UK National Is Saint Lucia’s First Coronavirus Case

A female national of the United Kingdom has been confirmed as Saint Lucia’s first Coronavirus case.

The confirmation came from Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George who said the positive result was obtained Friday afternoon.

“This case came in with a group and when they came in we did the necessary contact tracing for them. To date, none of the other persons who travelled with her have shown any signs and symptoms,” she told reporters.

“We do not have any evidence of in-country transmission and the persons who were in the company of this patient, none of them have developed any respiratory signs and symptoms – we are monitoring all of them,” the CMO told reporters.

Belmar-George said the patient was placed in isolation.

She described her condition as mild and stable, asserting that the Coronavirus victim is responding well to treatment.

“Although it is a suspect case we do the contact tracing and we do the isolation right away, so I just want to highlight that her isolation did not start today with the confirmation. She has been isolated from the time she entered our system with respiratory symptoms,” the CMO told the news conference.

The Chief Medical Officer said the patient was staying at a hotel here when she developed respiratory problems.

But she refused to be drawn into naming the resort.

“The patient  travelled from the 29th of February from Gatwick to Grenada on British Airways. From Grenada the patient spent seven nights in Grenada and then travelled from Grenada to Saint Lucia on the 7th of March on British Airways again,” Belmar-George stated.

She noted that Grenadian authorities have already been alerted.

According to the CMO, samples from two suspected cases have been dispatched to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) for testing.

Health and Wellness Minister Mary Isaac who also addressed Friday’s news conference gave the assurance that all is being done to ensure the health and safety of the Coronavirus patient and the public.

“We always stated that the health of our people in this country comes first and foremost,” Isaac told reporters.

She said it was understandable that the announcement of this country’s first Coronavirus case would arose everyone’s concern.

However the minister said there is no need for panic.

“My team at the Ministry of Health continues to work on all elements of our response to this first case and the possibility of further cases being diagnosed over time,” Isaac stated.


  1. So Grenada has it. The staff at the hotel probably has it. The people on the plane has it. Oh well. We’re all going to die sometime.

  2. The tongue we have in our mouth we have to be careful with it.So many videos circulating and voice note St Lucia has Corona virus. Well I guess these people don’t leave in St Lucia ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡จ Now every one is scared.what a life Peter will pay for Paul sad.

  3. Mary Isaac I don’t think you and the government of saint have st lucians at heart.we hear the news your’ll are aware of the vulnerable territories and still allow flights entering our country.yourll have placed our lives at risk and also your’ll loved ones.we don’t have the facilities for an outbreak so your’ll need to take all necessary steps.

    • Even mad man trump shut down flights from Wuhan the moment this thing started getting out of hand. But what you expect from a bunch of self serving clowns in this country?

  4. Now you see how idiotic your statement was yesterday Mary Isaac ? This woman could of pass Covid 19 to the numerous hotel workers who then can pass it on to their family. Our first case on Black friday no less

  5. You live and die by the almighty dollar. The issues are, you can stop the flights from England, but lost revenue which our economy depends on, or let the flights in and expose your citizens to the virus which we are unprepared for. Thatโ€™s the conundrum we find ourselves in when Tourism is our bread and butter. Money or your citizens health. Take your pick, we do know where this administration thinking is for now.

    • The cost of combating this will be greater than any revenue earned from tourism. Would you have a poor and non threatened country or a poorer and sick and dying country. Don’t forget our population have very high rates of all the underlying diseases that makes this thing deadly. Just hope this thing doesn’t get out of hand or the average man here is screwed.

  6. The plain fact is the high society don’t care about we the minority and we St.Lucians are also very ignorant n feel we better than each other cutting how much style but when it comes to life over death everybody turn fool. It’s been weeks since we heard right next door Martinique has corona wasn’t that too close for comfort. No protest to talk nothing to show the leaders yo y’all better know what y’all doing bcuz anytime one of our mothers die as a result of systematic negligence we’re gonna burn down this place beginning with the same ones who feed us the pain with panic. All those talking bout SLP and UWP. Check yourselves yo… all for one…one for all. 758 let’s show them.

    • Do you know the long term effects of this? Perhaps someone like you said the same thing when HIV started.

