U.S. Court Sentences Man To Nearly Four Years For Trafficking Firearms To Saint Lucia

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Last month, a United States court sentenced a man to three years and ten months in prison for his scheme to sell almost 40 guns to a buyer in Saint Lucia.

United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams identified the man as Thomas Harris Jr., 29, of Croydon, PA.

In addition to prison time, the court also ordered three years of supervised release, according to the United States Department of Justice website.

In September 2020, the defendant was charged by Indictment with making false statements to a federal firearm licensee, dealing in firearms without a license, delivery of firearms to a common carrier without written notice, and smuggling goods from the United States.

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A Justice Department release said Harris purchased approximately 38 firearms in 12 transactions at two Bucks County gun shops between April 2019 and February 2020.

In addition, the release said he provided a false address as his residence on the required federal forms that he completed during each transaction.

“The defendant then illegally trafficked the guns to St. Lucia, a sovereign island nation in the West Indies, despite his not having a license to deal in firearms nor a license to export,” the release stated.

Federal agents intercepted One of Harris’s packages to Saint Lucia at the warehouse of a local shipping company.

They found firearms, including seven Glock semiautomatic pistols and over 800 rounds of ammunition, hidden among items such as diapers, cat litter, and laundry detergent.

” “We have a global reach. It doesn’t matter if you are breaking laws and illegally trafficking guns within your state, within this country, or around the world. We will bring you to justice,” Special Agent in Charge Jacqueline Maguire said regarding the case.

At the time of the arrest of Thomas Harris Jr. on the gun trafficking charges, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) said it liaised with investigators overseas on the case.

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  1. C-Wiz I think you got it right; a small militia, that’s enough to accomplish his lustful intentions for power. You will agree that on this little Blue Dot, time after time, little men with big hidden agendas, carefully seek out the weaker mortals available to carry out their hidden intents. Sorry to say, this Narcotic business is a conduit for making Billions, to buy power, to be seen as the boss, the big guy to deal with.
    If we are not careful, the road map for becoming a little Haiti, is paved with deception via local media, Racism, fake gifts as dept/rent forgiveness, promise of Condos on unproven grounds ect. Lucians must remove the blindfold and try to understand the play from behind the scene. Our P.M. PjP may know, but due to lack of decernment, was trapped and deceived with the posibility of being P.M. was trapped. The Bigot bought the Queen, Narcissus, the Deputy, he is the Boss without the ‘Crown’ well a hungry St. Lucia too weak to bother: so we need help; (I look to the Fater for our help) – C-WIZ my pal, you Don’t agree, but I do.

  2. Almost 40 guns? It appears someone is St Lucia was building a small militia….and there should be a formal investigation into the possibility that someone in St Lucia wanted to instigate a military coup….this is very serious. And the government should come out with a statement condemning this and bring down the full force of St Lucia’s law
    and law enforcement on the buyer….no wonder there are so many gun crimes in St Lucia…. Mr PM you should not let this go to rest easily until the police investigate what is going on here….this is a threat to our democracy and sovereignty…Where are these blind politicians ? Why are person or persons buying about 40 guns? We don’t have a hunting culture in St Lucia. Is the PM blind to that potential threat to St Lucia? Why has the PM not had a press release? ….to be honest, our leaders are blind….

  3. @ants…we know…this word is play on language……is same way we will say liars and not lawyers…ants go back under ur rock tun

  4. The importer? They know, bet you they were told; but they dare not say, too big a fish too high up in the ranks; why they never said who it was that ordered that killer to be let out of prison at Babonneau? one day, just one day, it will all be exposed.
    ( little St. Lucia – God listens to all Prayers; He loves us all )

  5. Why haven’t the police picked up the local buyer? We know that the weapons were concealed so the entire operation was illegal. If he is only serving forty-seven months Federal time for a crime of this magnitude, then he took a plea bargain. The penalty is 63-78 months. For a plea to occur, he would have to reveal his entire operation. Apparently, the Keystone cops are doing what they do best… nothing.

  6. I assume the barrel was addressed to someone. so did that person have license to buy gun from the US? does he/she have license to distribrute guns to people in st lucia? so how comes its just crickets from the police? whose friend, aunty, mother, father, man, husband, child involved in that? cause we know depending on who it is; we will never see any case.

  7. good now this is how real police do their work not like the crap we have going on down here cause I am sure the police down here maybe never asked who was the intended recipient so that they can as well arrest that person or bring that person to questioning in liaising with investigators overseas

  8. What about the “new” illegal guns legislation? I have been hearing about it for quite a few months. They are probably typing one letter a day.
    Whatever is in that legislation, it must include a provision for requesting extradition to St. Lucia. The bill must create fear, otherwise, we are wasting time.

    • The article did not say the seller is from slu only the buyer.

      It would be nice to know that the buy also got caught, for he would then be the seller in slu and part of the gun violence.

  9. Thats Light Sentence the Grudge gàve this Fool for these Offences.That Grudge got her Instfuctions From the St.Lucian Grudge .Thats a Slap on the Wrist

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