UN Urges The Bahamas To Stop Deporting Haitians

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has called on the Bahamas to refrain from deporting Haitians.

The Bahamas, which is still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian on September 1, 2019, this month deported 112 Haitians.

The move came after Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis warned illegal migrants that they had the choice of either leaving voluntarily or being forced to leave.

As reported by CMC News, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called in a statement  for the Bahamas to refrain from deporting individuals who lack documentation, without the individual assessments and due process guarantees to which they are entitled under international law.

It has been noted  that many of the Haitians lived in informal settlements that were destroyed by the hurricane, losing their documents, jobs, and belongings.

Rights Bahamas has fully endorsed the call for the Bahamas government to suspend deportations to Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, according to Eyewitness News.

It quoted the Bahamas Human Rights group as saying in a statement that it is the height of irony that a country newly elected to the UN’s Human Rights Council should have to be dressed down in ‘this embarrassing fashion’  for its aggressive, inhumane and intolerant behavior in the face of a humanitarian crisis.

“We should be working to help all victims of the storm, not heaping further misery on those who are most vulnerable,” the statement quoted by Eyewitness News said.

Bahamian authorities had initially been quoted as saying that  immigration enforcement activities would be suspended in the affected islands.

But it was observed that the position was publicly reversed at the end of September when it was announced that all migrants without valid documents would be apprehended and deported.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported last month that Haitians in the Bahamas are scorned and associated with illegal status, poverty, lack of education and violence.

Since Hurricane Dorian, social media fueled the fires of prejudice and bias. Posts denigrating Haitians and blaming them for looting and violence have been a frequent theme,  according to an article in the publication.


  1. Well well well. It had to take an organization headed by white men to tell us black people that what we are doing to the Haitians, black people like us is wrong. Minnis,Innis or whatever your name is, you are an embarrassment to your own race and Bahamas on the whole.

    • Gerard O Boyce, The Right Hounorable Prime Minister of The Bahamas is doing his job, the Bahamas has rules and regulations and a Consitution on which we are governed by. This tiny nation cannot sustain the illegals that come illegally they are a strain. They come ilegal, squat illegally on other peoples property , live in squalor conditions, and then try to take over and tell us how to govern our country. The Bahamas government will do what is in the best interest for it’s citizens. Thank you very much. When you are on the outside looking in you can say anything untill the shoes is are on your feet. #bahamasforbahamians #bahamiansfirst

      • It sad and stupid of the Bahamas let look history of our ancestors we all one black peoples from African not Bahamian or hation that where the slave master drop off our ancestors but some of black have slack of. Knowledge of self and history

      • I agree with you 100 percent.. cause here in America we’re having that same problem with illegal immigrants.Very well said.

      • What is the rest of the world said Bahamas for Bahamian and left you all a** to suffer after Dorian? This is some nasty bull**** attitude that will come back to bite you all in the a**.

      • Bohemians are hypocrites. They think they are not black,not in the Cariibean and deserve every but if wrath from the Lord. Haiti was the first to arrive post the system ravaged you all. Haitians have cleaned your shit babysit your children and cared for your elderly. Bahamians are like white slave masters. Don’t cry Haitians for God has promised to gather his children from the four corners of the earth and restore them to their glory. You Bahamians shall see their valleys rise and your already flattened land mass be further engulfed by the wave of his wrath.

      • Well said Sshawe , the UN personels are people just like you and I ,..imperfect,…capable of making wrong judgement without proper information . The Bahamas have rules and laws that must be abide by..if the UN suggest that illegals have rights into any country they go without any proper authorization then they are not law abiding individuals… Haiti have eleven million people a next three hundred thousand would over take the Bahamian population. And would not be notice in Haiti our sovereignty is at stake . control is the key ..

