Two Men Hospitalised After Babonneau Shooting

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Two men believed to be in their early twenties were rushed to the hospital Thursday night after both sustained gunshot wounds at Paix Bouche, Babonneau.

According to reports, the shooting occurred after 10.00 pm.

One of the men is reported to have sustained a gunshot wound to the face and the other was shot in the thigh.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. this crime starts in the home……i was coming on a bus to Grande Riviere and to hear little primary school kids from the blu and white uniform school in Castries one from the orange and brown and white uniform in Sans Souci……these children cursing hard on the bus dam hurry up driver let me go home u not freaking hearing……at one time one said the big F word trust me when a lady with her son couldnt take it again she spoke to the children…that did no good…ME RATID i fall in her little pee panty and demand her to speak better and respect the people on the bus…..when these kids grow up killing people and their parents, its a dam shame….when these kids disrespecting the elderly its a dam shame..when parents give the children what they want becuz they didnt have or becuz the parents want them IN ALL SOURCE, its a dam shame……the children growing up now to be adults are nothing easy..its a dam shame

  2. @Fox

    I hate the argument that no country can stop completely crime. No sensible person would oppose this statement.

    A government’s main duty is to protect and secure life and property of its citizens, residents and visitors. Therefore, those at the helm of government should implement measures and strategies to REDUCE crime to negligible levels. No rational person expects a zero crime rate in any country.

    So, stop the specious argument.

  3. No political leader or party can stop crime. It is not only happening in stlucia but work wide. Prophesy is being fulfilled. What we can do to help bring change is to love and demonstrate openly our love for each other. Let our youth , our children see and know what love is so they too can grow up demonstrating love for each other. Let us love our neighbors as well as our enemies. Let us teach them how to forgive. Let us put away our selfish pride. Let us do things fair and with love. We don’t demonstrate it at home nor in society. What do our young people have to go by as examples. We teach them how to hate each other. How to hurt and victimize others if they don’t agree to someone or something. Are we suprise that our country crime rate is so high. It can seem impossible to stop but we can stop it if we all come together and demonstrate love. It starts with us all the politicians. The parents. The teachers . Society. If we do it in honesty we will see the hands of god on our land. Our god is a forgiving god who can change the impossible to possible. Let’s do it together in honesty and faith. Peace and love

  4. Such criminal activities will not stop. Why ?Because people on their own free will with or without the assistance of the devil make a decision to commit a crime. No excuses please. Thank you.

    • The devil has never made anyone do anything bad. Everyone is responsible for his own action. Can you go into a court after killing someone and get away with it by claiming that the devil made me do it? Preposterous!

  5. @VIBZ: quote ”both major political parties have failed……”
    You are partly right because I always wonder is it the fault of, or can any elected party put a stop to crime? name one Country that has succeeded in stopping crime and especially this type of criminality? I personally think its the times we’r living in. I have some views and this time I’ll pass; the Drug traffic business is a major factor, on a smaller scale the easy access to guns plus a criminal mind to rob, to hurt or to kill by a jealous lover, still its a thing of the mind. My personal believe – YOU KILL – YOU HANG – untill then its the wild wild west, no one can stop, no political party.
    We had a murderer loked up in Barbonneau he got out, was able by Cab to reach V/Fort cet a Plane ticket, fly out no questions asked before he was safe in custody else where SEE WHO YOU NOW HAVE AS HIGH RANKING MINISTERS, the wont answer the question. But for the sake of the poor in St. Lucia, God is watching for you.

    • @FOX. You are absolutely right. No country can stop crime. Kindly, read about CRIME RATE and then what’s happening will be crystal clear.

  6. You imbeciles make everything political
    How many were killed during the last administration did it stop then u need to stop 🛑

  7. Both major political parties have failed miserably with the issue of crime especially gun violence. Both are supremely inept.

    Voters need to punish the incumbent party for the economic and criminal woes affecting the country.

    SLT how many homicides have been committed for the present year? Don’t let this question go unanswered.

    • …both parties has failed with crime , but the same token you are asking the “voters need to punish the incumbent party for the economic and criminal woes affecting the country” Jackass cant done.


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