Two Males Plead Guilty To Indecent Exposure In Castries

Two men accused of indecently exposing themselves in the Saint Lucia capital, Castries,  in March this year, were each fined $500 when they appeared in court last week.

Law enforcement officials have identified the two as Linus Joseph and Shemric DeMac.

According to the law enforcement officials, Joseph was accused of urinating on Carl Crescent Street.

They said he was given one month to pay the $500 fine or face one month in prison.

DeMac, also accused of urinating on Carl Crescent Street in March, was given two months to pay the same fine or be sentenced to one month in prison.

Two other males, Benjamin Paul and Joseph Edwards, who were arrested for the same offence in March pleaded not guilty.

Both are scheduled to reappear in court in September.

The news of the court appearances for indecent exposure comes amid expressions of concern over debauchery and nudity during the just ended carnival celebrations here.

Organisers of the event said although the event was a resounding success, the behaviour of revellers left a lot to be desired.

Others expressed the view that the police should have invoked laws related to indecency to arrest those who were in breach of what is acceptable.

However, there have been no reports of such arrests.




  1. Okay we are starting to charge and humiliate for a disgusting act…but what we need to expose is the corruption we hide.

  2. Oppress the poor and vulnerable! Worse acts are being perpetrated in our eyes by politicians and those who have. White collar crime is being committed and admitted right in the City of Castries in the House/ Cabinet which is ironically located next to the City Police!!!! I would just love for our law to detain and indict just 1 politician- just 1 out of the bag of many, for the sake of our country.

  3. What was exposed? The women were pulling their panties to the side and bending over during carnival and police were just looking on while I’m sure police didn’t see the men’s privates… If the charge was public nuisance, disorderly conduct or urinating in public I wouldn’t have a problem, but indecent exposure?

  4. The Rev’d Eleanor C. Glasgow (Priest of the Anglican Church)

    It is heartening to know that “indecent exposure” is still on the Law books. The question is: what constitutes ‘indecent exposure’? Is it only when the penis is exposed in public places? Please elucidate!

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