      • Bahamas for Bahamians? Really now nigger? Let’s see the Bahamas recover without the assistance of CariCom. Prejudice as nigger. Let’s analyze the facts, first and foremost this disaster has become an opportunity for your government to put blame on Hatians for looting and such but let’s face it, you Bahamians are also thieves and all manners of evil. Secondly, the UN is is trying to let you ignorant bunches view this from a legal aspect. Apparently, some Haitians may has lost forms of documentation due to the hurricane. Shallow minded and stupid

      • Oh really now? ” Bahamas for Bahamians” ignorant ass niggers in the Bahamas tginking they are God. Have you ever heard of CariCom? After this statement, shold every country be for themselves and then refuse to help the Bahamas to recover? Bahamians ain’t shit

      • I agree with you. I am a Bahamian and I watch our small nation being taking over everyday by unlawful illegal immigrants. America is a large country and they themselves can’t handle the illegal immigrant problems. So why is UN expecting the Bahamas to handle this problem. If they care so much why don’t they fund the illegal Haitians and help them get their country together so they would have a home and stop running from Haiti. I could go on and on but I will stop here.

      • Please what blinking rules 🤯🤯what if the table around, and u was in they shoes how would you feel ,u lost every thing, home and all, am from grand Bahamas and I hate what this Prime minister OF A JACK DONKEY 😥😥

    • The UN Peace keepers just left Haiti or was asked to leave after 15 years of doing nothing to help that Country, they robbed and raped the women and men, they made Haiti worse off than they met it. The Bahamas is a Sovereign Nation with laws, we have a right to protect our borders from any illegals. We have done more than any Country for the Haitians than any other country. We need to do what the Dominican Republic did, revoke their citizenship and send them home, didn’t hear the UN then. These people are planning
      A coup d’état like they did in the Dominican. How could you come in another Nation and dedicate to the leaders your wants and needs. A nation that forget God will be turn into hell. Haitians are their own worse nightmare, they were corrupt from their Independence, they should be leading by example being independent for over 200 years. Who don’t like are laws stay in your own country. Bless is the Nation whose God is Lord, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Y’all bunch of jealous people

    • They were doing it in the1970s and they still are.The government needs to concentrate more on looking after All it’s people.And stop immigrant bashing!

  2. Why do us white’s have to take in black’s when you black’s don’t want black’s? Done with little to no “outcry” That’s because you can’t play the racism card, that’s why! If it was white’s pushing them out. HELL TO PAY

    • Black people thats how the white world sees this situation. Why do we continue to be our own worst enemies? Talk about mental illness!

    • Shut the **** up! pale faces have reobbed, raped and pillage. They stole Australia, Canada, the USA , New Zealand and renamed these countries. we dont forget. their history. go back to your damn section.

  3. What is CARICOM doing about this heartwrenching situation? Nothing! This regional organization is complicit by its thunderous silence. We have been getting these constant reports about the horrific and demeaning treatment meted out to the hapless Haitians not only by the ordinary Bahamian but by the government. My tecommendation is to stop all regional and international aid, donations and assistance to this wicked government until theycompletely end their atrocious policy of hunting down the Haitians like wild animals to be discarded. This particular country has very little use or connection to the other Caribbean countries. They hate us with a passion. They have roundly rejected CSME for the free movement of goods, services and people from CARICOM countries. Teach them a lesson that we either unite and work together for our very survival or stay separated and die. They are a pompous, ego-driven set of people with narcissistic attitudes.

    • What country are you from in The Caribbean… ?because you failed to mention it… …Oh well…

      Evidently you know very little about Bahamians. Bahamians are not a violent people, nor Pompus people..we are a very laid back and passive set of people….we generally prefer to avoid unnecessary conflict.

      However, only in The Bahamas are the illegal Haitian Immigrants arguing when they know they are illegal. How can I go to the USA, stay Illegally for years without filing papers and still have the right to make noise about being deported. Its ridiculous.

      As.long as a Hatian National is Legal He/She has a RIGHT to live freely in The Bahamas. If He/She has.no legal right to be here…. Go Home!

