Ukrainians In Martinique Urge End To Russian Invasion Of Their Country

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On Saturday, Ukrainians living in Martinique and their supporters held a demonstration in Fort-de-France calling for an end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, drawing condemnation from many countries and prompting Western governments to impose wide-ranging sanctions against Moscow.

Wealthy Russian business leaders, considered close to the Kremlin, have also been the target of sanctions as the battle for Ukraine rages on.

And the United Nations says more than two million people have now fled Ukraine because of the Russian invasion.

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While Ukrainians in Martinique, part of a group of some 50 people, gathered in the capital of the French Caribbean Island for a march urging an end to the conflict, Ukraine civilian fighters and residents in the capital were preparing for a major attack.

According to international media reports, Russian forces had surrounded the city with troops and artillery just kilometres away.

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  1. Why do the Western countries and America hate Russia and black people so much. There is a Mighty Power in the universe who is in control. When He is ready. He will do his strange act.

  2. Looks like the powers-that-be are losing control of the narrative; which is increasingly being revealed to be FAKE!

    Per Marley:
    “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time!”

    • It’s heartbreaking what the ordinary, guiltless people of Ukraine are going through while the powers-that-be scheme and strategize to stoke wars just to give Western economies a post-covid boost via manufacture and sale of arms. That’s the main agenda for their war-first-peace-later narrative, and usual tactic is bombing some poor place or stoking a war somewhere, to make some elites super rich and test new weapons or their war strategy. No concern for how many people get killed or displaced into long-term misery. Plus we are in the age of imposition of progressive wokism on everybody, everywhere. They want to take down Putin because he has spoken openly in opposition to things like a homosexualist world view and sex change hormones and surgeries for a statistically impossible percentage of little children without informing their parents. NATO politicians like Trudeau in Canada, Biden in the USA and Boris Johnson in the UK might have a wider war in mind in order to distract from their low ratings and scandals at home threatening their political future. How Black, Indian and Middle Eastern people were treated trying to flee a war zone in Ukraine is sadly a reflection of the true loathing for Blacks and Africa by significant pockets of Westerners. Please, google this story headline that is currently on several news sites:
      Russian footholds in Mideast, Africa raise threat to NATO

      And decide for yourself if Africa may be or already is the next NATO target for a war of distraction to maintain superiority and grow the economies of Westerners.

      • I sincerely believe Putin stared down the abyss of what the globalists planned and he decided he is not going along. I truly hope he wins. We don’t need a world dominated by US/Euro centric ideals. They are the ones who brought us World War1, World War 2, Genocide of Native Americans, Genocide of Meso Americans, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Mid East Wars, Nazism, Fascism, imperialism, Homo-sexuality and the list goes on. This is an ungodly cabal that have nothing but the worst of intentions for humanity. The further we can distance ourselves from them the better.

  3. Syrians in Trinidad urge end to US occupation of Northeast of their country.
    Yemenis in USA urge end to daily Saudi led US backed bombing of the country
    Libyans in London urge NATO to reconstruct the water pipelines bombed by them in their quest to oust Gaddafi

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