Wednesday, September 28, 2022

United States Coast Guard Repatriates 109 Haitians

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The  crew of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Decisive repatriated 109 Haitians to Cap-Haitien, Haiti, Friday,  after encountering them approximately 35 miles east of Punta Maisi, Cuba.

According to a Coast Guard release, Decisive’s crew spotted an overloaded vessel and brought all the people aboard the cutter over concerns about the safety of life at sea.

The release disclosed that 83 males and 26 females were the vessel’s occupants, including two minors.

It quoted Lieutenant Commander Jason Neiman, the Coast Guard District Seven Public Affairs Officer, as saying that taking to the seas is always risky.

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“There are inherent risks in attempting to make the voyage to the United States in these grossly overloaded vessels in treacherous waters,” Neiman explained.

“We are actively patrolling for these unsafe and irregular maritime migration voyages throughout the Caribbean. Our mission remains the same, to protect lives at sea,” he said.

Since Oct. 1, 2021, Coast Guard crews have interdicted 3,412 Haitian migrants.

Headline photo: A child is transferred from the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Friday. (Courtesy US Coast Guard)

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  1. Is Haiti fighting a war? To just show up on US shores, that is result of Haiti’s own corruption.

  2. – Why is it the countries who accept the most refugees get the most criticism ?
    – Why do the refugees not stop in the neighbouring countries ?
    – Why do refugees seem to always end up in the countries of the so called oppressors ?

  3. My dear Morena, you have said it all, I need not add to that.
    May the good Lord on this day, have mercy on the poor, for they shall see God.

  4. Woe to those who relied on oppression and depend on their evil (voodoo).
    But their sins will becomes for you like a high wall, cracking a and bulging, that collapses,suddenly,in an instant, shattered so mercilessly !!
    These are rebellious people who does’nt fear God, deceitful people which have signed alliance (convention) with the devil in sharing blood and eating human flesh !!
    They will fall by a 🗡️ sword that is not of man if they do not acknowledge their evil.

    And woe to those who rely on their evil (voodoo), who trust in their multitude voodoo and in their strength, but do not look on the Holy One of Israël or seek help from the Lord.
    Yet, God does not take back his words,and will rise up against the them along with those who are sharing their sorrows.
    Everyone will be put to shame, because of a people useless to them, who brings neither help nor davantage.but only shame and disgraced.

    When the Lord stretches his hand,he who helps them share their sorrows, will stumble and fall ;both will perish together.

  5. Siwomyel,
    Kounye a, ou byen ?
    Ki jan ou rele ?
    M ta remen pale kreyol,Mwen,pral moutre ou bananes pesées.

  6. @ Frank, I’ve tried to dissect this, it always comes back to race, nothing more, nothing less.

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