      I have alot of Hatian friends who took the time to follow the laws of the land and apply for residency or citizenship. They work and contribute like everyone else. They are as much a Bahamian as I am… but they obeyed the laws of the land… the others should do the same!

      • The murder rate is high in the Bahamas. So much about peaceful, laid back people. I know how you guys treat Jamaicans and citizens of other Caribbean countries. You are an arrogant set of xenophobic people. You just don’t kick people (Haitians) when they are at their lowest ebb. Some of these people have lost their documents in the storm. As someone said, the Haitian took care of your homes, children, parents and grand parents. They have clean your people’s derriere, toilets, untidy kitchens, dirty bathrooms but you show no appreciation. You do not deserve even an iota of assistance. Most of you are just wicked and evil. This is Karma with a message, “Humble yourselves.” Any further assistance should be contingent on how you treat the poor, helpless, vulnerable Haitians. Your obnoxious behavior of the Haitians and other Caribbean nationals is both disgusting and disturbing. Go bruise your knees in penitence.

  4. Having lived in the Bahamas for a year designing a health project I can attest to the poor treatment of Haitians. They were pulled from local buses by Royal Defense Forces & beaten with buttons among other forms of violence. The treatment they receive is inhumane & brutal!

    • This is a bold face, tasteless & dangerous lie. For one the Dept of Immigration is charged with Immigration law enforcement in The Bahamas not The Defence Force. There is wide spread support nationally & internationally for Haitians in the Bahamas. Sadly we have a thriving illegal Haitian population. The Bahamas has a noose around its neck & has been forced to accomodate migrants. I have only ever lived in The Bahamas & can say 30 to 40% of our population consist of illegals. The report reeks of bias. Never mind the national security & resources strain placed on the Bahamian citizen, when Haitians have taken over where do Bahamians go?

      • Ricky Runs, you are an inveterate liar. This deep seated hatred for Haitians and other citizens of the Caribbean by Bahamians goes back decades. Recently, I had a conversation with someone who worked on a cruise ship. He said when the ship made a call to the Bahamas, he alighted the ship and went to explore the country. Some Bahamians mistook him for a Jamaican and rained glass bottles at him. He had to run to save his life but sustained a huge gash from the one of the many broken bottles that was thrown at him. He had to seek medical attention at a hospital. Only rats and human beings kill their own species en masse. There are too many rat-like people in the Bahamas. Amend your heartless, wicked ways.

    • Where in the Bahamas have you seen this and why have you not reported this to the proper authority. It is wrong to spread this type of information that was witnessed and you did nothing. I am sick and tired of people getting into the affairs of our country. Who is telling the president of the United states of the inhumane treatment when children are separated from parents during illegals being round up. I know that the world may think we are inhumane but there are too many illegals in our country not only Haitians but other nationals but the Haitians make up the majority. We need to get these persons back where they belong. I don’t condone mistreatment but please allow our government to do it’s job. The USA can house all of them if they want. Why not ask them if they want to do us this humanitarian favor.

    • Unsubstantiated fabrications…Pray tell, did you also see Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and mermaids while residing in the Bahamas?

  5. I’m not in support of illegal migration, but considering circumstances and conditions alot of these persons are running away from, (call me young, foolish and naive) couldn’t some vetting process be implemented to filter the ones who could make valuable citizens? These poor children! I’m am certain some of these people though illegal, tried their best for a better life, just like many of us islanders have done in Canada, U.S and UK.

    • Did you seek to illegally sneak or reside in any of the aforementioned countries Applelonia? I’m sure there was a process …do you fully understand the huge challenge that the government faces just integrating and restoring for those who have rights and legally reside on the affected islands?

  6. Why only Haitians, there are other nationals from other countries there as well. I know that there are Jamaican , Guyana, and others there who over stayed their welcome. I understand the pm doing his job, so then, that job should be for all who overstayed!

