United States Donates Field Hospital And Utility Vehicles To Saint Lucia

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Press Release:-  On Thursday, January 20, the United States donated a 40-bed field hospital and three utility vehicles to the government of Saint Lucia during a handover ceremony at the St. Lucia Fire Service Training Center in Vieux Fort.

The donation of the field hospital and utility vehicles, valued at more than US$650,000, will help respond to the ongoing pandemic and expand the Ministry of Health’s capacity to address future challenges from natural disasters.

This donation was made possible through the U.S. military’s U.S. Southern Command Humanitarian Assistance Program. U.S.

Ambassador to Saint Lucia Linda Taglialatela joined Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Mr. Kevin Bostic, U.S. Southern Command Director of Exercises and Coalition Affairs for the handover ceremony.

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Following the ceremony attendees toured the field hospital with officials from the Ministry of Health and Wellness and other government entities.

During her remarks, Ambassador Taglialatela said the donation of the field hospital
was yet another demonstration of the United States’ commitment to the health and
well-being of partners in the hemisphere. She explained, “Here in Saint Lucia, we’re
supporting vaccination efforts. We’re strengthening the digital information systems to
monitor vaccination coverage. And we’re working with you to communicate that
vaccines help prevent serious sickness and save lives,” she explained.

“This field hospital will support your rapid deployment of first responders and medical personnel to where they are needed most.”

Prime Minister Pierre thanked the United States for the donation.

“Today we are witnessing yet another gesture from the government and people of the United States towards Saint Lucia’s efforts at combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. The field
hospital will significantly augment Saint Lucia’s physical health infrastructure, enhance our disaster response readiness, and enable the provision of medical assistance in remote areas. But more importantly, at this critical time it will equip the country with a standby capacity to manage any severe variant spike or other emergency” the Prime Minister said.

He added, “I am happy to receive these donations on behalf of the government and people of Saint Lucia.”

In 2021, the United States donated more than 170,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines
directly to Saint Lucia.

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  1. As a poor réflection in the water and half a loaf is better than nothing !
    We are in great dispute, while we are in desperate needs !
    How great is your goodness which you have stored up for 🇱🇨 St-Lucia.
    May your mercy Come quickly to meet us, for we are in despreate need.
    Honor and Blessings to all those who do good !
    Thank you 🤝 🇺🇸 America !
    O LORD, my God,I will give you thanks forever !

  2. In the past, America have always been there to help. Why build a Stadium in the middle of nowhere, it never worked, turned into a make shift Hospital that does not work because it was not designed as such. The Design and Construction of a modern hospital is a very specific design, since you’re dealing with lives. the problem with little St. Lucia is, too much petty politics, the lust for power. The Hospital that the Americans first built, was primarily for war time far from the shores of St. Lucia. Air Force Bases was built at Bean Field – the rigidy hospital left over was not built as per modern Codes & Standards; it served its temporary purpose, that’s it. Act 2. Stage !. Enter Chastanet many years later with bright eyes and new ideas, decides to build a more comprehensive Hospital to match the times. Act.2 Stage 2. enters the new actors on the unsteady stage of time; a halt to the Hospital Construction, why oh why, politics aside damn it, ain’t we all St Lucians? DAMNED POLITICS.
    Fact sheet – If Plans were drawn up, Estimates approved for cost of Labour & material, the money reserved for such, why couldn’t be continued since contracts were locked in???? irrespective of a change of political parties in Government – what the hell is the hold up???? everything was approved before why can’t we just carry on? the blight on this God forsaken Island is ”Lies, greed, hate, racism, power hungry, envy, control and Bossism” who can deliver us from this quagmire? certainly not Vodoo, witch craft or Obeah – (Father God you hear our voices, quicken us Lord, send help now, send us a Savior now in the name of your dear Son Jesus, Amen)

  3. Do we as a nation ever get the feeling of embarrassment? Always sticking our hands out with crooked fingers begging the supreme white man. “Please sir, we’d like some more.” When will we take care of our self?

  4. You all St. Lucians are something else – be grateful and thankful for the help because you all desparately need it. So just say “thank you” – that’s all.

  5. Pjp San honte EH Rf and others we don’t want no white man..we want a black man..but I’m telling you all you all will sink st lucia with you all mindset..and some lucians with the red and yellow images blind folded them awa lucians educate yourself to much hatred and racism and politics

  6. It seems St Lucia cannot build a hospital in more than 12 years, so outside help keeps coming in any form to help the south!

  7. We’re strengthening the digital information systems to
    monitor vaccination coverage……smph so dats why! Smph Regardless Thank you to the USA, Lucia needs all the help she can get👊🏽🇱🇨 Especially with vehicle gifts …and what about ankle monitors…. and better basic daily communication equipment between all officers on island to Expediate their expertise and assistance!

  8. And there are idiots out there who keep pontificating that the US will not deal with this administration because of so and so. I say, HOLE YOUR @55es! Look it.

  9. Well it was the US army that built st judes hospital. the best the island has ever had. Why dont you all ask them for help to finish this one?

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