Update On Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Case # 25

Press Release:- On Thursday July 30, 2020 the Ministry of Health and Wellness reported its 25th case of COVID-19.

Presently, the individual is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Respiratory Hospital for    management and care.

The clinical team reports that he is stable and responding well to care.

The team continues investigations and contact tracing to establish the source and contain transmission.

Four (4) caretakers and close relatives have been swabbed and placed in quarantine.

Three (3) health care workers, fourteen (14) patients have been tested and placed in quarantine due to possible exposure.

This gentleman received many visits by family and friends during his recuperation at home.

Investigations continue into a possible contact with a travel history at this time.

We await test results before any links are confirmed and communicated.

On Thursday, July 9, 2020 Saint Lucia received its first international flight since the border closure in March, 2020. In an effort to safely facilitate the return of our nationals.

Quarantine centres have been set up using various hotels.

This has proved to be an important measure in containing COVID-19 on island and failure to adhere can have serious implications for disease containment.

Over the last few months, many persons who have been granted home quarantine have not been adhering to those protocols established.

All persons on home quarantine are required to stay indoors for 14 days.

The public is asked to cooperate and encourage family members and  friends who have return from overseas and are presently in quarantine to remain at home for the 14 day duration.

Failure to adhere can lead to community spread of COVID-19 at this time.

The names of all persons in home quarantine are forwarded to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to assist with compliance.

The public is advised to alert the nearest police station or the Ministry of Health and Wellness at 468 -5318/ 468-5349 with information in relation to anyone who breaches home quarantine guidelines.


Further updates will       be provided as the information becomes available.


  1. Selfish lucians. you have travel history, what you going and visit old people for or anyone? the person certainly did not quarantine for at least 14 days. it look like they were feeling a bit ill and went about their daily lives knowing they could have been exposed and also exposed plenty other people to.

  2. I blame the government… you suppose to know your ppl , lucians have no discipline… that so call home quarantines thing Will not work cause they will still go out . They should know that…. that was a damn thing to implement… you better get a place to isolate these ppl as you should have done.. smh

  3. St.Lucians will not Adhere to Rules and Regulation in St.Lucia .To make Matters Worst they Cover up For one another in their Wrong Doings .Its just a Matter of Time For an Outbreak of Covid19 In St.Lucia

  4. St Lucia and st Lucians a mess …
    no self discipline
    Just ignorant, selfish race of people.
    The country and its people need a serious overhaul … not down to government … this is a case of re educating the people in basic ethics and morals …. cause they have none

  5. That’s why God has to teach them a serious lessons a bunch of hard headed people that thinks they knows all.. listening to some lucians talk just shaking my head… everyone wants to do their own thing .

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