    • But in the bahamas you dont hear the other nationalities doing any crime they are abiding by the law,and i feel if you can come in the country and pay rent and uphold the laws of environments it will not be all this talks about the hatian most of them are very violent people and they would live in any conditions.

      • Most voilent …….really!!!? i live in the Bahamas and i can attrest that all criminals brought before the courts for voilent crimes are bahamians

    • Every foreign illegal immigrant will be deported. Our borders needs to be protected point blank. I support my bahamian government in this extradition process.

    • Yes there are others but their aim is not to take over by trying to over load the Country with children. The Jamaican prime minister said He cannot handle all of them its draining the Jamaican economy other Caribbean country are having the same problem with migrant, look at Mexico, the Bahamas is a Dot on the map how much can this Country handle. Why don’t leaders from around the world go into Haiti and deal with the Haitian leader and make him do for it’s people what their trying to get out our government to do, Other leaders our putting their citizens first. It’s our time now. We need to stop using the race card it’s not that at all. If you don’t take care of your Country you won’t take care of mines. Look at the Map God never intended to have 2 Haiti if its 51 of them and 49 of us, it’s another Haiti. Let us help them by helping them stay home and build their great Country. Haiti. Bless is the Nation who’s God is the Lord. The Bahamas is a . On the Big Map.

  7. It’s very sad when we as black people welcome the white no matter what they do to us, and then now you the Government of the Bahamas is turning around and treating our own black people like nothing. I will love to see the day when all tourists decided to stop coming to the Bahamas then let’s see how you all going to make it. Let’s have all the expacts leave let’s see how many of you can keep up with your bank loans to pay for your many apartments you borrowed money to build by the same black people you treating like no body.

    • Because the Tourist is not a burden to our country like you say they are helping us more than pulling us down so why all this NEGATIVITY ain’t going to the GOVERNMENT of Haiti that’s who everyone who want better for the HAITIAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE ADDRESSING YOU TALKING TO THE WRONG PEOPLE

      • Always some sob story about how they were wronged 🤦🏿‍♂️…what the hell is an “expact”…

    • Stop President Trump and the U.S from building the wall then come talk to the Bahamas. I see this post shows how many outlaws are sitting silently in America and bashing the Bahamas. Why aren’t you people spewing your contempt towards the UN and Haiti’s government and people who would not allow proper governance. You talk about unfairness you curse a country and call for God’s wrath at the same time. I tell you blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Our land is littered with illegals all should be sent back if they are here illegally if not then what’s the purpose of borders ? We must reestablish the balance in our country it’s a tough decision because there are foreigners here who are here legally but for years those illegals had opportunities to get status. If they are legal their status would be on record whether they lost documentation or not during the storm. Our country is not barbaric we love law abiding foreigners. When you have foreigners plotting to overthrow a government then those foreigners create a sealed fate. Haitians must speak to their own people and discourage them against acts of aggression in the Bahamas if they don’t then they’ll cause a national panic this will foster the government to act in the best interest of its citizens. Would Haitian plot on such a coo in America or Britain? No because they’d be shipped out.

    • The Bahamas is a very small Island, your Country time will come let’s see if your heart will change. Even the US is experiencing the drain on the School and Hospital system. Let’s use wisdom how much do you think is being used to build this economy financially from Haitians from what is sent out. If you don’t have facts be quiet. Only in the Bahamas can people come and put up houses any where they wish, free water free education free health care. I can’t do it in Haiti or Jamaica or America. Be careful what you wish on the Bahamas It just might come back to you. I repent for whatever we did wrong to any foreigner including you I’m truly sorry. But God give land to us we are the Stewards responsible for keeping it. We love them our leaders was good to them look at the citizenships given out and compare it to other Caribbean countries towards immigrant’s. So why now are we being criticized for what the past, and Now leader is not doing for it’s people. Our Prime minister is not the leader of Haiti address Haiti’s leaders he’s getting away with the burden what people expect our Government to carry. You’ll making him laugh knowing it’s his responsibility being put on someone else. Countries was reaching out to Haiti for years what was done with it, Everyone around the world gave after the Earth Quake what was it use for. Leaders from around the world including the UN help Haiti prime minister, teach Him how to lead and govern that Country resources. They have more to sustain them than many.

