Judge Issues Gag Order In Botham Jean Case

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger had a procedural court hearing Tuesday morning in Dallas, it has been reported.

Guyger faces a murder charge in the shooting death of unarmed neighbor Botham Jean, who was killed in his own apartment on September 6, 2018.

According to NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, she and her attorney were at the Dallas County Frank Crowley Courts Building about 8 a.m.

Although Guyger was in the building, she did not appear in open court, the news channel said.

NBC 5 reported that Guyger’s  attorneys spent most of the morning with prosecutors behind closed doors in the judge’s chambers, where they hashed out details on media coverage of her upcoming trial.

It said  because of the extensive coverage of the case, the judge issued a gag order, noting that “as a result of statements made to, and published by, the press a serious and imminent threat to the constitutional right of the defendant herein to a fair trial exists.”

Guyger, 30, who is white, was originally charged with manslaughter  three days after Botham Jean’s fatal shooting.

But upon hearing the evidence, the grand jury opted  to indict Guyger on the more serious murder charge on November 30, 2018.

The former cop claimed she mistook  Botham Jean’s apartment for her own and thought he was a burglar.

According to the Dallas Morning News,  Attorney Daryl K. Washington, who represents Botham Jean’s family,  said he was at the courthouse Tuesday to be the “eyes and ears” for Jean’s parents and siblings.

Washington sat in the courtroom while the prosecutors and Guyger’s attorneys met with State District Judge Tammy Kemp, the newspaper reported.

“We are just hoping for a good result,” he said.


  1. The main thing is for this person to pay heavily for the wrongful death. Even when they are convicted and gets a long sentence, an appeal can erase that sentence. Hitting her in her pocket is the best way to get her to remember the devastation caused to the person and his family.

  2. “Guyger, 30, who is white, was originally charged with manslaughter three days after Botham Jean’s fatal shooting.” Why do things always have to be racially charged. Seems like a deliberate effort to fuel hate and anger.

  3. When she finishes her jail time,lets invite her to St Lucia for a holiday,we will all be waiting for her.Perra puta

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