Uncle Says ‘Nothing Pleasant’ About The Man Whose Body Was Found In Castries

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Jay Jules, the uncle of Henry Plummer, whose body someone discovered in an empty lot along Brazil Street, Castries, on Sunday morning, pulls no punches in his negative assessment of the deceased’s character.

Jules told St Lucia Times he would never declare that his nephew was “a good boy.”

“There’s nothing pleasant to say about him. Everybody has been complaining to me about him touching their stuff,” the uncle explained.

Jay Jules

According to Jules, the deceased would take electronic items to repair but never return them to their owners, selling the items to someone else instead.

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He said the family was sad over the death but not surprised.

Jules said the family was awaiting the result of a postmortem examination.

Reports indicate that someone discovered Plummer’s body in an empty lot across the road from the St Aloysius R.C Boys’ School on Brazil Street, Castries.

A medical examiner pronounced Plummer dead, and police disclosed that an initial physical assessment did not find any marks of violence.

The deceased was the father of two children.

His uncle said Plummer had a cocaine habit.

And Jules advised people to be nice to others as he is, share what they have and stop creating problems.

“I am 68 years and everybody says I look good for my age. I am telling you, being nice to people is one of the best things. Right now I am in Marchand and you could go around and find out who knows Jay. There’s not one shop I cannot take credit in,” he asserted.

“Everybody in Marchand knows me because I am so lovely, so helpful, willing to give free help – that’s all I would ask the young people to do, be together with their friends, share, help each other, stop cursing, stop creating problems,” Jules stated.

Asked what he would miss about his deceased nephew, the reply was: “Nothing!”

Headline photo: Henry Plummer

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  1. That’s is my brother you his uncle you never like him but you were the first to go to speak about him to make him look bad none of what you said were true you want people to think my brother was a bad individual none of us his brothers went to the media to say nun but u were the first to do so and we were closer to him but u chose to speak just to make him look bad

  2. The way of man’s life detremines his death,so then death follows death !
    All things are wearisome, more than we could talk.
    The enemy death is causing death,trap by evil times and the last enemy to be destroyed.
    Life is precious, i never thought of life been so meaningful, until i consecrated my self to the Holy one of Israël .
    Now,can you,all together, since it is a free will,will you and me be a living among the dead,and will not taste the second death destine for destruction ?

  3. That oldman is dangerous. He may very well be the cause of this young man demise.
    Alot of the time families are the main ones who destroy, their house.
    That man speaks like he has a lot of hate for the decease, and why should he advertise himself as, so perfect…has he no sin?

  4. Everyone has value, everyone has a story. Sometimes we don’t really know what people have gone through. Not saying the uncle should have lied but he could have simply said his nephew faced a lot of issues during his lifetime and it’s unfortunate that he was unable to resolve them. Sometimes when persons are in the spotlight and being interviewed, they may be stressed and say things without thinking. At any rate, may the deceased rest in peace.

  5. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” – the ones I’m sorry for, are the two infants hopefully will grow up, not knowing what someone said about their dad. We live and we die, the good book said, and I believe, we reap what we sow and at the judgement, the Lord looks at the contents of the heart. We should Judge not, for you also will be Judged. Warship God.

  6. Having the intestinal fortitude to be brutally honey when asked about a relative is very rare. Most people will rather paint a bright picture than to admit the truth. I always say, Live Bad, Die Bad. And Mr. Jules is right on point when he said that we should help each other. We should all make Caring and Sharing our Thing.

  7. shut up all yuh..if the man said he was a good boy all those degrading the old man wuda talk some shit rubbish…….furthermore the man shuda said nothing let me hear wat url wuda say…..pappysho!!!!!! go make url bread stop focusing on the ppl family….wat say wat eh say who like who dont like……….theres no pleasing some of you!!!! mashee

  8. Everyone have good in them. U doing 99 good for some one and the one thing u eh do they hate u for that.i hope all the money he used to give u u put every dollar in the hole to

    • Your cousin was absolutely no saint, seemed very much troubled and mental as well. But I am more than certain, your uncle have a trunk load of dirty lil secrets too.

  9. R.i.p cuz
    That’s my uncle son . His father in New York.
    Some family are not family we all know that. Y’ALL family is does that there for u no matter what.
    Ask him what he ever do to help his family member

  10. Families come out and say their relatives were good citizens when they get murdered. This man comes out and speaks what he regards as the truth about his dead nephew but some of you are saying he should not have done so. There is no pleasing some of you. If you speak lies they hate you for it but speak the truth and they also hate you for it. You just can’t win! Tonair!