  8. Why do everyone feel like they need to run the Bahamas by telling our government what he should be doing? I don’t hear people talking to Trump about illegal immigrants. I don’t see nobody trying to get in the business of North/South Korea. Nobody wants to tell Hong Kong what to do. What about Dominican Republic? Or maybe even closer Haiti. If my house was being destroy or destroyed, wouldn’t you tell me go and fix and protect my own house? Or would you say go illegally in some else house even if they already full 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. You’ll better stop out there talking nonsense. Many of these Haitians are here illegally. And they are trying to make a better life for themselves but My God don’t evade our small country. This is all our Bahamians have. If some thing should happen to us where the hell we have to run? Besides you’ll talking about in Humane treatment why the hell you’ll ain’t in Haiti complaining when those Haitian police shot them down like dogs in the streets. We are a Christian nation and God himself stated that a nation that put away God should be curse and anyone who inhabit them should be curse. Sent them back to Haiti!!!!

    • Very true imagine Haiti have over seven million people , let’s say that the Bahamas allow half of a million find illegal resident in the Bahamas the quarter of a million Bahamian would easily be ousted from their home ,, where as Haiti would not even mist that small amount the Bahamas need to take action now before it happens,..law is law and rules are rule…soon Bahamian s will be running the same way they’re doing….

  10. The Prime Minister was elected to do a job for the citizens of the Bahamas, not the Illegals and not the United Nations. Bahamians are being relegated to the back of the line for Haitians. If they dont like the treatment they are getting then go some place else, and this applies to all immigrants, not Just Haitians. 90% of hurricane supplies are going to Haitians, because they are pushy and greedy. They got most of the genetators and enought water to float a cruise ship to Haiti. I am tired of all this BS of mistreating haitians. Bahamians are mistrreated by being forced to bear the burden of their free medical care and free education and they have the nerve to complain? They will squat on your land and steal it from you and we as Bahamians are supposed to sit by and do nothing? The Devil is a liar. Get out of the kitchen if they cant take the heat. None of the migrants from other counteies are as aggressive as Haitans. They like the phrase “Its more of us than them”. If the truth be known, there are more Haitans than Bahamian and we are tired of their aggressive and bad attitude. The Prime Minister better do his job if he has any interest in a second term. He was elected by the Bamanian people, not the U.N., and not the Human Rights organization. Do your Job Mr. Prime Minister. Enforce our constitution, and protect our country.


  11. Haitians choose to travel to the Bahamas to be closer to the USA border,were they are hoping and waiting ,to get the ride across the water,to enter the USA that is their only goal and motive for being there.If you enter the Bahamas and stay there,you brake the law,the same law we have in St Lucia,and you should be deported,sorry to say.Dosent matter the race or the colour,te fuistes

    • If Bahamians choose to go to a foreign country and over stay their time, they should be deported back to the Bahamas. Haitians have been living in this country since I was a child. The Bahamas government gave them the choice to become citizens if they were here before 1973. Those who come after, need proper documents, and are responsible to extent their visit via our immigration policies like every other country. Many of us have bonded with Haitian families, and signed for their family members to live in the Bahamas.
      When u live in a country, you must pay taxes like the citizens, and comply with the laws of that country.

    • Preach bro. This has nothing to do with race. Check this out though, one person pays for electrical & cable legally, then connects an entire village up illegally. This is real bull****, and as an abiding citizen, I have to pay my Bills, “that devil is a liar,” get straight or be deported.

