Two Men Injured In Bexon Collision – Driver Flees The Scene

The driver of a motor vehicle which ran off the road and injured two motorcyclists, fled the scene after the incident at Bexon, emergency officials have reported.

According to the officials, the vehicle was travelling in the direction of Castries when it ran off the road and hit a car and two motorcycles that were parked near a bar.

Two men who were sitting on the motorcycles at the time were injured, one of them seriously, according to information.

Both injured males were transported to Victoria Hospital by ambulances which responded after a report of the incident was made about 12:15 p.m, the Saint Lucia Fire Service said.


  1. You have to get the guy,his car has a lot of damage most likely,by now he has it in a shop,or its covered with tarpulin in some back yard,or its in a garage hiding.

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