‘Unbelievable!’ Chastanet Responds To ‘Unvaxxed’ Carnival Announcement

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the Government of blatant disregard for the professionals following this week’s announcement of ‘unvaxxed’ Carnival plans.

A Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information press release said that Carnival this year would be open to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, with guidelines to follow.

The Ministry had previously outlined plans for a ‘vaxxed’ event.

But the leader of the opposition took issue with the new development in a Facebook post.

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“Unbelievable that the Government would change and announce the new protocols for Carnival without at least consulting with the Medical and Dental Association,” Chastanet asserted.

And the United Workers Party (UWP) leader accused the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration of blatant disregard for the professionals who have the firsthand burden and experience of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic over the last more than two years.

“You deserve better,” he declared.

The Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association has written the Minister of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information regarding the ‘unvaxxed’ Carnival plan.

On Wednesday, Association President Dr. Merle Clarke wrote Dr. Ernest Hilaire outlining the opposition of the body’s executive and members.

““We strongly recommend that this decision be reconsidered and that vaccination be a requirement for all attendees of carnival events,” Clarke stated.


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  1. I must agree with Chas on this one. Pure madness. And they will blame everyone but themselves when the numbers are off the charts and whole communities fall sick.

  2. This is just another example of bad reporting with a headline grabbing article that consists of weak grammatical syntax. “Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the Government of blatant disregard for the professionals following this week’s announcement of ‘unvaxxed’ Carnival plans.” This is the leading paragraph, and should clearly contain the gest of the article. Yet, the reporter didn’t even take the time to state which professionals are being disregarded.

    Allen has only pointed out that the decision was made without consulting all key stakeholders, and didn’t acknowledge the potential impact on healthcare professionals and facilities. He did not say, and was careful to avoid implying, that his government would have ultimately made a different decision. Nor, did he say that the carnival participants should not include the unvaccinated.

  3. Chas… this way the tele conversation Clarke and Ernest had… and it goes..

    Clarke: Yo! Yo! Yooo! saka fete!
    Ernest: Hello! who am i talking too…
    Clarke: Its me Dr. Clarke, gasa you forget my voice mun…
    Ernets: hey doo dooo how you doing sweetie, whats happening whats the latest..
    Clarke: yo! them people is on my back regarding the unvaxx situation for carnival what to do…
    Ernest: Ok! its simple just pen a letter send it over to my office and i will have our PR to say we received a letter from the SLMDA saying the opposed the Unvaxx people to party too.. Irie! my love…
    Clarke: I have it ready because these people will come at me you know…
    Earnet: No i must come 1st i want to come 1st not them, tell them to back off…
    Clarke: hahahahahaha! boy you see you, you good you know you good!
    Ernest: You know we ain catch up for a long time..
    Clarke: yeh mun its long you know you drop your girl…
    Ernest: awa! awa! don’t say that since we took office i just busy dealing with stuff..
    Clarke: Irie! so when we linking up..,,
    Ernest: Ah! let me see check… would this Sat, be good..
    Clarke: Where you taking me…
    Ernest: Anse Chasnet Resort
    Clarke: Ahahahaha! you plan to give me another jab mun…
    Ernest: ahahahah! relax hun lets meet and we will talk more…
    Clarke: cool, lets keep this on a low profile yeh… you get the letter?
    Ernest: yeh i saw the email i printed it and send it over to my PR and i trash the digital copy.
    Clarke: hehehehe! bad boy bad you bad so… Sat yeh i’ll ride with you
    Ernest: Ok love bless! be good… take care!

    • When I follow the science I always end up at the money. Greatest con pulled on the world….so far.

  4. Why Carnival in the first place? since when has Carnival been so important that we have to forgo the Medical warnings placed before us? I don’t care if we have that Minister in Government who seem to want to do whatever he wants, irrespective of what the Law says; First it was the Land Rover in the Court he got away with, now what the heck, I’ll do what the heck I want, I’m the Deputy and PjP can’t do a d***n about it, just let him try.

  5. So St. Lucia time now censoring factual data revealing the extent of the pfizer fraud. Yes I saw it posted. And now it is no longer there. You part of this evil too. Shame on you.

  6. That’s good for the SLMDA and other organization who sided and voted for SLP. Labour should not consult y’all for nothing for all I care, they should treat y’all like you didn’t exist because you all had a good UWP government but refused to work with them, y’all undermined UWP at every turn so take what you get. Let Labour pee on y’all and call it rain. Lucian to gullible, uninformed and ignorant so deal with what you get.

    • LUCIAN 758. How did you determine that the consultation process has been completed? And which government or health official stated that the mass will be unvaxxed?

  7. Having just had a bout with covid, I strongly agree with Mr Chastenet’s comment. This is just asking for problems.

      • Being vaccinated does not stop anybody contracting the virus. I thought people would know that!
        It will help prevent people contracting the virus but if you do get it, the symptoms will most likely be less severe or life threatening.

    • The street party is another fine example of idiocy. No wonder the Covid cases are on the rise. A very bad decision …
      Carnival could have been put on hold for another 6 months … its not that important. The health of the islanders is….
      Bring Chastenet back … we need a sensible brain in government

  8. While I understand where you’re coming from, this would only work if the vaccines were effective. It has been proven that they’re not working, as its effectiveness wanes after 3 months, leaving you wide open to covid. And boosters makes little to no difference, as the same thing occurs. It has even been advised that too many shots weaken your 8mmune system dramatically, turning you into an open door to every virus floating around


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