Two Men Injured In Marchand Shooting

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On Monday, two men sustained injuries after a suspected drive-by shooting in Marchand, Castries.

Police said the incident occurred about 8:30 pm along Marchand Road.

A police release said investigations revealed that one of the men sustained multiple shots to the torso area and was in critical condition.

According to the release, the other man is suspected of also having been shot in the torso area.

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The police release explained that investigations are ongoing, and no suspects are currently in custody.

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  1. A shooting in Marchard on Monday, no suspects in custody on Tuesday. What kind of a joke report is that. Murders in Vieux Fort months ago caught on servillance cameras, with the face of one of the perpetrators clearly visible, yet no one is or has been in custody. Please whoever it is say something more meaningful to the public.

    • Does it not occur to you that maybe, just maybe the perpetrator/s may have left the island, hence the reason they have not been arrested by the police nor confronted as yet, by the opposing gangs? Just asking!

  2. Godlessness=lawlessness=crime of all and any kind. Robbery, Shooting, crime by any other name is crime.
    St. John 10:10. The thief cometh to steal, to kill and to destroy; I (Jesus) come that you might have life, and to have it more abundantly.
    Its high time to find a good Bible believing Church, and attend regularly. Be Blessed.

  3. The Police have let down their Guards.For years now there haven’t been no Lock Down of Specefic Areas in St.Lucia and Search all Houses No one in no one out Until all Searches have Been Completed.Thugs juat Believe they can do what they want in St.Lucia .This is no joke now in St.Lucia the ploice have to deal with Criminals.There’s no Patrols Whether by day or night .The Babonneau Police Refuse to patrol the Community .Gros Islet .Marshànd Central police Station .Marigot Police Station etc.The Duty officers have to take a Serious Stand against these Criminal activity .Police Officers Interested and Have Special Duty first Priority and the Police Duty Is Second Hand. This is a Serious Matter which needs Urgent attention

    • Police officers are public servants, the last time I checked and not slaves. As free servants, they decide what to do with their downtime or off days. Many have chosen to perform (lawful) special duty on those off days to supplement their mizzly income. We need to know what we want. We accuse them of corruption, yet when they seek like many other public servants d, lawful alternative income streams, we still bash them. The remedy – I suggest they stop all special duty, work 24 hour days and supplement their income through secret and corrupt means like so many in this country do.

  4. “No suspects are currently in custody.” It’s a recurring theme. I’m tired of that sh*te. Aren’t you? The detectives are on a treadmill. They seem to be rushing from one crime scene to another. No rest for the weary. It feels like a century since one felt safe. I would trade anything to go back to that time period.
    We will have to revisit the “new” illegal gun act sooner than later. I am pretty sure a future government will end that $30,000 fine. It serves no useful purpose except to get a two particular groups out of a bind. Pierre is missing a golden opportunity to shut the door.


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