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‘Unqualified’ Persons Posing As Engineers In Saint Lucia

Press Release:-  The Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia (APESL) and the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) would like to advise the public that the Engineers (Registration) Act CAP 13.10 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia defines Engineering as follows:

““engineering” includes the doing of one or more acts of advising on, reporting on, designing of, supervising of or inspection of the construction of any of the works or operations or other matters set out in Schedule 1.”

APESL has received complaints with regard to the practice of Engineering by unqualified and unregistered persons in the state of Saint Lucia, with the evidence of designs, which are fundamentally flawed, unfit for their purpose, posing an eminent threat to the public interest, public safety and an existential threat to the proper functioning of the Society.

The practise of Engineering by unregistered persons is strictly prohibited and is a breach of the Engineering Registration Act.

Section 12

PRACTICE OF ENGINEERING BY UNREGISTERED PERSONS This Act shall not— (a) prevent a person who is not an engineer from operating, executing or supervising any engineering works as owner, contractor, superintendent, foreman, technician, inspector or master, where the public interest and public safety are not likely to be affected; or (b) require any person referred to in paragraph (a) to become registered under this Act for the purpose of doing anything mentioned in paragraph (a).

Section 18


(1) Subject to section 12 a person commits an offence who— (a) fraudulently procures or attempts to procure the registration under this Act of himself or herself or any other person by making or producing, or causing to be made or produced, any false or fraudulent representation or declaration, either orally or in writing;

(b) fraudulently makes, causes or permits to be made— (i) any false or incorrect entry or copy of an entry in the register, (ii) any alteration in any entry or copy of an entry in the register; or (c) not being a registered engineer— (i) practises engineering for which he or she demands or receives any fee, gratuity or remuneration, (ii) pretends to be a registered engineer, (iii) makes use of the title of Professional Engineer or any other name, title, designation or description, implying that he or she is a registered engineer or is entitled to be recognised or to practice as a registered engineer.

(2) A person who commits an offence under this Act is liable on summary conviction— (a) for a first offence to a fine of $500 or to imprisonment for 2 months; and (b) for each subsequent offence, to a fine of $1,000 or to imprisonment for 4 months.

(3) In any prosecution under subsection (1)(c), the absence of the name of the person charged from the list last published in the Gazette under section 6(4), is prima facie evidence that the person is not a registered engineer.”

The public is reminded that the List of Registered Professional Engineers is published annually in the Gazette and at any time the most updated list can be obtained from the office of the Registrar of the High Court.

SCHEDULE 1 (Section 2) ENGINEERING OPERATIONS The following are engineering operations— (a) public utilities; (b) industrial works, harbour works, drainage works, irrigation works, sewerage works and sewerage disposal works, and hydraulic works; (c) industrial processes; (d) railways, tramways, bridges, tunnels, roads, highways, canals and river improvements; (e) lighthouses, wet docks, dry docks and floating docks; (f) cranes, dredges, hoists, lifts and winches; (g) waterworks, water purification plants; (h) incinerators; (i) power transmission systems, electric lighting and electrical or electronic communications systems and equipment; (j) any electrical apparatus or machinery; (k) electronics; (l) mineral property mining development or minal operations of any kind; (m) smelters, refineries, metallurgical machinery or equipment or apparatus for carrying out such operation; (n) boilers and their auxiliaries; (o) steam engines, hydraulic turbines, pumps, internal combustion engines and other mechanical structures; (p) chemical machinery; (q) airports; (r) all ships of more than 50 tons gross, classified or unclassified, their propulsion unit and safety of life at sea equipment; (s) garages, hotels any industrial building to be used for any industrial purpose; (t) public buildings and places used for or offered for use as places for public assembly; (u) commercial domestic and other buildings which are more than 2 floors high or are greater than 240 square metres in area;
(v) generally, all other engineering works including the engineering works and installation relating to airports, airfields or landing strips or relating to town and community planning.

APESL is extremely concerned as such, illegal practice endangers the safety of persons and can lead to the loss of human life. This illegal practice significantly impacts on the ability to build wealth in our society as inadequate designs lead to wastage of resources through rework, increased operations & maintenance costs and a significant reduction in returns on investment and value added.

APESL and the ERB will remain vigilant to ensure that the framework which enhances the Engineering Profession is adhered to and that Engineering in Saint Lucia is practiced in accordance with the Code of Ethics, with the overarching fidelity to the public needs.


  1. At the end of the day what matters is who signs the aproved drawings and not who builds the structure.besides you chose the cheapest builder.The place to go and cry is church.

  2. And there are registered professionals who know no more than my Jack of all trades uncle. Publish their names for us to point out the incompetent ones eh!

  3. You very True and Correct .They Choose the Cheapest so call Contractor or Bulider.The Ministry of InfraStructure Have too much Going on when it Comes to Contracts .Years ago it was said it’s under the Table but now its Modified its above the Table

  4. SMH. A misleading article with no basis. Name one person. All u cannot name one. Btw who are the qualified ones. Are u referring to those consultants who designed and supervised the Pavee Road Rehab a few yrs ago. The same qualified ones who spent 9 yrs and over a 100million dollars and couldn’t gv us a hospital. Where was the ERB and APESL when these things happened. Guess it was all u friends or all u involved so all u said nuttiing. Shut up and go find something to do.

  5. How about publishing the list of qualified engineers in this very article ? Make the information more easily available by publishing it on the internet(govt website).Why must everything be a secret in this country

  6. The current members of the Engineers Registration Board are

    Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia Members
    Eng. Daren Cenac, PEng, MAPESL, CEng MIMechE
    Eng. Maclean James, PEng, MAPESL, CEng MIET
    Eng. Cromwell Goodridge, PEng, MAPESL, CEng MICE
    Eng. John Peters, PEng, MAPESL

    Very useful article however I am surprised that there are only 4 members. Does this mean that these 4 gentlemen are the only qualified engineers in St. Lucia? If not why aren’t the other qualified engineers joining the association. What’s the story here?

    • I think you’ve missed the point. The Board is simply the group of people appointed to review and approve applications for registration. This is entirely different from the list of persons registered to practice as engineers.

  7. Is this a case of pot calling kettle black? There is anecdotal evidence to indicate that some engineers practice as surveyors, valuers and construction managers without the academic training that a dedicated professional in these areas of work should have.
    The engineering association should ensure that their members “stick to their profession” as well

  8. It is a nasty elitist Brotherhood. You finish your degree and pass with honours. You come here and work for years and they want you to do an exam on obsolete concepts that they learnt in the 1970’s. Try as you may they stand in your way. We millennial have no time for it. It is just sad that when those who are not qualified add insult to injury and make things even harder for us. Other countries want us so… we will be leaving in drones. COVID is just a temporary thing. And do not let me hear anything about brain drain. It will be brains seeking asylum.

  9. This is a biased article. I can understand persons who have never pursued studies and had no experience…How about the qualified engineers who are have been seeking membership and declined by the brotherhood, yet still are always sourced by these “qualified” members?

    The unregistered one’s work is signed and stamped by these qualified members for major contracts yet still membership is declined. These society of elite will stop at nothing!

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