Wednesday, September 28, 2022

UPDATE: Police Confirm Triple Homicide In Marchand

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Police have confirmed that three people, one woman, and two men, are dead due to a shooting incident in Marchand, Castries, on Sunday night.

Law enforcement officials said 22-year-old Don Straughn of Marchand died at the scene.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLEF) said it received a call for assistance around 9:20 p.m. On arrival on the scene, responders said they found a male who exhibited no vital signs.

Officials told St Lucia Times that private vehicles transported the other two shooting victims to the hospital.

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A police official said that both succumbed.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Hillaire is an individual I would probably want to sit down and have a beer with. I like his brain capacity!

    But it is clear he is the worst case of an obtuse self absorbed individual incapable of understanding what constitutes moral or immoral behaviour.
    He is the kind of person that creates a present day Zimbabwe or Venezuela – and damn the consequences.

    St. Lucia with the present level of corruption at a community level and utter disregard for truth and morality at the political level is a society on a destructive bent.

    We are finished as a nation, a far cry from the vision of John Compton.

    Lucians living abroad cannot believe the level of corruption, malfeasance, shadiness and crookedness that constitutes St Lucia’s society from the top to the bottom most particularly in the constitution of a Cabinet of persons there as a result of a racist and xenophobic political campaign. We as a society are in serious trouble when voters can call the name of God in support of a drug dealer.

  2. Crack cocaine not selling like before because of unemployment and every one is planting their own weed so the drug dealers are desperate… They Will soon have no choice but go and work for 3:50 cents an hour as there is not a livable wage in the bloody island..

  3. Who influences the parents? Yes the government whether they poor or working class they have their parties they follow the way their party treats them thats how they treat their children and this one promotes greed and arrogance so is guess Gov did sleep with your spouse and now you say parents must teach values but with influence from nothing to guide them

  4. Milton and his top administrators should be held accountable for the increase in crime, for they seem to be clueless on an appropriate response. I take it that crime is a social problem and accordingly we all have to come together to control and prevent it. However, to get that lull – a period where the authorities can step it with other measures aimed at dealing with the issue, the police must bring the situation under control by dominating the ground. But Milton and his top brass apparently are more interested in getting extensions and contracts beyond their retirement age, than dealing with the crime situation which under Milton’s watchful eye is now the highest ever recorded, and is still increasing. What a legacy! To date, the police has failed to put together an anti crime strategy, the most essential step in gaining control of the crime situation. This would have been the first response for any functional police organization. Without such a strategy and an effective one at that, the police would only be reacting like headless chickens, to criminal acts. This police leadership clearly cannot deal with crime situation on the island. Is it too, that they are too busy fighting each other? We the citizens need more effective police commanders. Commanders who are genuine and not working just for political gain and political favours. The police leadership cannot even articulate an appropriate response for the crime situation. Lord help us!! The commissioner believes that crime can be solved by he walking areas where criminal act took place. This is just for TV and total nonsense!! What we need is effective police responses, not celebrity appearances. So Mr. prime minister, stop giving the police a free pass. Hold them accountable!! And if they can’t present and execute proper anti crime strategies them you need to get rid of them. Like I said earlier, the police alone can’t solve the crime problem in our country but they are the ones tasked with creating the environment to allow for intervention by the other agencies and so far they have failed!

  5. Those blaming Gov. yes they may be part of the issue also you know who is part of the issue parents and their values taught to these people. Dr. G Gov didnt sleep with your spouse to conceive that child so lets start with the root.

  6. When most of the citizens in St. Lucia practice witchcraft by paying visits to witches and warlocks on an ongoing basis ….what do you expect.??? Paying $$$$$&to harm others and crying broke at the same time??????

    When you are envious, jealous, commiting adultery, incest, pedophiles, siblings killing siblings, obeah and paraphernalia in front of a bank in the town. Fighting for land that does not belong to you, Trying to harm others because they invested in their education and you did not…trying for others to lose their job even when you are incapable of doing the job that you have. Putting obeah and dirty things in superiors lunch and tea ..what do you expect????

    Trying to outbuild each other, trying to buy more expensive or better car 🚗 than neighbor..what do you think will be the end result when you bargain with the devil?????. Competing at every level for no apparent reason except envy. Most of you have already sold your soul and have already bargained continuously with Satan and so he is running rampant all over St. Lucia.

    @truth be told you are on point. The truth will set us free.

  7. The most valid points made yet are those who recognize the economic domino effect Covid has on the general population. The economy has always been on the down low, but Covid has just stifled it. The depressing thing is there is no end in sight so expect things to get worst. People must now quarantine themselves from crime, in addition to Covid. The money is not flowing like it use too, causing people including ruthless drug dealers to get hungrier and angrier ! My advice to anyone who doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as those three, is to pay up what you owe ASSP before the bullet, If you owe no one your chances will be greater, Settle your your differences before it is to late !