  12. First of all if you’re not a Bahamian nor do you live the Bahamas you should not even be commenting! This is not your concern! Secondly, for years the Bahamian government has been struggling to deport illegal Haitian immigrants with not much success. These people come to our country with bad/arrogant attitudes threatening to take over! They squat on our lands and prefer to live in bushes/inhumane conditions where they don’t have to pay rent, electricity taxes, etc. It has nothing to do with race! The same way the US & every other country has laws for illegal immigrants so do we. It’s sad that they’re having to be deported during a tragic time like post Dorian but the Bahamas is deeply suffering & fighting to restore itself for its people. But what’s more saddening is that even after being hit by this massive hurricane, these same Haitians that were living illegally, instead of humbling themselves they got even more arrogant and violent and started looting and claiming to conquer the island from its very own people that allowed them to remain there illegally in the first place. Like come on!!! You people on the outside looking in judging should just mind your business or become the solution to the deported and open your doors to house the illegal Haitians being deported!


  13. What people fail to realize is that every “Legal” person in The Bahamas has a National I.D number including newborn babies. In the U.S it is called a Social Security number. That number like a social security number is found in the national data base. All Legal Immigrants including Haitians that have a working or residential status have a National I.D number. So whether their legal documents were lost in the hurricane or not, their information could still be found in The National Insurance Board database.
    Now there are several immigrants that refuse to contribute to National Insurance, yet they went to the N.I.B headquarters in droves to benefit from a service to which they refuse to contribute… when Bahamians who’ve been contributing all of their lives and are registered in the National Database are having problems getting assistance.
    It is not true that Hatian children are not afforded an education because the public school contain a ratio of 5:1 Haitian child to Bahamian. All children are afforded an education in The Bahamas and Healthcare. When a Bahamian has to pay to register at the public hospital, Haitian nationals are seen time and time over obtaining free services.
    I don’t know of anywhere in the world a Bahamian citizen could go and obtain free services.
    In Canada if a non-Canadian has to attend Dr he/she has to pay for the service without exception.
    Bahamians found staying in the USA without proper documentation are deported without leniency.
    The Bahamas(Bahamians) don’t have a problem with Haitians…. The problem is with undocumented illegal Haitians, Cubans, Chinese etc.
    I can not illegally migrate to The USA or Canada and live freely. Beyond a shadow of a doubt I would be deported almost immediately and those countries are large enough to maintain an influx of immigrants… yet they will deport you, no additional questions asked…..
    If you over stay 3- 6 months in the USA you will be deported and denied future entrance into the country….Why is there always a double standard for some countries while a small country is being bashed for sending back illegal immigrants to their own home…
    Yes there was a natural disaster and it is sad but most of the Haitian nationals living in those shanty towns were not documented individuals. Which means that they were in The Bahamas Illegally. They were not registered, nor in the process of obtaining residency.
    At the same time it must be hard on them as it is hard on Bahamians who suffered lost during Dorian to regain some degree of normalcy. However, it doesn’t change the fact that many Hatian nationals were in The Bahamas illegally?

    Illegal Immigration is the issue and nothing else…


  14. The United Nations have their big office in NY they don’t have the problem with the haitian nationals ,so why don’t they send a plane to the Bahamas and take them to their office in NY.

  15. Mr prime minister send these illegals back to haiti before the next general election the haitians did not put you in power the bahamians did so your obligation is to the bahamians period

  16. The Bahamas just had a massive hurricane when the us say they was going to help the Bahamas trump send a lot of people back because he knew Haitians were in the mix SO WHY every other country dont want these people and the Bahamas must have them when the Cuban go to the United states they have wet foot dry foot when the Haitian do the same they have to go home so what is the difference they still treat them the same I am not against them because they are human but if we dont put a stop NOW the Bahamas will be Big Haiti PLEASE STOP TELLING THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BAHAMAS HOW TO RUN THIS COUNTRY…he have to deal with the business and the people of this little SMALL NATION when people pay thousands and millions for their homes and can’t open their there windows because of foul odor coming from bushes in the back of their homes it is inhuman when you go to the clinic and hospital you have to spend the whole day because we have to many of these people there getting free service I was in the Us some yests ago got sick and I had to use my shopping

