Saturday, February 22, 2020

UK Prisoners Being Tested For Coronavirus

Sky News:-  Two prisoners are being tested for coronavirus in Oxfordshire.

The men are inmates at HMP Bullingdon, near Bicester, and are being kept in isolation in their cells, Sky News can confirm.

Access is being restricted to one wing where the prisoners are.

The prison, which has capacity for 1,114 inmates, remains operational and Public Health England are on site helping to manage the situation.

HMP Bullingdon holds both prisoners on remand and who have been sentenced, as well as young adults between the ages of 18-21.

Eight people in the UK have been confirmed as having coronavirus, with the last four testing positive on Monday.

They are linked to Hove businessman Steve Walsh, who is believed to be a “superspreader” after 11 people he stayed in a French chalet with contracted the virus after he was infected in Singapore.

The latest coronavirus updates:

On Tuesday, 109 people died in mainland China, topping 100 for the first time and bringing the total to 1,016
There were 2,478 new confirmed cases on the mainland, down from 3,062 the day before, with the total at 42,638
Around the world 462 cases are confirmed in 27 countries, with a death in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines
As of 2pm on Tuesday, the UK had tested 1,358 people – 244 more than Monday – with eight positive
A block of flats in Hong Kong was evacuated after two cases, raising suspicion the virus was spreading through plumbing
Nearly 4,000 foreign nationals from around the world have been evacuated from Wuhan
A total of 35 airlines have cancelled or suspended flights to China, or some Chinese cities
On a quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama 135 cases are confirmed out of 3,711 passengers and crew
European and US shares rose to a record high as investors assessed how quickly China’s factories could return to work
More than 300 Chinese firms are seeking bank loans of at least 57.4bn yuan (£6.38bn) to soften the virus’ impact.

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