  8. Wow. What’s so important about having a US Visa. Everyday is the same rhetoric. US Visa revoked, criminal in cabinet. None of you’ll have concrete evidence. And majority just going on hear say. Like the saying goes, it takes a thief to know a thief, well it takes a criminal to know a criminal.

  9. @Child of the King, good contribution. I share your sentiment that our parents need to do a better job of raising our children. In the past, that responsibility was shared and even shouldered by the grandparents and the community. These days, the grandparents are so young, they trying to check for themselves and don’t have time to help raise the grand children. The parents themselves are young, they see the children as their prized possessions and do whatever they have to do to appease their children. That includes attacking teachers, neighbors, other family members or anybody they feel has attacked their prized possession. Children grow up with little respect for anyone and never taking accountability for their actions.
    The Government does have a role to play in crime reduction. They are responsible for putting the policies in place to prevent and reduce crime. The solutions are multi-faceted and include a variety of agencies working together instead of in silos. The two main political arties that have led this country deserve a failing grade in their approach to the crime situation in this country.
    In my opinion, it seems like a great section of our population distrusts and have given up on the system. In the past, disadvantaged persons had hope that if they worked hard, played by the rules, got educated, then they could make it. That is no longer the norm. You can do all the right things, get educated, play by the rules and still get overlooked for someone who is connected to which ever administration is in power. This is a system fueled by favor and not merit. As a result people have lost hope and faith in the system. When people lose hope they become desperate, take matters into their own hands and chaos ensues.
    While we blame the government and the politicians, the vast majority of our politicians are products of St. Lucia, so their behavior, whether good or bad is a reflection of what we believe, accept and tolerate. We all need to be better in our homes, communities, schools and workplaces. The change that is needed in St. Lucia is the responsibility of all of us.
    Condolences to the families of the deceased. I don’t know them personally, but I know we just lost 3 St. Lucians in a very bad way. We have lost too many St. Lucians in this manner.

  10. The police know it’s the same OTF gang doing all the killings The government knows it’s the OTF gang murdering innocent ppl but they cast a blind eye because they have friends and family in the gang I might even say that different law officials and government officials are being paid by the gang or owes the gang some favors

  11. No free lunches! The Pied Piper of Evil must be paid! The demons under whose control Saint Lucia falls, are now collecting the over due installments! If you are in debt to the devil–prepare to pay up very soon. Your only escape is to repent of your evil ways — and turn to Jesus Christ! You can scoff and ridicule all you like, but the truth is this — Saint Lucia is reaping what Saint Lucia has sowed!

  12. Philip J Pierre where you at? This is not what we should be waking up to bruh. You’ve been the Parliamentary Rep for Marchand for 25years and now you’re graced with PM😏 Pip why have you abandoned the people of Marchand all these years? Why didn’t you clean up the community and bring the people the development and change that they need? What did Marchians do to you? They kept you elected for almost 3 decades and that’s how you pay them back?

    All you do is feed on the blood and suffering of the people. I’m old enough to remember the red carpet walk you did😔was that the blood of Marchians you walked on?

    I agree charity begins at home but what about the leaders we elect to help bring the charity some of us can not get at home? These politicians are very selfish and as for us St Lucians, we don’t want to elect men and women that have the vision that can better our lives and livelihoods. We just keep recycling garbage until this very same garbage sends us to an early grave. Inorder for one to transform their community they must first transform their thinking.

    People of Marchand make your voices heard and speak out against what’s happening in your community. Don’t do it for you but rather, do it for your children.

    Pickney kyah florish in no ghetto.

    Who will help the family of the victims? Sweet Helen is sinking faster than before.

    Captain the ship is sinking
    Captain the seas are rough
    Should we abandon ship
    Or should we stay on it? To PERISH slow

    We don’t know,we don’t know

    Captain Pip please tell us what to do..

    This is an SOS.. help help help

  13. To begin my point, crime is a social problem. However, we ought to remember that charity begins at home. As parents we should stop casting a blind eye when our kids misbehave
    Instead, we ought to correct their wrongs while we still can. Like they say, bend the tree while it is young. While we cannot blame the government for crime, there are measures that can be put in place. For example, there need to be stiffer penalties for people who are found with illegal weapons and ammunition. We tend to blame the police for not doing anything but how many of us have witnessed a crime and managed to step up and report it, huh? If this crime situation is not dealt with then pretty soon St.Lucia will be lost….

