Two Women Arrested in Castries After Fight Over a Man

Two women, aged 48 and 52, were arrested by the City Police Tuesday afternoon for unlawful fighting, a law enforcement source has said.

The two came to blows over a man, it has been reported.

According to the source, one of the women is from Bexon, while the other lives at Riviere Mitan, Gros Islet.

They were arrested on Victoria Street about 5:30 pm.

One of the women was reportedly armed with a knife, while the other had an empty beer bottle.

Both sustained what was described as minor bruises.



  1. Why do women continues to fight over Boys who acts like men?
    If the man love either one of them, there would be no reason for fighting, because there wouldn’t be another woman to fight. So women respect yourselves. You have a man he is sleeping with another woman, step out, you can do better, there’s a real man out there for you.

  2. You must have nastiness when a Government keeps a Minister who is exposed on the Internet. None in the cabinet say anything or they defend it like Sarah Flood who pretends to be a holy person. Fake people.

    • A house divided can never STAND ………
      I pray that St. Lucians will stop the hatred of other St. Lucians and work together for the COMMON GOOD of St. Lucia.

      We already are dealing with racism, biases, discrimination, ……. because of the colour of our skin. It will is get harder for us. Yet, we continue to fight amongst ourselves.

      I also wish the Government would do like Jamaica and pass a law Banning and charging anyone how post pictures of crime scenes and make derogatory statements about St. Lucia.

      When St. Lucia dries up like Haiti because of the bad behaviours, what will you say then? You will sit on the docks watching the sea as the ships go pass St. Lucia and plane don’t land anymore. That’s what you’ll be doing.

  3. Do like me my child father went to a funeral in St. Lucia. He had relation with my cousin. I just left his a**

  4. Look at the ages of these two women, well pass their youth. Is little wonder the young people are so immoral and defiant. The example is set by the adults and they just follow. The legacy that we are setting and leaving for our children is frightening. The present government is not in a position to speak out against the moral decay in society when they cuddle up, in Cabinet, with a man who preys on teenage girls. Every one of those Ministers, no exception, deserves our collective scorn and our everlasting wrath.

  5. What a waste of big women fighting . I thought this was schools days past. I guess the dude will help himself with another gal. Stupid fools women.

  6. Two old ladies just fighting for the money they were milking out of this guy,instead of getting together and forming a cooperative to keep on milking,the idiot.You see profesional ladies ,are cheaper ,they dont fight because they are smarter.and you get what you paid for.These other street ladies just like ro,ro

  7. Is your life worth risking when your partner is promiscuous. AIDS is still very real …no man or woman is worth your life.

  8. Grown women look at their ages young girls don’t even do that anymore come on shame on us . I am married for 12 years now my husband have another affair which i know and with who I never say a word to the woman which I see often and will never do I have plans for him the time that woman will finish him up , far less if I will fight for a man you all women step up have a bless one

  9. Lovely you made my day,that was great,I love you.That is life and you cant change it.Great darling keep it up.

  10. Smh. Ladies at your age you should be living your life like it’s golden and not fighting over a scumbag. I am sure he was somewhere with his half dead **** not even bothered that the 2 of you are fighting over his sorry ***. Not worth it. Stay classy!

  11. It was baby mama drama. Some women just don’t know how to let go when a man moves on. They use the child as a weapon against the man, they spread lies about the man even saying he not paying child support when he is and they harass the other woman. Baby mamas are a menace to other women everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Take pill,drink water,take off clothes,lie back and open the gate to stadium.Im OK with that,I will not take away your rights to practice your favourite sport.Enjoy,keep clean,wash with creolina,kills all bugs,even the petrified ones,stuck there.

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