Monday, February 17, 2020

United Workers Party Supports Budget

Press Release:- The UWP, United Workers Party, expresses its unequivocal support for the 2019/2020 Budget of the Allen Chastanet led government.

In Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s budget entitled “Growth by Empowerment for a Better Future” the plans for the next fiscal year clearly show the government’s dedication to relieving the tax burdens on Saint Lucians and a concerted push to improving the island’s infrastructure.

Clearly articulated is the Medium Term Strategy which will focus on development the six areas of Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Tourism, Infrastructure, & Citizen Safety.

Major Infrastructure projects for this financial year will include the rehabilitation of the Millennium Highway and West Coast Road, construction of St. Jude Hospital, The redevelopment of Hewanorra International Airport, redevelopment of the Castries Market, and island-wide road rehabilitation projects, Water projects in Dennery and Vieux Fort, and the new Cul-de-Sac Bridge.

It is evident that much of the infrastructure in Saint Lucia had been neglected during the last administration and will finally be significantly repaired and enhanced by this UWP administration.

Hotel Projects scheduled to commence construction during this financial period include a Resort & Residences at Honeymoon Beach in Vieux Fort, a Hyatt in Choc Bay, Villas and a Golf Course in Cap Estate, a Marriott Hotel at Pointe Seraphine, Hotel construction in Choiseul and the continuation of the 1st Phase of the DSH project where it is planned for the first horse race to take place on December 13, National Day.

The planned full commissioning of the OKEU Hospital by the end of 2019 is another example of the dedication by this UWP administration to improve the healthcare provided to all Saint Lucians.

The recommencement of construction on the St. Jude Hospital is yet another indication of this government’s commitment to fixing what has been unresolved in the south of the island for ten years. We are convinced that on completion of the St. Jude Hospital works that healthcare in the south of the island will be the best it has ever been for many years.

Of particular note is the neglect schools and education, again during the last administration. The allocation of a further $10 Million for school rehabilitation and $2.5 Million for the Smart School Project is yet another indicator of the priority attached to importance of education.

The $5.8 Million Safe City CCTV Project in Castries will begin addressing crime fighting challenges facing our police and other law enforcement officers on a daily basis.

Sports Facilities Development in Gros Islet, Soufriere, Dennery South, Micoud North and Micoud South are yet another indication that this UWP government is committed to youth development. The construction of mini stadiums, swimming pools, athletic tracks, and football fields will allow our youth to engage in healthy and competitive activities rather than crime and anti-social behaviours.

One of the most impressive and exciting announcements during the 2019/2020 budget is the Personal Income Tax Reform which will see over 11,000 Saint Lucians pay none or lower taxes on their personal income effective January 1st, 2020. This will allow more disposable income in the pockets of some of the lowest brackets of employees in Saint Lucia. The economic and social benefits to resulting from this tax scheme will be felt where it is most needed.

These and more initiatives by this government continue to be in keeping with the promises made by the United Workers Party on the campaign trail, and in our manifesto during the 2016 elections campaign. #WORKYOUCANFEEL


  1. Headliners “UWP Supports Budget”. My response: Daaah. Should any one expect something different. I want to know the UWP’s position on Ubaldus, Wipay, the $162 million letter, the PM lying in parliament saying he did not say at the OAS what the tapes show he said. Oswald Augustine, what is the UWP’s position on these matters?

  2. These guys have never stoped amazing me. Did you expect us to believe otherwise, are we that stupid or gullible. Who formulated the budget; stop treating us like kids, we do not need to be spoon fed this way.

  3. Were they expecting anything else.? Anybody that would ever have a diffrent opinion would be labeled a traitor and kicked out of the meeting,party and whatever.They can be so vindictive they will come after you and your family even your children at school.Behave be a good dog.

  4. How much money is going to Guy’s pocket? By the way what is the UWPs achievement for the last 3years? It’s a great shame to see black people kissing a white man posterior.

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