  17. Every country in the world has rules to abide by why we have to be have expectations to the rule no paper plzzzz go home

  18. This situation in its entirety is one big huge mess that will never sort out in any meaningful nor satisfactory way to either sides of this matter. The Haitians were used for low labor (which they all blindly bought into themselves), now that labor have declined and Bahamians in large records are jobless, this situation (that have always been a problem for the citizenry) have suddenly become a bigger problem for both the Haitians and the FNM government. There is no solution nor plan to effectively remedy this momath challenge, except to make it up as you go and make a lot of mistakes and enemies along the way from both sides and the outside. Take a look at the comments in this article. The result is not going well at all, except making enemies and getting no where fast.

  19. Sad situation, i cannot in fairness lambast the Bahamian government because if St.Lucia was in a similar situation I’m 100% sure we would do the same thing or worse.

  20. I would hope that all the attention will help to bring awareness to conditions in Haiti. The foreign nationals who are concerned with Bahamian politics should diligently advocat for changes to The condition of Haitian and their political system. The issues in Haiti need to be addressed in Haiti and at the UN level.Problem is no nation wants to truly help Haiti. The Bahamain government have a mandat to address the issues in the Bahamas. The growing numbers of Haitians in the Bahamas need some structural regulations. This is not a complex issue.

  21. I have an idea, we find out how many other Caribbean nations are willing to take on some of the Haitian populous that migrated illegally and we share the responsibility of our Haitian brothers and sisters, so many have much to say but I see no invitation to this migrant group. Put up or shut up. Either you assist and as Caribbean countries we equally take care of our neighbors or fall back and stop offering unsolicited opinions.

  22. Gawd! Sick’n’tired of niggers wanting to invade developed white countries. Stay where you are and try to make it a better place.

    • Your ancestors are known for robbing and looting. the only white country on earth is a small part of europe. go the hell back there. you stinky dog!

  23. The UN must be mad. The Bahamas is a country of 400,000 people with limited resources and just hit by one of the destructive hurricanes in history. Haiti has a population of 10 million how can the Bahamas open it’s borders to them that is madness. If the UN wants to help give Haiti 5 billion to help develop the social and economic welfare of Haiti and let them stay at home.

    • Finally, someone with logic and sense …at the end of the day it has nothing to do with Bahamians NOT Bohemians,( to that one ignoramus) being discriminatory towards the Haitian population…like any civilized, developed country there are laws that we are all governed by…the only means to sustain this civility is by the enforcing of these laws…Many of these individuals have resided here illegally for years, and yes the Government is to blame for allowing this to continue for so long, however the law is the law and for the betterment of those who are here lawfully and who wish their heirs to benefit from what is rightfully theirs, they must do what they deem necessary to correct prior missteps. The Bahamas belongs to any individual who has LEGALLY made provisions to be here.

  24. Honestly, I dont see how Americans got time to focus on anything anywhere else in the world when they got so much of their own racis s*** going on rite at home.fix yourselves then try to fix someone else.

  25. Americans should be busy fixing it’s own racis problems instead of focusing on the Bahamas government defending its citizens from being invaded by illegals from a around the world.

    • Exactly. See people looking from the outside In will never understand what Bahamas is going thru when it comes to the illegal immigration problems. So until those so called bleeding heart’s can step in and help out I think they should sit small. My country is to small to take on a whole extra countries people. There are already not enough jobs and places to live as it is. America is a huge country and they closed their boarders to people coming into their country. So why get on us when we are just trying to do what they are clearly doing. Protecting the interest of their country and their citizens.

