Two Year Old Boy ‘Castrated’ In Botched Surgery

What was supposed to have been minor surgery with minimal risk has resulted in tragedy for a two year old boy.

The  two-year-old  has been left infertile after surgeons operated on the wrong testicle, the BBC reported, quoting the child’s family.

According to the BBC, the boy was admitted to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children earlier in the week to treat an undescended testicle.

He had one healthy testicle and one that did not function.

His father was quoted as saying thatsurgeons operated on the wrong one by mistake and have “castrated him”.

University Hospitals Bristol has apologised and said it has launched a serious incident investigation.

The boy’s father, whose name has not been used to protect his son’s identity, said his son’s undescended testicle was discovered during a routine check up.

The toddler boy was referred to a specialist and on Monday he was booked in for an operation at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

The family said they were told it was “just a minimal operation” with “minimal risk” and it would be over in around 30 minutes.

We were waiting and waiting,” his father said.

“After two and a half hours the manager, surgeons and consultants they came and I knew something was not right.

“Me and my wife started panicking, they called us into the office and told us things didn’t go right and the operation wasn’t a success.”


  1. Nurse forgot to mark the right egg,with permanent marker.How much will he get in court for the egg he lost?

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