Monday, December 9, 2019

Two Held In Shooting Of Mon Repos Businessman

Two persons are currently in police custody assisting with investigations into Saturday evening’s shooting of Mon Repos businessman, Andrew Joseph, alias Mr. Mow Weng, law enforcement sources say.

Joseph was reported in critical but stable condition at St Jude Hospital after the incident.

The 76 year old proprietor of Andrew’s Minimart  was shot in the lower abdomen during a robbery.

Joseph was transported to St Jude Hospital via ambulance about 7.15 pm.

Residents of the area say two masked men entered the mini-mart where Joseph’s wife and another female were.

According to reports, the women fled and the bandits accosted the Mon Repos businessman, roughing him up and shooting him before escaping with a small quantity of cash.


  1. as long as they are the two that do it. dont play with them. give them a solid 15 years in jail.we have to make st lucia like a singapore which is the safest country in the world and among the richest island in the world. someone loiter around. you charge them, they get cane whipping . you trafficking, face the death penalty or life in jail. you murder same thing. we need a radical approach to crime fighting in the caribbean. we losing the fight big time. and students and parents in singapore dont play by school. students must study day and night. whether parents work at night or not. children know what is expected of them and they have to be home. the result of all this discipline??? rich and safe country.

  2. If is them that do it don’t put them in jail to eat and drink cause when they will.come out people does think is Canada they came from.just look for an electronic chair or something that can shock them to death.they deserve to die for killing an inocent man just like don’t have no law for them nasty bastard.if one of them had get shot by the business owner them police would arrest the man and tell him why he couldn’t call 991or whatever number time for that to stop.alot of young boys have gun every where not getting a job but killing people for what they have.smh.

  3. hang them high in the middle of town were they committed the crime..why should we give them mercy..did they have mercy on him…bring back old system..COPRAL PUNISHMENT


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