UPDATE: Police Say Deceased Shooting Victim Was From Lastic Hill

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Saint Lucia police say the deceased shooting victim discovered at Bois Patat, Castries, was from Lastic Hill.

A law enforcement official identified the victim only as ‘Denzel’ and said he was shot in the abdomen around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. His body was in a drain, according to reports.

Investigators were still on the scene.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Prophesy is being fulfilled, because Jesus is coming again. The bible predicts that the wicked will do wickedly. Ppl need to turn from their wicked and selfish ways and turn to God before it is too late. Learn to love and forgive eachother, be calm, have a peaceful mind always. Trust God to heal this land.

  2. Another Unsolved Homicide.ST.Lucia .Thats the only Country in the World with the Highest Unsolve Homicides Per Capita .From 1989 When Shaka Chopped His Common Law Wife Head off her Neck Very very sad .He was never arrested .So From that year to 2021 Unsolved Homicides its Heart Breaking

  3. We have all the formula worng but the votes spoke towards the crying wolf so let’s absorb it and try to stay safe NGP I say should be the best choice for next priority. Those are past tense

  4. i will make a bold prediction. This yr 80 but for sure if we continue to hide behind Politics – 100 will the number in 5 yrs. I notice the actual numbe rof homicides and road fatalities are no longer being reported. Funny, All of a sudden. I wonder why.

  5. Are we at 100 homicides yet? We can do it before the year is ended. Just keep that steady flow and a little surge later.
    Meanwhile, the clueless captain, who can’t tell port from starboard is at the helm.

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