Wednesday, October 5, 2022

UNICEF Says COVID-19 ‘Biggest Global Crisis For Children In Its 75-Year History’ 

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On its 75th anniversary,  the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned that COVID-19 is rolling back virtually every measure of progress for children.

A UNICEF report said the problem includes a staggering 100 million more children plunged into poverty.

According to the report, COVID-19 has affected children at an unprecedented scale, making it the worst crisis for children UNICEF has seen in its 75-year history.

The report – Preventing a lost decade: Urgent action to reverse the devastating impact of COVID-19 on children and young people, highlights the various ways in which COVID-19 is challenging decades of progress on crucial childhood challenges such as poverty, health, access to education, nutrition, child protection, and mental well-being.

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It warns that almost two years into the pandemic, the widespread impact of COVID-19 continues to deepen, to increase poverty, entrenching inequality and threatening the rights of children at previously unseen levels.

To respond, recover and reimagine the future for every child, UNICEF continues to call for:
 Investing in social protection, human capital, and spending for an inclusive and resilient
 Ending the pandemic and reversing the alarming rollback in child health and nutrition
– including through leveraging UNICEF’s vital role in COVID-19 vaccine distribution;
 Building back stronger by ensuring quality education, protection, and good mental health
for every child;
 Building resilience to better prevent, respond to, and protect children from crises –including new approaches to end famines, safeguard children from climate change, and
reimagine disaster spending.

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  1. Why Should The Nations Say ,
    “Where is their God ?”
    O LORD, you still the hunger of those you cherish ? And they have plenty and store up wealth for their children ?
    Likewise the poor and Homeless children are perishing from hunger and no one takes note ?
    O LORD , Almighty God,our King and our GOD
    Do not hold against us the ‘Sins ‘ of our fathers ;
    (Adam) .
    May your mercy Come quickly to meet us , for we are in despreate need ! Rescue the weak and needy children from the hands of the wicked and provide food and more !
    For they knows nothing ! And understands nothing !!

  2. You’ll create the problem then report on how bad the problem is. Just like the Americans dropping bombs on Japan after they surrendered and sending medical officials to gather information on how bad the bomb was.


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