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Two Of Three ‘Imported’ COVID-19 Patients Leave Saint Lucia

Two of this country’s three ‘imported’ cases of COVID-19 have left the country, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet told parliament Tuesday.

“We are very happy to report Mr. Speaker that two of the cases – all three were imported, but two of those cases have now been exported back,” Chastanet disclosed.

He explained that as a result, this country currently has only one case of the virus.

The PM recalled that the first recorded case was a UK patient, confirmed as positive on Friday March 13, 2020.

He said the second case was also a UK patient confirmed on Saturday March 14, 2020.

“Just yesterday, Monday the 23rd the third case was confirmed, this time the person is a Saint Lucian who resided in the United States,” Chastanet told parliament.

He reiterated an appeal to his countrymen to heed official information and implement social distancing and other measures designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Chastanet also sounded a warning to smugglers who would seek to capitalise on the situation by ferrying people from Martinique to Saint Lucia, bypassing manned borders.

He said they are putting themselves and others at risk.


  1. Bravo to our medical personnel, well done guys. Our are so quick to criticize, but when it is time to praise they go mum

    • Have you read what’s happening in Wuhan ?? No ! Well let me be the first to tell you, after 2 month of quarantine and lockdown, they were down to only 53 cases a mere dismal compared to the fact this was where it all started. The government decided to open a few essential business and allowed nationals to fly in again within a week 73 people died and over 430 people were tested and confirm for Corona, now the BBC is reporting on the second wave of the Corona in Wuhan. With this been said, and with places like New York and London on lock down I am willing to bet my last dollar what route this stupid government will take. Remember you read it here 24/3/2020.

      • Lucian Highgrade I’d love to see you on the ballot for politics or in some ways entering the political arena because it seems you have all the answers from your shed in the heights

      • Why can’t you people stop thinking negative. No Matter what the prime minister does it’s a problem. People are going through this crisis because no matter what God does we are never satisfied don’t get me wrong I am not comparing the PM to God in anyway but we need to blame ourselves for letting God down. Now innocent children are dying and suffering because of people like you.

  2. Goods/material are imported and Exported. PEOPLE are Repatriated “SIR PM”
    Great news for the country

  3. St.Lucia has possibly the best understanding and reaction of this formidable crisis in the world…Certainly in terms of health and the well being of it’s Citizens and Residents.

    St. Lucia should be proud of this Government’s response. Which was, so far, an almost fully supported direction from the opposition too. Which is an acolade to the Labour Party…..

    BUT!! we do have a banking crisis at loom….Hotels, guesthouses and hospitality institutions have no guests, no customers and can’t pay staff….It’s time for the government to influence the financial institutions to provide relief….only RBC and CIBC note any reaction thus far….our domestic banks are so far pathetically silent….where is the business minister??

    Well done St Lucia….but let’s keep pushing to make this unfortuanate dibilatating situation manageable for all.!

    • Proud of letting COVID getting onto our shores and reacting like headless chickens. You serfs are really something.

  4. Not enough info Chastanet….why everything so vague in this country man. I’m happy that they’re no longer here but were they tested? Were they negative after being quarantined for these two weeks. We have heard nothing about these people since they’ve been quarantined. Not even the people who came on the boats we are hearing about them being tested unless some other news broke that scoop and I was unaware. Are we waiting for them to show symptoms? But aren’t there some who have it but don’t show symptoms? This island is not doing enough man!!!

    • They will only be tested if they are exhibiting symptoms. Testing too early can give you a false negative. It appears the most accurate results are closer to 14 days.

  5. Mr. Chastnet, please deploy marine police for patroling 24/7. This will put to stop the smuggling of people from neighboring island.

  6. The third lady is a St Lucian and she is the wife of a hotel manager why cant you say this and I guess you are waiting for the husband to get sick and all her family that has been in contact with her since she came back all these things you have to explain to all of us to avoid the panic This is practically and imposible war to win,because we have no resources our medical facilities are depleted they need everything you can think of,we have been playing catch up for years On the other hand Im fascinated by the numbers we get fed,its very surprising maybe there is something done right here

  7. Why can’t we just be positive for once, every other word that somehow most of us speak is negative. Dont urll know that is what urll will attrack? Why dont be just be supportive, optimistic, thankful and prayerful even more during this season. Where is the maturity and intelligence in us as a people?

  8. Hi, My wife and I are Canadians who had to feturn home on the 22nd. The measures St Lucians are taking impressed us. We felt safer with you than we do at home. Hard measures bring good results. Canada has taken the lax measures route and we feel in danger because of it. Be proud of your efforts. These are rough times but they will pass. Be vigilent. God willing I’ll see you all next year.

  9. Some of you dont like the hard facts,I like the true facts above all no matter what But we are doing great so far

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