United Youth ‘Disheartened’ By SLP’s ‘Lack Of Patriotism’

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Press Release:-  The executive of United Youth has recognized a necessity to pellucidly and succinctly clarify misleading statements which have been circulated by members of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party.

These statements which were in relation to our 2020 National Youth Conference, were also repeated by Labour Party Parliamentarians during the February 9th 2021 sitting of
Parliament as deliberate attempts to mislead the house of assembly and the nation by extension.

United Youth’s 2020 National Youth Conference was held on August 30th, 2020 at the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Centre.

As an organization that functions in an obsequious manner as it pertains to required protocols, we ensured to acquire permission from the Chief Medical Officer and the Police to host our event.

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During this event, efforts were made to observe COVID-19 protocols such as sanitizing upon entry, temperature checks and mask wearing.

A database of all attendees was taken inclusive of their contact information which would allow for contact tracing in the event that it became necessary.

During the following month, none of the members present at the event displayed any COVID related symptoms or tested positive for the virus.

It must also be noted that when United Youth held the Youth Conference on August 30th, there was only one confirmed active case on the island, which was a returning national who had been in care since August 14th, 2020.

As of September 1st, 2020 Saint Lucia had recorded 100% recovery from COVID-19 cases.

We are elated that as visionary young leaders, the Labour Party followed from our example set and attempted to host some sort of youth gathering on September 5th 2020 in Dennery.

However, by all indications from pictures posted, the SLP never made the slightest effort, or showed even a modicum of respect for the protocols set by the C.M.O. and her team.

As young people we have been disheartened by the lack of patriotism shown by the SLP and the poor support given to the Government to help combat a virus which has no political preference.

At every opportunity, since the beginning of the pandemic, the SLP has gone to extraordinary lengths to undermine the work of the C.M.O., Health-workers, Front-liners and the Government of Saint Lucia.

We encourage the Leader of the Opposition Philip J Pierre and his political party to stop “Putting Politics First’’ and join the efforts to defeat the COVID-19 virus here in Saint Lucia.

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