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Updated on May 30, 2020 7:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 7:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 7:20 am

Two Mexicans Shot In Castries Robbery

Editor’s note: This article has been updated. View update here.

Two Mexican nationals were rushed to hospital Friday afternoon after being shot in an armed robbery in Castries, eyewitnesses say.

The non-nationals were here in connection with the circus that was expected to open Saturday, it was reported.

The originally scheduled opening date was Friday, but it was reported that the organisers encountered some issues with shipping all their equipment here on time.

Workers at the scene where the circus tent was being set up

Poster advertising circus

The shooting occurred near the site at Malabar Beach.

“I realised that a Suzuki Swift pulled up and went to one of the Mexicans and requested his pouch. When he refused the guys puled out a handgun and a knife and gave him one shot, grabbed his pouch and gave him another shot,” an eyewitness told St Lucia Times.

The eyewitness recalled that when the rest of the workers at the site intervened, the gunman started firing at them indiscriminately.

He disclosed that two wounded individuals were transported to Victoria Hospital via private vehicle.

Bloodstain at scene

According to the eyewitness, it was an actual robbery because a pouch was taken.

He disclosed that there was not much cash in the pouch – between $500 to $1000.

“It’s an unfortunate incident for foreigners to experience,” the eyewitness stated.

He explained that the incident occurred about 3.20 pm.

Police are investigating.



  1. and people will say don’t bring back restore confidence? F THESE CRIMINALS!! We need a private militia to just kill all those f*****s

  2. F**K THOSE CRIMINALS!!!! We need a private militia to target and kill all of those scum. We need a vigilante group that’s dedicated to just killing criminals. Smh that would make them back off.

  3. The problem of violent crime is closely related to illegal gun ownership. If the defining problem is not addressed head-on, how can you arrive at a effective solution? As long as draconian gun measures are absent, expect the same. This is not science. Correction, it’s science to the people who run the show. Total idiots.

  4. I don’t know how many of us can still say I am proud to be a Lucian. This is not good for our country. I feel sad and ashamed. The people came here to expose our people to an experience which some of them would never ba able to and this is what they get. Young people go and work . Find something to do. Stop making excuses and saying there are no jobs out there. Get up off your lazy a$$es and use the hands and brains God gave us. I am so sorry to hear this.

    • There isn’t any jobs for real because I left Salcc over a year and been sending out applications from since 2018 June and I’m yet to get even a call for an interview, I basically just gave up, I still send some but I got my little business going that’s keeps me afloat until I get on, I’m not saying they are right but there isn’t jobs like you all think

  5. Something dont add up. Where the guys know mate from so much to come and look for a pouch that have money. Friendly much

    • Something never add up. Maybe u should be a police or investigator. Do ppl need to know other people to be robbed smh. You’ll comment be so ignorant sometimes. I swear stl have the most jobless investigators

    • So f#$%ing dumb. Need to know someone to rob? Easy to identify a foreigner. What would be in a pouch? Money and valuables. You dumb-f$%#.

  6. Nothing i hate than a thief. Police get them and shot to kill please. Let me hear the parents come out and say he was a good child. Shoot the parents in thier mouth too.

  7. The police need to track down the susiki swift number plate on CCTV camera although things are hard in st Lucia with poor jobs that only pay 500 dollars a fortnight but that does not give anyone the right to shoot people as that could give them life imprisonment

  8. I will always say when innocent persons get Shot and killed in St.Lucia Miss Mary Francis and her other Human Rights Advocate go into Hiding not a word grom them .If was the police all Hell brake loose .for Justice on Behalf of the Criminals .Heres another exapmle .The guys at work and two thugs shooting them and other fellow workers Nonsense

  9. Let’s hope those guys have some cartel friends who come and take revenge for them.

  10. This is so sad. I do wish that they recover speedily. This does not replicate most st.lucians,since most of us are calm,peaceful,friendly individuals. I really dont know what we can do to change the mindset of some people. Parents let us seek to raise our kids the right way. Lets reward good behaviours and punish bad ones. Let us be each others keeper

  11. Terrible,embarrasing,shamefull. wastefull talk Lets just start hunting them down and eliminating them,take them fishing and dispose of them in the sea,one concrete block tied to the feet,open them up before you drop them,feed the fish.No body no crime .Oh good golly what language how terrible my mother would say.But then they dont care when they are shooting at you.

  12. All that damage for $1000. These guys need to think seriously and ask themselves if criminal activity like is really pays? There seriously needs to be more real opportunities for people to make money.

    • Of course crime is still Kenny fault even though Prime minister promised he wod handle what Kenny couldn’t! The result of that promise is the bloodiest three years of any administration in St. Lucia. But yes it’s Kenny fault

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