Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Two Males Shot, Five Persons Injured In Crash During Busy Night For Fire Service

Two males were shot in separate incidents Friday night in Gros Islet and La Clery, while five individuals were injured in a vehicle collision in the North of the Island, emergency and law enforcement officials say.

According to the officials, about 10,40 pm a man believed to be in his twenties sustained a bullet wound to the leg when a masked assailant opened fire at him at Mornier, Gros Islet.

The victim was transported to hospital via ambulance.

In another and apparently unrelated incident, a 42-year old male was shot in the leg in La Clery.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that they received a report about the shooting about 11:50 pm and transported the victim to hospital.

They disclosed that at the time, he was in stable condition.

The emergency officials also reported responding to an accident at the Bonne Terre junction and transporting five people to hospital about 10:41 pm.

The head on collision involved a Toyota Mark 2 and a Honda vehicle, they said.


  1. Saw the vehicles after the accident. When is Transport and Traffic Depts gonna get breatherlysers and Speed Guns or even analyse what those Driving Schools are teaching our people. Most of those accidents involve persons who just got their license. There are lanes wide enough for both vehicles at the Bonterre Junction but yet still we have a Head On Collision. Like seriously.

  2. Yes do we respect the work of our profesional police force? or do we grab our head and cry.They dont have the tools to do any work.The young cricket boy that died in a crash,all his friends said he drank like a thirsty camel all the time.But we still havent recieved his blood test sample,or it has not been made public,I guess it will embarras the family.A coin allways has two sides,so do all the stories,and what is news and printed.So when we purchase a newspapper should we expect the other version printed also,or does this become part of our mental imagination and speculation of what we are actually reading.Life is true,why do we want to change it ?

  3. Castries fisherman your comments seem to be all over the place, does that mean you have been under the influence of alcohol also? Lass parlay baytizz!

  4. Kenny could not do it now Chastanet is doing it. Well done Chas. By the way where is Hermangild? Is he just getting a salary for doing nothing? I think there is need for a new minister. Oh they should put Estaphane.

  5. That guy Hermangil Francis is dumbest thing on two legs and to make matters worse, he wasn’t even elected. Just imagine at the end of the term this guy has to collect 25% of his total salary. They call that gratuity. What the hell do we have to be grateful for?

  6. St Lucia is a lawless country. People do not respect the rule of law and do whatever they please with hardly any reprimand or recourse from the Law.
    I live in Monier and those retrograde, low life bastards that congregate near the Rasta shop by where the shooting happened is a gang of those same low life underbelly of society.
    Those guys spend the whole day there just targeting which house to break in on which day. They are giving our nice community licks. It’s time that shop is demolished and those bastards chased from the area. Damn punks they should have shot all of them.

  7. They Sell Drugs at that location in Monier.They Ride Motor Cycles and Drive Motor vehicle without Insurance.The police Should be carrying out searches day and night in that area.Also there is another Location Further up the road named Afganistan .These guys sit on the block all day long

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