U.S. Coast Guard Ends Search For Survivors Of Capsized Boat Near Puerto Rico

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On Monday, the U.S. Coast Guard announced the suspension of a  search for possible survivors after rescuing 38 individuals and finding 11 bodies when a boat capsized near Puerto Rico.

On Thursday, rescue efforts began after a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter spotted the capsized boat while on patrol.

The  vessel was carrying up to an estimated 75 people.

All eleven deceased were Haitian women, while responders rescued 36 Haitians and two Dominican Republic nationals.

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On its official Facebook page, the U.S. Coast Guard quoted Commander of the Coast Guard Sector San Juan Captain Gregory H. Magee as expressing heartfelt condolences to families, friends and loved ones of those who did not survive or remain missing.

Magee commended all the partner agency crews who responded, declaring that their bravery and actions helped save 38 people from almost certain death.

“These crews have done their utmost to ensure that if there were anymore survivors, that they would have had the best chance to be rescue,” the senior Coast Guard official stated.

Magee observed that, unfortunately, as the threat of illegal voyages continues, the Coast Guard could have to respond to similar events in the future.

“The dangers of these voyages are real, we see them everyday, people aboard grossly overloaded makeshift boats taking on water in high seas with little or no lifesaving equipment. These people are at the mercy of ruthless smugglers who are not concerned with their lives or safety. To anyone thinking of taking part of an illegal voyage, don’t take to the sea! It could just save your life,” he noted.


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  1. What we see today is the end result of hundreds of years of native black rule over its own people and the white landlords of other Lands not giving a damn about how their investment is made. We see the same in Central and South America. Some of us were told of the History of Caribbean natives, willingly accepting the offer to go by sailing vessels to different parts of Central America to work as Cane cutters and in Banana Plantations, in places like Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras and the Panama Canal. The case in Haiti is a sad, complicated and tragic if not unfortunate case which was left to its own demise to solve, it is not soled and here’s the catch, it cannot be solved on its own, so are we saying that, in order for a rebirth, would it require recolonization? it still wouldn’t work. Deep within the wound is a thought pattern, one that can’t be erased in a a generation or a life time. The infection is called ‘Voodoo’ and after years of trying with friends, all Graduates of some Top Univercities in North America, they wouldn’t condemn nor willingly participate in such. The blight on this poor Country, brought on by the domination of rulers of the dark arts, but while others, even a Catholic Priest who did try, got killed. Along with many other miseries, comes the ‘Drug trade, Narcotics of all description’ how can you win? I Pray for he Lord above to look down one day on these people.


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