  26. When and if donald trump gets his way all of you all will be going the fuck home i never heard united nations make any comments when he said hati was a fucking dump

  27. The Bahamas claim to be a nation under God as in a christian nation well where is the MERCY? Those human beings just like your selves alao suffered a great lost many of them barely made it out with thier lives just like many of the Bahamians did. When the Bahamas was in need thier neighbors as in half the world came to thier rescue and to do this cruelty to already hurt people in such a time as this is cold hearted. When you help those in need and show mercy they may want to know the God you serve and you could have taken this opportunity to win soul’s for JESUS! Btw i am a Bahamian woman and a praying one too! May God have Mercy on the Bahamas and May yhe Bahamas have mercy on they Haitians.

    • Forgive me but are you for real??? So when these individuals were allowed to live illegally and create entire villages on Bahamian soil, was that not MERCY?…Please tell me how many of them came and sought to GIVE their lives to Christ because of the leniency shown? If you are as claimed, truly Bahamian, then you would know in Reality that Christianity lifestyle is professed by many but truly lived by few…there is no ill will held towards the Haitian community, HOWEVER, at the end of the day I would like to see my country’s laws enforced for the betterment of present and future generations…

    • As a Christian please stop,you think God don’t know everyone on the face of this earth will never come to him. You can’t put new wine in old wine skin. Only the Holy Spirit can cleanse the heart. Some people you can show them Jesus all you want all they wast is buddha, Mohammed, some of these people culture is based on satanic worship. God told Israel when they go into other countries don’t serve their gods. There are more God fearing people in the Bahamas today than there was when I was a child . God said I will put it their hearts to know me, Being a Christian don’t mean encouraging people to break the Law. You have to obey the laws of God and country. You can take a man out of the Country but you can’t take the Country out of the man. Only the Haitians know what they went through to get here I don’t. They should be grateful and one thing with gratefulness you can’t hide it. As a Christian you do wrong God chastises you. You pray let the King govern the country. God’s will be done for Haiti and the world. No matter how loving a Christian wife is to her husband he still leaves, this is not a perfect Country not everyone including Bahamians serves Jesus we run to him during a cruises then how soon we forget Him, remember 911 yes I wish all people will co e to Jesus, should we stop telling them by no means. If you want the Jesus of the Bible you can get him ask him show himself. Some Haitians here went through the Earthquakes you think they stop practicing witchcraft. Who protected them coming here if its Jesus isn’t that enough to turn Him. Some of them probably if honest might say witchcraft. God is still saying who soever will may come. Do we really love people or are we pretending. Try going to the hospital, people are dying and don’t want to hear about Jesus He’s still the greatest healer. The heart of a man is desperately wicked only the Holy Spirit can change the heart. There is no person on this earth that can honestly say that the God that formed them in their mother’s womb wasn’t good to them including the Haitians. So stop

  28. The Bahamian aithorities changed their minds after the Haitians trief to take over the Government Huilding in Abaco. We dont owe any Caribbean country a damn thing. “BAHAMAS FOR BAHAMIANS . Paleface is a Donkey.

  29. Black people cant be united because we hate one another.
    May the lord teach wisdom to the black nation.

    • Stop that …. let us take care of the Country given to us, when in the Bahamas live as Bahamians do pay taxes. Respect the Flag respect our Laws but why are we asking people to respect our Laws when they don’t respect their own. Look at every foreigner see how they live Iheir Country that will tell what will happend to yours Haitians can live clean here it’s their choice for whatever job they choose, they own their own business making $300 $400.00per day with one Lawnmower Bahamians wake up clean your own yard buy a Lawnmower use that money to keep your mortgage paid your children school fees paid on time. They’re buying houses while you’ll loosing them. Wise up stop entertaining illegals we are the blame. Let’s learn the good things about America not the bad stand for what is right. We can do this let’s love Honestly oh by the way let’s go back and give integrity a ride we need him. We are Law abiding citizens. I’m speaking what I want to see. Blessings

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