United Workers Party Appoints Daniel, Belrose As Chairman And First Vice Chairperson

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Press Release:–  At a National Council Meeting held on Sunday December 5, 2021 the United Workers filled two positions which has become vacant as a result of the resignations
by Chairman Pinkley Francis and First Deputy Chairman Eldridge Stevens.

Guided by the Constitution of the United Workers Party relating to any vacancy
arising during any year, the two vacant positions were filled.

Former Speaker of the House of Parliament and also former candidate for the UWP
in Dennery north during the 2006 elections, Andy Daniel was appointed Party

Former candidate for Castries East, Senator and Minister of government, Fortuna
Belrose, was appointed First Vice Chairperson.

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The United Workers Party continues to mobilize for its upcoming convention.

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  1. They could change this formula around and still get the same failure results. Just go back back to your regular jobs.

  2. First lady what does he stand for? I’d just like to know. This is an honest question @first lady. Is he country first? Will he be willing to include the small voices on the streets in his decision making?

  3. GW I’m not criticizing Mr Andy all I’m saying is that, now is not the time for any weak people to.lead this party into the next general elections. If you say he is good and can do what’s needed, who am I to say otherwise. I’m watching closely at every pick because 2026 won’t be like 2021.

    Anyway time solves all mysteries.

  4. @Just Asking I’m sure the uh caring leader of the opposition where ever he is will find a position for Belrose ball and chain

  5. I think Andy is a great choice as chairman of the party and I am sorry if persons feel different but if u know Andy you would know what he stands for. Congrats to you Andy

  6. Does it really matter who occupies executive positions in those parties? Can an introvert or extrovert executive decide an election? At the end, what really matters is leadership qualities of the leader and the party policies.
    No executive could have saved Chastenet. He was doomed by the third year in office. The longer he stayed afterwards, only intensified the drubbing. Many times, the red and yellow Kool Aid drinkers are too distracted to observe the train bearing down the tracks at them. I personally got turned off on Chastenet with the third-rate race track fiasco in Vieux-Fort. That was a massive waste of limited resources.

  7. @ Tuwa Mosi I do agree with you concerning Andy Daniel. I do not know much about him and he look seemingly weak. UWP needs people who are more vocal and are not afraid to speak up.
    On another point concerning Bradley Felix I believe he should drop out of the race come next election. The man is quiet and he is not standing up. Like they said in opposition people see who you are. Too many go up for election and hide behind their jobs just for the money.

  8. I was looking forward to someone else being chairman and as for Ms Belrose anywhere they put her is fine with me but this Daniel person,how in touch are you with the UWP supporters? You lost your opportunity to be minister and now you are appointed chairman 🤔 this is not time for weak people to try and help lead or create plans to rebuild itself almost from the scratch. Anyway carry on and let’s see what’s going on with this new pick.

    I’m happy be country first because if the UWP doesn’t meet what we the people are looking for,then I for one will take a back seat on the 2026 elections if life spares me.

    Therold Prudent would make a better Chairman than this Daniel person. He has what it takes to fight the fight. Start weak,end weak.

  9. Belrose again why these people ent lay low. Belrose was one of the reasons why the party lost miserably smfh. Uwp is at its lowest of low rite now.

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