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Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am

UPDATE: Guardsman Security Guard Shot Dead In Robbery

A Guardsman Security Guard was shot dead during a robbery at the Balata petrol station in Castries, police have confirmed.

Masked gunmen attacked the business place, according to a law enforcement official.

The official told St Lucia Times that the bandits escaped with cash and the firearm that the deceased had.

Emergency officials said the male guard was shot in the head and transported to hospital by an ambulance from the Babonneau fire station about 4.10 pm.

According to the officials, at the time the victim was transported to Victoria Hospital no vital signs were discernible.

Guardsman (St Lucia) Limited, contacted for a comment on the incident, indicated that it could not make a statement at the time.

The identity of the deceased has not been disclosed.



  1. Government officials and head of police please get these crippling dark tinted windows off the streets of st Lucia. If they had clear windows they would have been identified long time. Stop encouraging the crime on the island with those dark tinted windows. MAKE IT ILLEGAL ON THE ISLAND. STOP INCREASING THE CRIME RATE WITH THIS.

  2. Police please send a message to the “doer” that his turn is next. let him know he is on the hit list. it is only then that some will think twice. poor man. working for a living and this happens.

  3. These thieves…sorry roaches needs to be exterminated. I hope no one would come and talk about the incest or rodent rights.

  4. It’s a sad day today for once again bandits has struck with no remorse for life…R.I.P to the young man and my heart goes out to his family…to the security company which employed this young man I do hope that part of his employment benefit was that of life insurance covered by the employer. The job of a security is high risk and it’s of my humble opinion that all securities should be given mandatory life insurance policies covered by the employer, because life goes on and business as usual for the operators of that gas station (businesses they protect) but what about the security guard family? What if he is the breadwinner command only employed? What happens to his kids or dependents?….just my humble opinion….let us learn to love each other like we love the white man!

  5. I am positive that there’s no Insurance Policy for the Guardsman Security. Questions. why Guardsman Detail one Security Guard at that Location ? Fencing of the gas Station should be the number one priority.Two Security Guards Should have been on Duty at that Gas Station .Too many escape Routes .These Business Establishments want to Save Millions of Dollars Monthly and Don’t want to pay for Additional Security .Thats very ssd for the Gentleman Family .I hope the police arrest the Fools who Committed that Senseless Crime

  6. Things serious down here. They had a guard which means they anticipate robbery and a harmed one to boot but that did not deterred these brazen bandits; Just goes to show if fellows make up their mind to kill rob or teef they are going to do it. Investigate the employees first they have the most info about the day to day operation You cant have a cop on every corner or as soon as a crime is committed they are right there that’s far fetch we don’t have that kind of resource we busy spending it on other things that are not of issue or of pertinence or germane to the lives of every day St Lucians such as horse racing.

  7. My condolences to Paul Bruce’s family. He left home to do an honest day’s work and never returned. How many of these stories have we heard? Paul’s family is now reeling from their brutal loss.

    Earlier this week, I watched the security minister lamenting about the fact that magistrates/judges were imposing $5,000 fines for gun crimes. He sounded so helpless, detached and clueless. It took a few seconds for his dismal and groveling speech to sink in.

    As a member of the ruling party…with an enormous majority, one would think that legislation would have been enacted a long time ago to halt those mini fines. Nah, that’s a far reach. Mr. Minister, how about mandatory sentencing for gun crimes? How about absolutely no bail? Why haven’t you attacked the gun problem head-on with a vigorous strategy?

    By the way, how about those deep tinted windows? I can count over two hundred major cities and states where those windows are illegal. You probably think the authorities there do it for fun.
    A crass joker played upon the St. Lucian people.

  8. How many have been killed in this same place,and those that survived,lets say in the last 25 years.Anybody cares to investigate ? This is a bad place for business,besides the nearest police station is nowere close. Sad for this security guard,and his family.I dont believe they walked away on foot,just like that.These guys are veterans on the job,its not their first one .We just have to get them and finish them off,no human rights for these dogs

  9. Rip, my bro. Heartfelt condolences to your family members. However, I don’t subscribe to the point, tinted vehicles has anything to do with the Crime. These heartless thugs will not think before they do their crimes. If, a vehicle wasn’t involved, how can you blame it on tinted vehicles? Most people with tinted vehicles are genuine and is only using the tint to protect the interior of the vehicle and it also serves as a deterrent for these hooligans. Finally, I’m hoping that the Company takes care of his Children;if he has any, it’s heart renching for a man to be out there trying to make a dollar to survive and feed his families and to die in a henious manner. Again rest in peace, your blood is on their hands.

  10. To the comments about heavily tinted vehicles, the pms fleet is heavily tinted, the police commissioner is heavily tinted, alot of police are heavily tinted, prison transport is heavily tinted, lawyers are, taxi services are, security companies are, so your point you wish to make….is “heavily flawed”.

    I wish nothing but misfortune and degredation for the people who murdered this guy in cold blood…for what? A few thousand… IF EVEN…I hope they get yourll…you deserve the same fate. RIP my guy

  11. Condolences to his family. First of all, the issue of minimum wage should be addressed and I for one believe that no security officer should be paid less than $10.00 an hour and for these armed guards, no less than $15.00 an hour. Guardsman for one is the biggest security firm on the island but the biggest rip off when it comes to salaries. Paying 4.25 an hour for 8 hours and overtime 6.38. How many guards have to risk their lives for such change and the so called bosses make all the thousands when they are not out in the field or in the line of fire? All security officers on island should protest. Put the uniforms down, put the tools down and strike. Unless these companies agree to increase the salaries, no work.

  12. A society rampant with niggers will not prosper. Stop the rise of single parent hood. Get these young boys off the streets and put them at the bottom of the ocean where they can r.i.p. stop allowing irresponsible, unemployed, uneducated people from reproducing freely. Make birth control for these women mandatory. At.Lucis will be uninhabitable in the next 10 years. All that will be left are hoods and hoodrats.

  13. I’ll wonder never work as a security guard in the country. The pay is insulting and now the job is more dangerous than a police officer. All security guards need to get a new job maybe then the security companies will increase the pay and benefits to attract people

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