United Nations Chief Warns That The World Is In ‘Big Trouble’

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United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned that the world is in big trouble during opening remarks to the General Assembly high-level general debate in New York.

“Our world is in big trouble. Divides are growing deeper. Inequalities are growing wider. Challenges are spreading farther,” Guterres noted in his address on Tuesday.

“We need action across the board. Let’s have no illusions. We are in rough seas. A winter of global discontent is on the horizon,” the UN Secretary-General declared.

In this regard, he pointed to a raging cost-of-living crisis, crumbling trust and exploding inequalities.

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However, Guterres lamented that the international community is not ready or willing to tackle the big dramatic challenges of our age.

And he told his audience that these crises threaten the very future of humanity and the fate of the planet.

He explained that overcoming those major challenges depended on cooperation.

“Let’s work as one, as a coalition of the world, as United Nations,” he urged while indicating that the world body was still capable of finding solutions.

Guterres observed that in a world teeming with turmoil, an image of promise and hope comes to mind in the ship – Brave Commander flying the United Nations flag.

“At its essence, this ship is a symbol of what we can accomplish when we act together. It is loaded with Ukrainian grain destined for the people of the Horn of Africa, millions of whom are on the edge of famine,” Guterres explained.

He disclosed that Brave Commander, guided by the parties to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, navigated through a war zone as part of an unprecedented comprehensive initiative to get more food and fertilizer out of Ukraine and the Russian Federation: to bring desperately needed relief to those in need; to calm commodity markets, secure future harvests, and lower prices for consumers everywhere.

“Some might call it a miracle on the sea. In truth, it is multilateral diplomacy in action,” the UN Secretary-General declared.

He said it was a testament to what cooperation can achieve.


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  1. They think we stupid I agree with the two
    comments before me the bullshit must stop why they don’t take responsibility for their actions if you exsault urself against the most high u will pay the consequences period let the wicked burn for the injustice and equality that they produce amen

    Who are you that you will not listen to God
    The creator ???

  2. Yes because governments around the world are firmly in the hands of the unelected WEF Davos crowd who are trying to force some transhumanist, homosexual, paedophilia agenda on the rest of the world. Putin has given the finger to them and is pulling his country out of this tyranny. Whatever you might think of Russia and Putin rest assured he is the good guy in this.

    • @ just saying. Putin is part of their of their agenda. Search YouTube for the video where the WEF head mentions that majority of world leaders are WEF chills

  3. How can you be warning the citizens of the world of the very things YOU are causing.
    Your organization is rife with woke, liberal, progressive,socialist, communist Far Left incompetents. The LEFT control 95% of the media, academia, businesses in the Western World and have destroyed the thinking capacity of two generations in the past 40 years – even as the leftists get risher and richer. Then you have the audacity to pontificate about the very destruction you and your sort have caused.
    Well this will continue unabated because the source cannot complain about the outcome.


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