Two reported dead in road accident

Two persons are dead as a result of an accident involving a minibus near the Marc junction Thursday, March 1, law enforcement sources have reported.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, a female passenger and a male pedestrian were killed.

It is reported that the minibus from Oleon, Dennery was on its way to Castries when it ran off the road.

The incident occurred around 3 pm.


  1. Really nothing to say except 90% of accidents involve minibuses. We all see the crazy way they drive on our roads. This tragedy was totally avoidable. What speed was it travelling?

  2. Them bus drivers alot of them don’t care with people life . some of them driving and even overtaking how many vehicles at a long point.i bet he was fast .choops.every year .every time st.lucia always have an accident with those careless driver.when we complain about their driving they even getting vex .

  3. All you ever hear from them is a protest for price increase and then they threaten to strike if roads are not fixed, but we sit by and allow that service industry to operate without guidelines and rules. SMH Lucians wake up and let’s protest infront Department of Transport to set standards for mini bus drivers and operators. Let us demand our Traffic Police stop seating in the offices and be on the streets managing traffic. All countries always have motorbike police parked in strategic areas. Their presence alone influences drivers to behave. All they can say is “Drive with due care and attention” like seriously. And ask for speed bumps. We have placed no less than 5 speed bumps on our roads in the last 3 years and yet still our rate of accidents and fatalities remain the same. SMH

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