Friday, January 24, 2020

United and Strong blasts ‘pornographic video’

Press Release:-United and Strong Inc got the opportunity to view a recent “pornographic video” circulating on social media, featuring some level of sexual abuse of a young lady.

While some may seem to have dubbed this a form of “pornography’ we prefer to refer to it as the humiliation, torture and abuse of a young woman.  

We are not too concerned with whether this was a recent or past situation but more so the continued objectification, sexual harassment and abuse experienced by our women and girls in Saint Lucia.  Such treatment appears to be part of the fabric of a young woman’s life and seems to be an accepted norm.

Too often such behaviors are described as “normal stuff” that “men do” while at the same time fostering in our women a culture of tolerating what “just happens” and where they are criticized for not successfully maneuvering men’s aggressive sexual behavior.  

We somehow accepted a behavior where women play into the myth that “men will be men” and that men are unable to contain their sexual desires the way women do.

As men, we must accept the reality that we have failed and continue to fail our women, our daughters and our mothers.  We have bought into the belief that such behavior is what makes us “men”.  Even crazier is the apparent reality that women themselves are not being each other’s keeper.  Too often victims are belittled by their peers, holding them responsible for their victimization.

What is most disheartening to United and Strong Inc is the fact women in our upper echelons of government are doing very little to curb the impact of such crimes on their fellow women.  We have seen the many comments of being “empathetic” to women during times of crisis or when it’s politically appropriate.

If indeed our elected female Members of Parliament and female Ministers are empathetic towards their fellow women then:


  • Why remain muted when a cabinet colleague was involved in  alleged sexual misconduct?



  • Why make comments that the best place for a new born baby was at a make-shift nursery at the Bordelais Correctional Facility?



  • Why is it that Victoria Hospital can’t have a separate examination room for victims of sexual violence?



  • Why is it so difficult to have a full-time Social worker/Counselor stationed at the Office of the Vulnerable Persons Unit (VPT)?


United and Strong challenges the female Parliamentarians and Ministers to reflect a difference in how they engage the electorate and not become tangled in the “boy clubs” persona of our political parties.  We urge you to cast aside your political colors and initiate realistic activities that would lend to the safety and security of women within your communities.

We further challenge you to be bold and recognize the work United and Strong has been doing and continues to do with not just LGBT persons but women.  We open our doors to you, so you can engage the many recipients of our Red Light Project and other initiatives.

As a civil society organisation, we are committed to creating a future free from sexual violence and believe every individual has a role to play in this vision. All forms of bias, prejudice and oppression obstruct the mission of ending sexual violence.  We look forward to your willingness in partnering with United and Strong Inc and creating a conducive environment for national growth and development.


  1. Our culture oversexualizes the yutes; the music we listen to and the videos we watch, so what did you truly expect?

  2. Yes it’s humiliating to the woman but she willing part took ,I believe yes the guys took at advantage to a certain degree as to being immoral but not to the extent of rape.

  3. Rape is RAPE and in case you forget what happened to this WOMAN – a human being – is called ABUSE. They should all go to jail including the ones taking the video

  4. she is more like a prostitute ,she gave up her body so that these guys do as they please mostly likely for an exchange of drugs .yes they are a bunch of degenerate for treating her with no dignity but there is no rape.women just angry to see another woman being treated in such a manner and yes I get that but a arrest isn’t warranted.she consented to everything that was taking place. (Words deleted)

  5. My my oh my only lord knows as a woman I personally feel ashamed you mean those men have the guts to commit such crime I don’t think they have a mother nor sisters much less daughters to see that’s happening to a human being I don’t want to put judgement on them but God’ will deal with them I know my heavenly father is angry ? with them are these people involved in such a horrible crime praying do they believe that there is a God’ who knows and sees all things they have no fear of God’ I don’t believe someone with a heart ❤ can do such .even the one who video is worse as the old saying the serpent don’t hate the one who kill it but the one who said look it.the devil finds work for the idlers repent people asked God’ for forgiveness before its too late.

  6. And people stop posting nasty videos all you posters are just like those the.criminals.I don’t want to watch them I will be guilty also because it’s against God’s will.

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