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Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am

United Workers Party Reaffirms Resounding Commitment to Its Leadership

Press Release:- The United Workers Party successfully hosted its National Council meeting on Sunday June 28, 2020, at the Gros Islet Human Resource Center. 

Present was the executive of the party and three delegates from each constituency branch. 

The National Council accepted branch reports and commended the Government’s response to the management of COVID -19 in Saint Lucia which saved lives and protected the nation and saw Saint Lucia stand out as a regional leader. 

A key feature of the discussion at the meeting was the support of the national council for the recently debated Appropriation Bill (Budget Address) and the many initiatives undertaken and announced by the Prime Minister during his presentations. 

Key among those are:

  • The achievement of reducing unemployment to 16.8% from 24% in 2016
  • The country’s continuous growth over the last three years including economic growth of 1.7% in 2019
  • The continuation of key national and community projects to stimulate economic recovery and to create jobs.  Some of these projects are: 
  1. HIA redevelopment
  2. St Jude reconstruction
  3. Road rehabilitation island wide
  4. Water redevelopment projects in Dennery and Vieux Fort 
  5. Construction of early childhood centers, renovation of community centers 
  6. Construction of the Micoud Secondary school and renovations amounting to 8 million dollars of schools in this financial year
  7. The National Council commended the Government for the various initiatives under the Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan. The plan includes:
    • The provision of US$3.1 million to provide grant assistance ranging from to $5,000 to $25,000 to micro and small enterprises
    • the provision of low-cost financing to meet working capital requirements of SMEs affected by COVID-19 with an allocation of EC$5.0 million at Belfund to benefit 350 people.
    • waiver of taxes on interest earnings of financial institutions from loans to microenterprises,
    • increase in the subsidy on bulk flour to bakers from $12 to $17 per bag,
    • waiver of import duties on building materials for Housing Development
    • reduction in electricity fuel surcharge to generate savings which will be used to reduce electricity bills of qualifying households by between $50.00 and $100.00 per month. 
    • Expansion of the Public Assistance Cash Transfer Programme from 2,600 households to 3,600 households
    • Increase in the Child Disability Grant from $200 to $300
    • Increase in the grant for Persons Living with HIV from $100 to $200
    • Increase in the grant for children in Foster Care from $200 to $300
    • Provision of Covid-19 hygiene care packages for the poor and vulnerable
    • Micro-finance loans to households to diversify into micro small enterprise and cottage industries
    • Small infrastructure projects within the Rural Community 

    The UWP believes that these initiatives show a caring UWP Government that continues to provide support for the most vulnerable in our society.

    The Prime Minister also announced duty-free concessions on vehicles for nurses, police officers, firemen and firewomen and a waiver of 100% duty for Minibuses and Taxi drivers. 

    There was a call by Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet to support more local products and the UWP will support this initiative by ensuring that we do our fair share of purchasing local as much as possible.

    The meeting ended with the National Council’s approval of three candidates for the upcoming general elections and its resounding support for Allen Chastanet as the Political Leader of the United Workers Party.


  1. Is this *** for real? We want you and your ******* family and friends OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT !!!!!!!!!

  2. In this time of financial crisis caused by covid-19 all over the world,this is a great budget.SLP would never manage ST.LUCIA’S affairs so well.They performed miserably when there was no such crisis in the world.That’s why they were kickef out.KEEP IT UP. BRAVO UWP!!!

    • Agreed. We got big bags of bobol and scandal when they were leading the country. If they were in power lucians would have been all out by now sick with COVID. they would not have been interested in running the affairs of the country but in massaging their big egos and looking for opportunity to line their pockets. a group of white colour criminals most of them.

  3. Reading from No.1 to 7 plus, I must admit that this is a very ambitious budget for the
    immediate future at a time such as this in the middle of a ravaging health epidemic facing
    humanity on a global scale. We are a Rock sticking out of the ocean who dare call our
    self a nation, and even a member of the United Nations, the audacity, or should I say the
    brazenness of it all – we have guts, and lots of it. Daily I wake up and always wonder,how
    my little St.Lucia where I was born, when George Charles struggled to create something
    out of nothing, only God was able to do, and became a reality; George never dreamed of
    having a budget of a $million, never; but now with hundreds plus staggers the imagination.
    Sitting here I say, what kind of world do we live in? If we have ‘health’ and a good dinner
    what more do we aspire to? I thank God almighty that this ‘Rock’ has created some good
    persons, most have never been to University, some we do have now, backbreaking at the
    Hospitals like martyrs, many like myself who sought shelter in faraway lands just to survive
    but especially now, some who are striving for the good of many in the near future, for a
    much better life, be they Red or yellow God knows:- I pray for Gods’ blessings on them all.

  4. Fluff and bluff just open the airport and Poof that’s all she wrote. IMF LONAN SHARKS will make sure they get back their monies WITH INTEREST in a steadfast consistent manner and if you are not cutting it for them they will make sure you cut whatever you need to line their pockets. Reality don’t even sink in yet we don’t even make one repayment….just now.

  5. The SLP will win the upcoming elections. I don’t even have an iota of doubt about this. They will win not because they are deserving but by default. The UWP over promised and under delivered.

    Do you remember what they said about crime? It’s worse than ever. What about healthcare? They have failed spectacularly. The economy is still in the ICU. The Ubaldus affair has left an indelible stain on this administration. Ubaldus had to fire himself. Imagine that!

    Sorry St. Lucians. It’s a choice between two evils. You will pick the lesser of the two.

    • Totally agree. Two many promises and nothing of substance to show for it. It’s just not worth it to rebut the points stated above. Too much fluff and no meat.
      If I were the opposition I would forfeit this election, let them get the country out of the mess they have presently and for what awaits them down the road. Tourism is dead for now, imagine phase 1 of reopening is only for the all inclusive hotels. The locals are shut out for now. Nothing is trickling down to those that have problems making ends meet and paying their bills.
      They will come out and say they did not have enough time to get their policies implemented….We could also say that of the previous group. They promised, didn’t deliver, so they were voted out. We just need to stop promising what we know full well will not be accomplished to get votes. St. Lucians are a resilient people and we will survive somehow.

      • WELL SAID WELL SAID exactly what I have been saying for the longest. They should forfeit the election and let them WOOLER IN THEIR MESS Allen Chastanet must not escape the raft of the St Lucian People for the mess he has put this country in.

    • Yup. At this point we’re caught between naught and a hard place. Why not make a fresh start instead of having those crooks rob us blind.

  6. I’m wondering in my mind if SLP win that election next year in that kind of economy… how would St Lucia 🇱🇨 go forward.I heard KDA said a lot of what that government do… will undo Lucians think for yourself don’t get caught between Red and yellow because is we that will suffer.. All these politicians can eat better than us…

  7. Fox you and Gearge Joseph need a powerful pair of spectacles because not even your toes you can see right now. Bunch of Jokers. The writing is all over.

  8. Forefit the elections cuz that the only way slp can win right now. Wait to vote so you all want to win lol. Uwp all the way

  9. Arrrrr, it’s a shame his re-election isn’t solely dependent on the party commitment!

    The people have no confidence in St Lucia’s first dyslexic, not too bright, ******* (the truth is whatever you believe it to be) PM.

  10. SLP will never get to see leadership in this country with those rejects it have in the party. You people better trust those words. They are done like burnt meat. Done.Done. Done.

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