  7. Is the race on the 22nd going to be cancelled, too….yโ€™all cancel Gros Islet Friday night at the last hour, what about the horse race. That would be the true test of how serious this government is about protecting the citizens of this country

  8. It has been days some St Lucians asking for Corona virus I’m wondering if these people leaving in St Lucia for the sake for red and yellow now everyone is scared Peter paying for Paul.God is good ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡จ

  9. Please please ensure the staff involved at the hotel are placed on isolation precautions ..If they have family members and persons with whom they had contact.

    Linens were changed, house keeping was done and God knows what else. Donโ€™t leave no stone unturned the way does St. Lucia have an experienced Infectious Disease physician. How about PPE…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

    • I read in warm moist weather, the virus is rather inactive and donโ€™t spread easily and patients do recover faster too. So as long as the illness is with people with travel history and no cases from local spreading, we are all good. Letโ€™s pray this is the case.

  10. Well here we are we have it.Mary going to have a hell of a time explaining some miss haps.Now lets whatch how fast this multiplies.Shame how the super markets are raising their prices and people are shopping like its the end of the world.Schools should close from this weekend,all mass and public gatherings should be banned for the next three months because this is staying with us for a long haul

  11. If researched you will see that more people have recovered from the virus than have died and those who have died are more elderly persons with existing underlying problems. So still take precautions but do not panic my fellow lucians

    • Are u saying it’s ok to contract AIDS cause there,s better treatment available…yuh kulumunu!

  12. Government knows very well there’s more than one case on island. They’re trying not to cause mass hysteria but should have closed off all flights from England…All these governments care about is money and their pockets…unless ppl start dropping like flies in the streets they won’t do what needs to be done… returning national or not stay away. Don’t come to spread your sickness.

  13. I am due to travel from London to st Lucia in a few weeks. Rather than bring possible risk to my St Lucian friends I am seriously considering cancelling my trip. I am a regular visitor, so it is not the end of the world. Better to be safe than sorry, would never forgive myself if I was to place anyone at risk.
    There is always another time. Sta safe over there.

  14. Now cool it, don’t panic and watch what you say on here. We live on an Island surrounded by
    the cleanest sea water on this planet, blown over with the cleanest ocean breezes God created.
    Why panic? your faith is weak and I’m surprised at that. Here’s the thing – I wake every morning
    give praise and thank to the one who breathed life into me on day one. At night before going to
    bed I pray for St.Lucia and it’s leaders, irrespective of who. As a child I witnessed the healthiest
    citizens were the Fishermen and the Farmers who Tilled the soil to supply all of us with fresh fruit
    and vegetables. Most used ‘bush medicine’ when sick; no epidemic then. We are still blessed so
    I beg of you to cool it don’t panic. I have not been going to church for 3 yrs, I pray at home and I
    attend Gym 3 days a week 4 hrs each, sweat like a dog, eat lots of vegetable and fruit, I don’t ever
    think of being sick, but sadly, 99% of all friends I grew up with are gone to glory. I do pray for St.Lucia.

  15. Well it was so nice to see the city empty of cars you could through your car were ever you wanted on the boulevar,no parking problems.Super markets selling like crazy all of them.Sandals could be more honest with St Lucia,because this is bigger than you,and when this is over we will talk

  16. The latest I heard that rodney bay marina is closed to any vessels coming from martinique, if so be the case that’s a start,agree more should be done and faster too.lets see, a lot of tuff decisions have to be taken in quick time ,

  17. #The Fox…i was reading through to see if anyone stopped to speak about God. Kudos to you brother. If my people would humble themselves and prayer. We are Caribbean people. We all grew up knowing God and carrying our problems to Him. When hurricanes and earthquakes come we pray and praise God. When God’s people were at the mercy of the pharoah in Egypt they cried out to God. Through out history it is there. The greatest doctor is God. Put your faith in God pray that He will heal our lands and all the nation’s. If everyone prayed and ask God to show mercy he will. We have fallen away from giving prayer to God because we think things will always be good. Pray, Pray for your neighbours, for nation’s, seek forgiveness and pray.

  18. so endless hotels does close for tax reasons on the island and many lose their jobs as a result; why cant we suspend flights? we have to put restrictions in place and ban entry to the island. we are also a few hundred thousand people that live in close proximity with mother father, grandmother ect.. this could literally wipe out the whole island. decisions must be made

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