Ukraine War Squeezes Food Supplies, Drives Up Prices, Threatens Vulnerable Nations

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Kicking off a three-day meeting on Friday on the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its wider impact on food and energy prices, the head of the UN agriculture agency outlined key ways for governments to help safeguard global food security.

Under the theme Securing Global Food Security in Times of Crisis, QU Dongyu, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General, told agriculture ministers from G7 wealthy nations gathered in Stuttgart, Germany, that the most significant threats stem from conflict, and the associated humanitarian impact, together with multiple overlapping crises.

“Crisis represents a challenge for food security for many countries, and especially for low‑income food import dependent countries and vulnerable population groups,” he said.

A grim overview

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Based on the Global Food Crises Report released on 4 May, last year around 193 million people in 53 countries/territories were officially in the Crisis phase, or worse.

Other 2021 data revealed that 570,000 people in four countries were in the category of Catastrophe phase.

Just over 39 million in 36 countries faced Emergency conditions while just above 133 million in 41 countries were in IPC/CH Phase 3. A total of 236.2 million people in 41 countries were living in Phase 2 conditions.

“Price increases always have food security implications, particularly for the poorest,” Mr. Qu reminded.

Emergency and recovery

On top of already “high prices driven by robust demand and high input costs” resulting from COVID-19 recovery, the FAO chief noted Ukraine and Russia as important players in global commodity markets, explaining that uncertainty surrounding the war has prompted further price increases.

Wheat, maize, and oilseed prices have surged in particular.

At 160 points, the FAO Food Price Index reached its highest level ever in March, averaged 158.2 points in April and remains today at a historical high.

Mr. Qu said FAO’s proposed Food Import Financing Facility would be an important tool for easing the burden of rising food import and input costs, potentially benefitting 1.8 billion people, across 61 of the most vulnerable countries.

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  1. Man watch and read current events and stop talking nonsense. They are getting billions in weapons to fight larger,more superior army. They curse of a Caribbean education, very little analyzing and comprehending

  2. It’s almost as if the US is trying to make ppl believe Russia Bad,Ukraine Good & the news stations have been pushing that rhetoric…The US was willing to spend $54 Billion in just 2 months for this war whilst their own citizens are going through some sort of recession.The Caribbean is also suffering from lack of goods & high fuel prices amongst other things…So we the regular citizens suffer & the Government officials & even their employees catch a break? (Still don’t see why Government employees/First responders got a break through customs on ordering a vehicle,what about the common man wanting to buy a lil car to do maybe a job or for transportation? Now I’m hearing Retired Government employees catching a break through NIS too? Like what nonsense is this?

    • So i guess in your world with your god someone killing innocent people is not evil well guess what now you and your family will suffer because of an antichrist actions. A new commandment I give to you ” love one another just as I love you”

  3. Meanwhile all the US and other nations can do is send billions in weapons. It’s obvious they don’t want this war to end, they just want to keep propping up Zelensky and the government they formed after the coup they organized


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