Two Teenagers Appear In Court For Fatal Shooting Of Richard Albert

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On Monday, two La Croix Maingot teenagers appeared in court in connection with the fatal shooting of Richard Albert last month at Corinth, Gros Islet.

According to a police press release, Major Crime Unit officers escorted the youngsters, aged 17, before the First District Court.

The court remanded them in custody until September 8, 2022.

According to media reports, mechanic Richard Albert and a friend left Bruceville, Vieux Fort on July 22 to buy a vehicle advertised for sale online in an apparent scam.

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But bandits ambushed the men, fatally shooting Albert while his companion fled for his life.

To date, Saint Lucia has recorded 43 homicides.

Headline photo: Richard Albert -Deceased


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  1. If it’s proven that the mother sent him go hide she should be charged with aiding and abetting. However I am not sure about the laws in St. Lucia.
    How could a mother condone a murderous son ..clearly if you are able to take an innocent person’s life and go on you are demon possessed and cursed beyond measure as well as your mother if proven.
    Word of caution …Lucians stop aramging car sales with random demons. Go to the dealership and make your respective purchase.

  2. As I’ve always said – ‘you kill, then you must hang’ – for a small Island it seems more are killed than giving birth; that’s not the worse, wait till the few graduates start leaving for a better way of life at the North. I saw something in Mexico that showed me, where the Tourists have been going, they get more Peso Vs Dollar and a heck less crime; all the Cops are loaded so you don’t mess with crime. (Also don’t mess with the 10 commandments; stop stealing & killing)

  3. Yeah gud job officers let them know that the investigators are doing their job restore some law in this country and weather u commit a crime and u have not been caught it May take fifty years we will find u and justice well be served, two in plenty more to come ……

  4. the police should arrest the mother to of the 17 year old cause she send him and hide down south, the damn situwez everything that child doing wrong that woman hiding him and cutting her neck is not him stealing people goat and all keep them inside and when police take them out yall have the audacity to come on news and say shate like the crap the sister of the one police killed some months ago i n la croix sakwe voler i HATE a thief with a passion.

  5. These young guys having illegal Guns in their posession being Rented to them by other Thugs To Committ Crime.This is what the choose to do an innocent Hard working Man .I don’t care with what people will say both of them Should be killed. Remanded eating tax payers money .When Someone Spend 25years at Bordelais Correctional Facility the Mercy Committee Will Recomend Parole .No one from Human Rights will say a word on this Incident

      • No better justice that having you suffer the same injustice you subjected another to. You must be benefitting from criminal activity.

      • You can believe the overrated crap this guy says, you don’t solve murder by becoming a murderer yourself. I ain’t gaining from any criminal stuff here, the politicians are.

      • you must be the biggest Jackass on here. what justice you talking about. are you from Mars? a few years in prison eating taxpayers money, well fed, meals on time. Idiots like Mary Francis pleading for them to come out to go back and commit even more crimes. That’s your version of Justice… SMFH

      • Like I said if your savings account means more, why do we have a justice system? Whats the point of it. If so just abolish our justice system and put execute on sight as the rule. I would hire your’ll to do the executions, that is our don’t care attitude in St. Lucia. If you are without sin go and kill all them!


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