U.S. Coast Guard Seizes Over 8000 Pounds Of Cocaine During 45-Day Caribbean Sea Patrol

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Before returning to its homeport in Pensacola, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless’ crew offloaded more than $243 million in illegal narcotics at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach earlier this month.

According to a release on the U.S Southern Command website, Dauntless’ crew seized approximately 8,500 pounds of cocaine.

In addition, the crew apprehended 13 suspected drug smugglers with Dominican Republic and Colombian nationalities following a 45-day patrol in the Caribbean Sea.

The Dauntless’ crew worked alongside multiple U.S. Coast Guard assets and international assets, including the HNLMS FRIESLAND of the Royal Netherlands Navy, to interdict the illegal drug smuggling ventures.

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The Dauntless is a 210-foot Reliance-class medium endurance cutter.

It patrols the Caribbean Sea and Eastern Pacific Ocean, performing counter-drug operations, migrant interdiction operations, search and rescue, and fisheries enforcement.

Headline photo from U.S. Southern Command website

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  2. Next door to a Coffee shop not too far from me is a shop selling Weed legally; the place always seem to be busy. Once I walked into a public washroom, a man dropped all his Cocaine on the dirty floor, he looked very nervous, non of my business, I peed washed my hands and left. I always wonder, what they do with all the Drugs they seize, burn it, bury it, sell it or what?

  3. I mean with all the tonnes and pounds of cocaine and marijuana being seized, which is a small fraction of what is not being intercepted, the question of who is consuming all of this is always at the top of my head. Is it that a vast majority of the populace are walking around and seeming to function all drugged up?

  4. That Mission Should be on a Daily Basis .The Caribbean waters have too much Drug Trafficking and Also Illegal Firearms and Ammunition


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