  14. Dr. Gerome, stop being a FOOL!! Why everything that happen is a politician or political party’s fault? So stupid !!

  15. @Bolo Bryon, great point. The 7 million which in fact has been returned causing crime. Right? You have to be a criminal yourself to try to deflect from the issue at hand. You criminal j@ck@$$.

  16. The same set that was blaming chass for the crimes now coming an say u can’t blame government. Very much confusing. Lol

  17. @bolo ryan… stop commenting on the money that has been returned. Ask your guavament…they’re keeping this one from you.

    Dr gerome I support what you’re saying. This guy from mucous Norbert was always on my tv talking crime and how he’s going to stop it when he’s elected. What happen now!!!!!
    You think I should just go quiet, hell no!!!!
    They attack chas on everything whether good or bad. They oppose every shit.

    What do we expect when we have criminal in cabinet. I always told you guys. Choose wisely, while chas was all about corruption you’ll claim, then why elect criminals in cabinet. You’ll just made it worse. How many corrupt politicians visas are revoked? Isn’t it more to do with drug trafficking?
    You’ll elected el Chaplin guavament we’ll take what you get!

    As for you Ashley… yes guavament get take the same guns from their hands. Do whatever it takes to keep us safe. Do what the Philippines pm did. But you know what they will never because it’s a dirty cycle in st.Lucia. Police, minister, judge, magistrate, customs, parents toot moon corrupt

  18. To much crooked politicians, and associations to bad boy bosses…. they giving all the little clean up projects to the bosses rather than giving it to the people who need them like the boys in the ghetto…. so now to make a little $1000 to feed your children, they have to go take up hit work for the bosses since they got the Christmas clean up contracts…. smh… there are many dirty politicians in our little country who are the main cause of this upscale in gun related violence…. they fuel it by associations and greed….

  19. I’m so tired of the crime here but I’m more tired of the respect we give these criminals.
    When you are a gunman here people respect you like you’re some kind of god. Look at other countries, look at how they hate them with a passion and when they are arrested, police officers have to hold the civilian back from beating them to death.

    WHY do we glorify this kind of behavior? How many more people we love have to die for us to say this is wrong and these men are scum?. It’s like we are slaves to them, they do us wickedness in this country but we respecting my them the more they give us lix.

    I’m tired of it, im tired of how we glorify the people that cause our country the most suffering.
    From women not being able to walk at night at the fear of being held at gunpoint and having to deal with trauma for life, from the old man getting slammed on his head for 4 dollars in his bag… for the minors going missing every week and some of them were kidnapped and held at gunpoint, from the robberies from hard working people who worked months or even years for something that was stolen by them from force.
    From the murders… from the car jacking… from the insults and threats women deal with daily for “cutting style” and some of them have actually been followed home or even worse.
    When will we learn????

  20. Say what you all want we have useless people calling themselves honourable yet we saint lucians hungry and poor I know our young people deserve better not becoming criminal minds robbers and heartache

  21. It is a real sad situation what the violence has become now. My question is. The guns that are confiscated off the streets is an inventory taken to see that the number of guns and ammunition confiscated in raids do not go back out on the streets. Also who is responsible for the illegal weapons when it is in the hands of the authorities. The investigation has to start somewhere and done in a through manner.

  22. I think the police has been busy working on the situation. I recall the PRO providing updates on police operations where guns and ammunition are being found. It seems the ports of entry are possibly a bigger matter…and uhmm business places where drugs and guns are found in their courts!!!

  23. Well, this latest really is alot to take in! Triple homicide! To me we should be focussing more on that than anything else! How does someone shoot one, two, three, people and not be seen, stopped or caught? It’s the type of guns being used that’s the problem. We all want to blame the police – blame the churches! All their talk is about social and political issues and not about God! Watch what will happen when the church starts back bringing God into every sermon!

  24. Where is the police commissioner and the police high command?

    Gunfire has been echoing throughout the nights in Marchand for sometime over the last few days.

    Despite Marchand having a police station, there has been no police presence and patrols.

    While police cannot prevent most crimes, their presence can act as a deterrent.

    The police seems to be missing in action islandwide.

  25. I really believe that we must stop the hypocrisy. What you you all expect when we have a man in the country’s cabinet who has had his US Visa revoked. We all know why the US revokes visas. Now, isn’t that telling our young people that certain behaviours are ok. No matter what, you can be elevated. That’s the problem – the people we give our young people as role models.

    • Exactly. And add that a former PM with insight made it clear he is not serving in a Cabinet with that man. The optics of that is horrible. Pierre is a moron. When you make deals with the devil you always lose.

  26. I need to tell Dr Gerome to ask Allen for the 7 million dollars he gave away for vaccine and we cannot get any thing as yet. I also have to as Gerome whether he needs the help of William Wilberforce and Francis Drake to free him up. He has mentality.

