Two Teenagers Among Individuals Charged For Illegal Gun, Ammunition

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On Monday, August 29, 2022, about 7:00 p.m. Officers attached to the Choiseul Police Station had cause to stop a black Audi Q5 motorcar, registration number PO9513.

A subsequent search was conducted of the motorcar and occupants, and a .45 Caliber pistol with a magazine containing six rounds of ammunition was recovered.

Nineteen (19) year old Owen Alden, forty-three (43) year old Tony Deterville, twenty-six (26) year old Matale Hamilton, twenty-five (25) year old Asa Sandiford, twenty-eight (28) year old Jamal James, thirty-eight (38) year old Tonius James and a seventeen (17) year old male, all residents of Richfond, Dennery, were arrested and charged for the offences of Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.

The defendants were escorted before the Second District Court, where bail was granted as follows:

  • $10,000.00 cash or suitable surety for Possession of Firearm
  • $6,000.00 cash or suitable surety for Possession of Ammunition
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Reporting conditions and travel restrictions were also conditions for bail for each applicant.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. Was the vehicle they had a stolen one? Who is the owner? Did the police take possession of the vehicle?
    Now Mr. or Madam magistrate these young people are the ones who are causing all the criminal acts in St. Lucia, there is supposed to be no discretion straight 30 thousand dollars.

  2. Those young men are ALL bad seeds from Dennery. Making the rest of us Dennery people look bad. Please execute the full brunt of the law on them.

  3. No bail ,put them on remand ,cause when they come out they going back to the same life,all the people that out on bail for killing,they going out and do the same thing again,You kill no bail ,they find you with a gun ,no bail because when you drop them they will still get another gun.

  4. That’s what these Grown.up individuals do get the young guys involve in Crime .The Condition of Bail for Illegal firearm and Ammunition remains the same .Thats why illegal guns are everywhere in St.Lucia

  5. Today police should have been doing vehicle stops with that traffic mama, more stops and searches officers and check forensics for murder charges with that weapon. SMH.

  6. They were seven in total in the motorcar. There was a gun and ammunition. They were all from Richfond Dennery, but were caught in Choiseul. Police probably just saved someone these guys were going to roll on.

  7. The ‘no good’ of society always try to recruit the innocent ones to be like them. Since nothing good is going in their miserable lives, they brainwash and bring down the aspiring young ones to their gutter level, when the young ones may have a bright future ahead of them.

  8. Unless the bail option is totally removed as an option when people are caught with illegal firearms, nothing will change! Do the leaders have the guts to do what needs to be done? No. Therefore, everything will continue to be the lawless hellhole that we are seeing today!

    • The new Firearm Act allows for a $30,000 fine in court. Simply an escape clause for drug barons and the rich. For thirty grand a super criminal can be let loose. His ensuing damage once let loose, can easily surpass their fine. Just ponder that for a few.
      For a few months, I was a bit euphoric as I anticipated a no tolerance environment. Until I was reliably informed “it ain’t what you think.” Pierre has failed by allowing an option to get out of prison. Further, the law should have added mandatory sentencing. The judiciary’s role should have been to declare guilty or not guilty, and let the chips fall into place.
      There’s some hope. Once you are able to put the guilty away for a significant time, it becomes a game of attrition. By the way, some of the criminal players are going to get out of the business, the venture will be deemed too risky. I give Pierre a -B grade for trying. His predecessor didn’t even try. He was either mentally absent or in serious denial. Poor St. Lisi.


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