Saturday, August 13, 2022

Two Men Jailed In The UK For Attempting To Smuggle Drugs From Saint Lucia

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On Wednesday, a UK Court sentenced two men to a total of 15 years in jail prison for attempting to smuggle drugs from Saint Lucia into the UK.

According to the Metropolitan Police Service, the men tried to smuggle the cocaine through parcels disguised as containing tinned goods.

Snaresbrook Crown Court sentenced Daniel Kelly of no fixed address to six and a half years’ imprisonment and Steven Gilhooly, who also had no fixed address, to eight and a half years’ imprisonment.

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The Metropolitan Police Service disclosed that both men are 43 years of age.

The court heard that in December 2018, Customs officials seized two parcels from Saint Lucia destined for addresses in Charlton and Greenwich in southeast London.

Described as containing canned goods, when law enforcement officials examined the parcels, they found 1.95kg of cocaine in one  and 792kg of the drug in the other.

An investigation revealed Kelly and Gilhooly had purchased a machine can sealer and blank tin lids, allowing them to reseal tin cans.

 They had also bought condiments and items to sell in Saint Lucia.

On December 16, 2018, Kelly and Gilhooly flew from London Gatwick to Saint Lucia with the can sealer in their luggage and told local officials they were on holiday.

Investigators established that Kelly sent the two parcels with cocaine from a Saint Lucian Post office.

 The probe found that Kelly had used a fake driving licence.

On January 23, 2020, officers arrested him from prison, where he was serving time for a different offence. 

And on March 9, 2020, they arrested Gilhooly, charging both men on April 22, 2021.

In total, officers estimated the value of the 2.742kg of cocaine at £250,000.

Headline photo: Courtesy Metropolitan Police (L to R) Daniel Kelly & Steven Gilhooly

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  1. Tourist jackass trying bring lucia down.. They should serve time bordelais first dumbasses…. Takes man to follow whitedevil powder asses!!!! Kudos to lucian customs helping UK catch those idiots.

  2. Who say St.Lucia didnt see it..They pick it up and call the UK border force to expect them..
    St Lucia justice system is the failing one, not customs or immigration.You heard the DPP about the remanded cases awaiting trial.Do you think if St.Lucia arrested them they would have been tried and sentenced already? Would you rather fed them as a tax payer or the UK fed their own. The BCF is full.UK has space.While they would get bailed on $1000, UK has already sentenced them.

  3. However they didn’t say were in St. Lucia or who they got the cocaine from but i’m sure the officials know. I guess they got to protect the barons identity and keep it safe and hidden

  4. Sometimes officials in the UK are tipped off by our officers. Sometimes drug dealers , mules are purposely allowed to smuggle for a period of time in order for a connection to be established.

  5. @ hippy this took place in 2018, read the article properly before commenting. I am not political, im simply calling out ignorance

  6. Stfu hippy . This proved that you’re a dumb f**k that only sees colour . This happened in 2018 , under uwp . You’re still bitter that Lucian’s kicked them out . Stop that

  7. As a Saint Lucian , every time u fly from hewanorra , they call me for a security screening , and the real smugglers never go through this . Smfg

  8. Some of the writing in the comments reflects, poor educational standards;
    Take some deep breaths, relax, then write because many people abroad are reading this
    on a daily basis – try to be good to your Country and be proud of being a St. Lucian – Pray for Lucia, and be Blessed.

  9. Isn’t it possible that the information about the can sealer was sent to the Uk Customs from Customs St Lucia? Bringing in a can sealer to St Lucia with blank tin lids, while on vacation is very suspect. This may have assisted the UK Customs in identifying all can foodstuff from St Lucia as being suspect. Do we produce can foodstuff in St Lucia. Can foodstuff through the Post Office? That was an easy burse.

  10. That is what I keep saying, people come to St Lucia as tourist and their bags are let through will no secondary checking. Also many of these so called tourist are convicted people from different jurisdictions and are never inspected. The immigration and Customs departments must do a better job of inspecting Commonwealth, International, Caricom and Local passengers. It can be only Caricom and Locals get inspected.

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