  27. It’s so sad talking change nothing all those murders and and nothing will be said by government or police but say one thing against any of them look talk .lord put a hand nothing else work

  28. The writing has on the wall for a few days now.
    The sound of gunfire has been echoing throughout the nights in Marchand for sometime now.
    There has been no police presence and patrol in the area despite the presence of a police station. We should be demanding action and accountability of the police, instead we are here playing politics.
    While police cannot stop crime, their presence and patrol can act as a deterrent. But again they always appear after the fact.

    The police commissioner and the high command must provide a plan and answers for their silence and absence.

    • It’s always easy to point fingers at the police. But try to imagine yourself in the shoes of a police officer. You spend months investigating a case, make a bust, arrest the perp and lock them up. Only for a minister to call your superior asking for their release. If you were a police officer would you care to put anything but the bare minimum after that? I’m not a police officer but I’ve heard enough stories from them to understand why they simply do the minimum now. Francois did restore confidence. The citizens were happy, look where he is now. We hired british cops to clean up the force. What happened to that. Corruption runs things here. Blame the politicians. Tone at the top.

  29. Crack cocaine is not selling like before as so many people are unemployed because of the pandemic so the drug lords are furious

  30. Our adversary the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. We live in a society that condones violence I hear it everyday in the music the young men of today listen to. What do we expect when all these young men and listen to is crap , so right now they are acting out the crap they listen to and watch on tv for example what kind of song is Gun Man Shift please someone explain to me. The devil has work for idle minds.

  31. This country is bleeding with murders and all we hear on the airways is covid and vaccines. I felt that something bad would happen after I was watching the festival of lights last night, i knew the demons were loose. When I heard about the murders last night, i was not surprise. What’s amazing is the number 3. People we need to reconnect with God. More prayers and read your bible. I got up last night feeling troubled and I saw it was after midnight, i started reading my bible and praying. I felt something was wrong. God made me realize that it ain’t gonna get better unless we turn from our wicked ways and shine so others can see there is a better way in life than to retaliate with guns or kitchen utensils.

  32. These Shootings have nothing to do with Slp nor Uwp .Targetted Homicides and there are persons related to the Decease who knows why and who killed these persons. The police don’t know but their Friends do .The sad thing about it Is that no one will be arrested and Charged .No eye witnesses the police will end their investigation irrespective of whether citizens tell them who are the persons that Committed the Crime .The Police have to ask The Rss for Assistance to clean up the entire Country this is out of hand in St.Lucia

  33. I just find what dr. Gerome n lucian bad boy grade saying there they’re being ridiculous any party that’s in power they still having crimes. What do y’all want the government to do pass n take all guns from each n every ghetto? Y’all need to stop blaming the government fr each n every shate man high time we start taking the blame fr our own actions, somebody hates someone first thing they thinking of is to kill that person n don’t ask if that person did us something wrong. The government cannot control everyone’s anger or read ppl minds. We are in control of ourselves not the government!

  34. Yh he’s a real doctor here well known doc too anybody reading can believe it’s him yk how government system works

  35. Cocaine is not selling like before, as the majority of the Crack heads have lost their jobs to the pandemic… Cocaine money is not coming in… Plus the youtes refuse to go and work for the plantocracy for 3:50 cents an hour

  36. Are we at 100 homicides yet? We still have a few more days in the calendar. We can do it with a little effort.
    One thing is certain, you can’t fix any problem by doing nothing. Unfortunately, this is what has been happening for a few years now. The beast of gun crime has to be confronted. I would advise to keep your expectations low, there is another flunky security minister at the helm.
    I fully expect the tourist industry to be seriously impacted by some incident in the near future. The probabilities are great. You think times are hard now? Just wait.

  37. So much murder and death in this little country. So many affected and now fatherless children. A waste of human resource and productivity. Violence begets more violence. Since the country is so small killers should be concerned whether they killed the family of another killer. I appeal for the sake of the upcoming generation let’s build a community and stop destroying it.

  38. @ My Opinion, what b#llSh!t you posting there? Government also has a responsibility to put measures in place to control crime. Its not about party, its the responsibility of government. No government can control crime completely but they have a responsibility to do it. Go and read how Rudy Giuliani did it when crime was mounting in New York. And there are many more examples.

  39. Speaking in general cause nothing is being done about it no address and im not about government smh you just need to open up your mind more

  40. Dr gerome Yall need to stop blaming one can’t stop takes we ourselves to control our anger…yall blame uwp now slp
    Stop that crap…

  41. Demons in government and the country they want a war to start in SLU this is not a country anymore SLP red devils in charge

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