    • Mrs. Or Ms. Maura, absolutely no comment here stated that he shouldnt have said. People are roasting this “self proclaimed” young / old man for making himself look like a complete saint! What he really needs to do is tell people where he came from and how he changed before glorifying himself.

      Or at least say, “My nephew was nothing good, and I myself reported him to police once when I knew he stole something!” – I really want to hear him say that, I wait!

      Let people praise you. But your nature speaks volumes when you speak onmy ill of others while you praise yourself.

      Nobody cares. You were asked about your nephew!!!

  11. Your nephew may have been a “pat sal” but people are lying to you. You might be meg without a belly but look like you should be in your 80’s.

  12. “Jay Jules” a star in his own mind.
    I am 68 years and everybody says I look good for my age. Everybody in Marchand knows me because I am so lovely, so helpful.

    “Holy smoke man” can you walk on water,Too? You sir are an A$$hole.

      • A genieass calling a japass, donkey! Wow. Troll better trolley…suh hort. Sakway batise. Lucian Highgrade, I dont care whether your comments are positive or negative, I still think you are a mantally deranged, miserable individual with no life and a book of made up stories about your fake life. You are unmarried with no children. You have a jar full of mayo for masturbating the tiny shroom that is your cuck! Here is some cyanide!

  13. This is why society is plagued with such problems. When you have a man and a family member cannot say anything pleasant about him and now we’ve learned he has 2 young children(7 & 8) you have to wonder what type of father figure he was. Now two infants fatherless. Very sad. Wonder how the mother & children will cope.

    • Only trust the words of an unbiased relative. That man speaks for only himself. Some relatives will have negative things to say, if they never benefitted from others.

      Do not be fooled by the fact that this young and abled 68 year old is speaking in a bitter tongue.

      Yes he has nothing good to say, but this should have stopped there. No one is interested in the fact that you were such a saint.

      In the whole of Marchand, are you the only saint? And if you glorify yourself so much, did you ever report your nephew to the police?

      That man is a dirty ole fart.

  14. He did not come from a stellar family for sure. and he could not cope with it. You black boys who try cocaine and crack. this thing is addictive. Our black bodies was not built for drink and drugs. those who go wayward dont understand that. Things like marijuana and psychedelics were only meant to be taken by a chosen few like the shaman of the tribe. these people came into gifting from birth and had to be trained in spirituality. Not everyone must take these things and that include 99.99% of you black men and women. Thats why you all lives turn upside down when u all take those drugs. Those wannabe priestess in rasta world that take the spliff are a bunch of fakes. they are not spiritual. just wannabes who do all kinda things on the side to survive that is not part of the MOST HIGH PLAN at all.

  15. Weh, I just don’t understand Lucians. If the uncle had say he was a good boy your’ll would be blasting the guy right now and making fun of the nephew death. Now the man said there was nothing pleasant about him and he won’t miss him a different story from your’ll now saying he glorifying the death…

      • Find the issue then wise guy, I was not talking about the “good” the uncle did in his community, it has nothing to do with the troublesome nephew.

  16. Jay Jules.. it seems like you’re glorifying him being dead.. i’m curious to know his cause of death.. Dirty Old “dirt bag”

  17. Really Old man, you glorify yourself while you bring down your dead nephew who was obviously troubled. Im not defending your nephew who was most likely a Vieux Negre but wha… Man you should have stopped at “He was not a good boy” and let others drop their own conclusions.

    For you to add so much negativity to this interview, why the halo is above your head, says alot about your influence on him. Alot of you are responsible for the emotional and verbal abuse of your wayward kids.

    Telling the public what they want to hear you say is one thing, but narcissism speaks volumes. You better pray you never fall off your rockers or trip and your real nature is unveiled.

    I dont trust alot of you ole men who claim to be good. I want someone else grom your family to speak, and then I will believe your vomit.

    • ….you Jckasses who think the man is bashing the his nephew in time of death NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. He is speaking his mind based on how he saw this man conduct himself and the content of Character. I don’t know this person only based on what his uncle is saying and don’t see reason why he would lie…..as a matter of fact the nephew reminds me of one of my nephews who is the same blasted way. You can’t do bad in life and upon death you want to be praised for the stellar life you lived . Jah is not going to view that way either so do good while you are here.

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