Two Saint Lucians Held For Murder In Martinique

Two Saint Lucians have now been arrested for a murder that took place in Martinique six years ago, local reports say.

According to Martinique 1ere, the two are suspected in the case of the murder of Rodny Moundras, on February 26, 2014, in the Godissard district of Fort-de-France.

The publication reported Monday that after several years on the run, on February 18, 2020, a first alleged perpetrator, a 30 year old Saint Lucian national, was arrested.

The unnamed suspect was indicted for murder in an organized gang and criminal groups and placed in pre-trial detention, it said.

On June 16, 2020, another Saint Lucian, already incarcerated at the Ducos prison center in the context of another homicide case, was also slapped with the same charges and remanded at the prison in connection with the Rodny Moundras murder, it was reported.

Rodny Moundras was shot dead in Godissard in front of his mother.

Rodny Moundras

He sustained several bullet wounds, including one to the head.

According to news reports, more than a dozen shell casings  were recovered from the scene. 

Apparently Moundras was chatting with his mother who was in her car at the time, when another vehicle pulled up.

One of the two occupants of the vehicle that pulled up opened fire in the direction of Rodny and his mother.

Moundras, 29, was  reported to have been standing beside his mother’s car when the shooting started. 

The vehicle was riddled with bullets.


  1. doh worry too tell us, Just execute these creatures. Don’t jail them and release them later like we do in Lucia. And start watching more closely, these suspicious people that always visiting Martinique. Those that come in illegally by boat, Just bomb them in the water no questions asked.

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