries Fire Identified

The two deceased in the early morning Castries fire have been identified by relatives.

The deceased female was identified as Julia Wilkinson while the male was identified only as ‘Bobolin‘ Sylvester.

According to information, Wilkinson was in her seventies while ‘Bobolin’ is believed to have been in his fifties.

Both perished when fire swept through a wooden building at Trou Rouge, Castries, Saturday morning.

Rebecca William, the niece of the dead woman, recalled waking up to screams.

William, who lives near the house that was destroyed by fire, told St Lucia Times that when she went outside she saw blazing fire.

Rebecca William – Niece of deceased

“I notice that my Auntie was trapped inside – here was nothing that could be done for her because the fire was so extreme,” she lamented.

Another female relative who spoke on condition of anonymity explained that she was alerted by the loud screams of her aunt’s friend.

“When I came outside I asked her what was wrong but she could not answer because she was so traumatised,” the relative, whom we will refer to as Rihanna, explained.

Rihanna told St Lucia Times that she called the Saint Lucia Fire Service.

“During that time there was the big festivity – fireworks for independence and all that happening so it did not bring a lot of attention to the fire,” she recalled.

A Castries resident recorded both the fire and the fireworks display and posted the video on social media.


Rihanna said it appeared that a lighted lamp that was resting near the ceiling may have caused the blaze.

“MY aunt (Wilkinson) was inside – she is not entirely mobile, so my cousin ran into the house trying to save her. She is very heavy. She is not completely mobile and the house was very small so it’s not easy to get in and out as you could imaging with all the smoke and fire,” she recalled.

Rihanna said the cousin grabbed Wilkinson but found the exit blocked by chairs and tables in his way.

She disclosed that the cousin cried out to another female relative to assist.

“She came in and got stuck as well, so three of them were inside the same apartment,” Rihanna observed.

She recalled that the cousin and the female relative had to put down Wilkinson and push the furniture that was blocking their path out of the way.

“By the time they did that they had inhaled so much smoke that they had to just get out of there to get some air. I think his hair even started burning at that point. My aunt was not completely mobile and couldn’t really help herself was left in the house. It is extremely sad,” Rihanna said.

She said the other person who perished in the fire, whose nickname is ‘Bobolin’, was the boyfriend of another aunt of hers.

Rihanna explained that four individuals lived in the wooden house that was destroyed, her aunt, her husband who was at the time of the fire away at work, another aunt and her boyfriend.

“The persons who died were my aunt – Julia Williams and my second aunt’s boyfriend ‘Bobolin’,” she told St Lucia Times.

“He is very strong and full of energy. I don’t know what happened that he couldn’t save himself,” Rihanna stated.



      • Hey Juene , me too . The writers did a bad job publishing this story . To the family I am sorry for your loss

    • More and more this place is becoming heartless well to the persons who say the story doesn’t make any sense I pray that you never have to face something like this can you imagine one of the relative reading this. Another question if the story made sense to you would you take out your money to pay for counseling for the brother and sister who takes care of their aunt and ran into a burning house to save her and couldn’t. Can you imagine seeing someone u love being burnt to a point of no recognition. Where is the love are we really not humans that you would have thr guts to put something so heartless. I know the family by the way and they are taking it hard people let’s have more compassion I’m speaking to the people who put those heartless comments. We all learn if u have nothing good to say then dont day anything this is one time it should apply

  1. Lives have been lost in a tragic way and one person wants a “story that makes sense”. Eyewitnesses have given a detailed account of a tragic event they witnessed which is nothing short of traumatising and all you come here and type is trash. Tragic event with loss of lives. RIP.

  2. This is the saddest things I’ve read in quite some time, strength and condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

  3. Nothing can replace the loss of loved ones. My condolences to the family. The cousin and others who attempted to save this lady must be commended for their efforts. It could not have been easy. People let us exercise more emotional intelligence in our comments.

  4. This is soo sad .. Watching your relative being burnt alive with and no way to help.. Sigh RIP.
    . To the person who said this isn’t making sense , stop being an idiot, this story is not for amusement you son of a B..The Neice is telling her story something she experienced , watching her relatives being burnt alive..

    • Too Sad 😔. I know them personally allot Indians leave there ,I know they did everything in their power to try to rescue their aunt .SIP

  5. Dear people,

    How have we become so heartless …The young lady has just gone through a very traumatizing experience. One which will play over and over in her head . One she has to now live with for the rest if her life and all you can say is this story makes no sense. I am so disappointed by you. To the family who are still suffering because if this tragedy my deepest condolences.

    • May God bless you & your family members .To the hero’s to jumped in the fire hats off to you. God has a better plan for your family. May their soul rest in peace.

  6. Oh My Godness my heart is heavy.. I know the family very well ..The houses are so close together .The fire officers did an amazing job the enter area of Marchand should have been burnt…Thank you fire fighters!!!!… To the heroic family members who tried to save their relative you did good & I am sorry for your lost.. To the persons commenting “This makes no sense “, Have some compassion.

    • Omg , this is so sad. I know this area very well the house are so close together the emergency officers/firefighters performed a miracle. That enter area should have been flat by now. Thank you for such great response. I am so sorry this family is going through this . commentors please exercise some compassion the family members story is not for entertainment

      • Mr Williams, be strong. Can’t believe this I recently saw mr. Williams at VH with his sister. That man must be devastated. God if mercy bless all whose hearts today overflow with grief & answered questions and such a sense of loss.

  7. Oh my goodness . I lived in at area so many years ago .I remember the teacher , he taught the Methodist school. That man loved his mother & sisters I’m so sorry for your loss Sir. I heard his house was burnt too and he loss his family .Good Man , good people those Indians after the bridge.

  8. so much death .Lord put a hand , we need to start praying and giving our lives to Christ. Too many things are happening lately. Her family was trying to save her but unfortunately was not able to , saddest thing i’ve ever heard. My prayers are with those suffering . Your aunt & uncle is up in heaven away from the misery of this world;

    • Oh my I knew her. Sweetest lady use to come to Marketing board often. Thats a horrible way to die. At least she knows we her neices tried to rescue her.

  9. way way way another life lost- Tragically. Cousin’s do not blame your self, this is not your fault. The world is ending. Let us unit.

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