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U.S Official Says Saint Lucia, Caribbean Neighbours Are ‘Critical Partners’

Press Release:– CASTRIES, St. Lucia – David Bohigian, Acting President and Chief Executive Officer of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the U.S. Government’s development finance institution, visited St. Lucia, where he met with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and other senior government officials to discuss opportunities for U.S. investment in infrastructure, energy, water, and women’s empowerment as well as strengthen security cooperation in the region.

During his visit, Bohigian toured Vieux Fort, St. Lucia’s main point of entry, and Cul-de-Sac Bay, home to a crude oil marine terminal operated by Texas-based Buckeye with plans to expand into a container port.

All photos courtesy PM’s Facebook page

“St. Lucia and its Caribbean neighbors are critical partners in the United States’ mission support a more prosperous, secure Western Hemisphere,” said Bohigian.

“OPIC is committed to enhancing its engagement with the Caribbean to catalyze private sector investment, create economic opportunities that empower communities, and foster stability across the region.”

Bohigian is leading an OPIC delegation to the Caribbean to explore investment opportunities in energy and other critical sectors, and strengthen relationships with countries who are key partners in fostering stability and security in the Western Hemisphere. St. Lucia is the last stop of a five-country tour of the Caribbean that has included stops in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

OPIC’s current portfolio in the Caribbean includes more than $250 million invested across projects ranging from small business lending, power generation, agriculture, and low-income mortgage lending.

At a meeting with Caribbean leaders to discuss trade, energy investment, and security concerns, President Trump in March reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to working with its partners in the region to foster economic growth, counter predatory investment practices, and strengthen security cooperation.


  1. “Key partners” in a one dimentional relationship. The US doesn’t give a sh.t about us.

  2. I don’t care who does it or who finances it or where the hell the money comes from
    if these people want to invest,, let them. I for one would like to see Cul De Sac develop
    from a dead Bay, to a vibrant shipping/loading/unloading Bay, providing work and life
    in a long forgotten and redundant, but an absolutely beautiful haven to relieve Castries
    from its congestion, lacklustre, violence, depravity, traffic jam and housing shortage. So
    my friends, beggers can’t be choosers, we are just the head of a huge rock sticking out of
    the ocean made up of just a few Towns and villages, and by the Grace of God we’re here
    just waiting and hoping.
    I would like to see Vieux Fort Habour developed into a grand International alternate Port for
    the huge Cruise Liners, Beaches developed/expanded, ‘created’ where it has not yet existed
    and for heavens sake, shake V/Fort into life to help out the folks there. If you and I speak it
    by the grace of the Almighty, it will be created, and ‘HE’ will renew the face of the South, so I say it.

    • VERY VERY VERY well Said Fox!! Its about time our nation moved beyond. Major infrastructural development would bring huge fortune for all. We already have the natural beauty, so let’s throw in some mad made stuff. No one would be able to resist our shores after, trust me. WE would take first place. It’s no competition, but we need change. Overhaul the entire state!

  3. Yes, Fox and AVI, well said,haha. Not all that glitters is gold. What happened to the DSH project, wasnt that project designed to bring relief to the South, ????? Chastnet full of shit. You think Trump really care about us small island people. Now the jackass brayy. Nonsense choops

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